Where to aim?

My goal is to be an equity analyst, but since I have no direct analytical experience (in consulting / bachelors finance degree) I thought it may be a good strategy to got a job as an associate or junior analyst and work my way up to analyst.  

I have an interview with Fitch tomorrow. What should I go in knowing?

It’s an executive assistant position. It’s not glamorous, but until I pass the CFA I’m not going to be able to do analysis on anything but a cursory level.

Regardless, I’d like to go in there armed with more than my CFA knowledge to make a good impression. Unfortunately, I got the interview yesterday so I haven’t had a lot of time to prepare. Besides the basics (like their website and Wikipedia) what should I know about their business, the industry in general, etc?


What should be the graduate degree?

I’ve planned to do cfa in the future

i’d like to know if i should in get an economics(hons) degree

would that help in cfa curriculum or should i opt for a bcom degree

My 2 cents of advice from a 2014 Level 3 passer

Hi everyone

Having just finished the CFA process, I wanted to share some advice that got me through it. I took 5 years, with 2 years taken out in the middle to attend business school. I failed level 1  first time as I was entirely unprepared and my processes were poor, then I figured out what was needed to pass and didn’t look back. Everyone has something different that works for them, but if you’re like me and not a genius with a photographic memory, hopefuly this will be of some use.

US Gov NPV, 2013

Every couple years I re-forecast US Gov cashflows and calc NPV, just for thrills. This year, using their 2013 financial statements, I calculated base case as –> *negative* $133 trillion USD.

L1 December2014 - Baltimore/Annapolis

Who wants to do this with me? I’ve already put in 150 hours into this and will pull my weight with whoever chooses to study with me.

Seeking advice from moms who have taken the exam

I’ve seen posts from pregnant women and new moms who have inquired about whether to take the exam. If you’ve taken the exam while breastfeeding, could you share your test day experience and how much time should be allotted for bathroom breaks and/or pumping? I can handle the studying part (props to my very supportive husband), but I’m not sure how test day would work. (I passed L2 and am debating whether to study for L3. If I don’t do this now, it probably won’t happen for several years.)

Affiliate Membership

Morning everyone have a q re: membership.

I passed L3 this past yr and wanted to apply for membership. Unfortunately I do not have all of the required work experience to apply for a regular membership - that will happen at the end of this year. I was considering applying for affiliate membership. My q is - will I have to apply again for regular membership?

Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF)

I work in PM with a focus on quantitative analysis, and I was looking around for any certifications to pursue after the CFA that would be relevant to what I am doing and useful for future career advancement. I came across the CQF and I was wondering if anyone here has had any direct experience with how useful the material is and whether it could be helpful from a career pespective.



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