AF Forum - Recommendations about specific product from new AF members make me nervous.

In these forums -  Recommendations about specific product from new AF members make me nervous….

I posted a thread to ask if IFT videos are any good - and i received few private responses saying they are good or Elan is better, etc ,etc but to not affect provider business, those fedeback were posted privately.

Most of them coming from those who have few AF points …

It makes me nervous if the providers are posting those and hence actual responses might need further careful consideration…

Calculate standard deviation of the return of a stock?

Can you please help. I am stuck on this problem, (in my textbook I see there is a formula given which also take into account the correlation coefficient & Beta but in this problem none of this is given and it looks like I should be calculating the SD independently of this relationship as the two stocks are not part of a portfolio).

Thank you in advance for your help!!

If you also direct me to material that can help me understand this, it would be much appreciated.

The expected return on the market is 12% and the risk-free rate is 7%. The standard

Early retirement

My lecturer has been talking to me. Talked about something which striked me.

First, there arise many in the world who just work hard and plan for retirement. One such guy retired at 35, How? He developed some kind of hedge fund strategy and sold it and I dont know what. That was a bit of the rationale.

What I want to know, is it possible with the knowledge we could get to go that guy’s way or do you have some names or stories which help me better understand how do brilliant minds use their knowledge for their own benefit?

Pressure From the Clock

Hi all,

I’m new here but a regular on (differentusername). I’m just wondering which level of the CFA you guys had the most pressure from the clock on?

I’m thinking about taking level 1 and after looking at practice tests feel I can ace it. However, I am slow as f*ck at writing essays and level 3 is essay based. I’d hate to put the time into studying for levels 1 and 2, then hit a brick wall on level 3.

Edit: I know level 3 has the highest pass rate but there’s an obvious survivorship bias there.

Showing CFA designation in Linkedin for non-members

CFA institute has a guide on how to present your designation in Linkedin. But what if have not paid your dues and are currently not a member?

Obviously, you cannot use ‘CFA’ after your name but you can still state the fact that you got the designation or used to be member in a given timeframe. How about Designations section in Linkedin? Would it be ok to add CFA 2012 (not member at the moment) or something along those lines, to show that you have done it but have not paid your fees?

Investor relations

Would investor relations for a public company respond to an inquiry about how they account for a particular type of revenue stream if the note disclosure is slightly unclear?

any idea - When will schweser publish 2015 content?

any idea how many weeks does it take for them to publish new books according to new curriculum.

i’m interested in L2 2015 books. Understand CFA just published those yesterday but would like to get latest copy of schweser asap to take l2 beast.

Can you change your test center to different country?

I’m enrolling for Level II (2015) in my base country but might permanently relocate in Q1’2015. So wondering if it’s allowed to change test center location from one country to other?

has anyone done it before?

CFA website does tell that you can change the center but it doesn’t tell if you can opt for different country?


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