Doubt with my Passport Expiry

I am planning to apply for the CFA level 2 exam in 2016. My current passport expires on Mar 2016. Is it possible for me to apply by using the current passport and use the new passport during the entry for exam?

Candidates and business cards

I have seen some people in LinkedIn that put in their profile names like the following:

Albert Einstein, CFA candidate

I am afraid they use the same clarification in their business cards. It is a violation of the code because you cannot use CFA letters in your name unless you are already a charterholder; and the correct way to state you are a candidate is saying “20XX Level I candidate in the CFA program”

Extra Charges for Curriculum Print Version

As a candidate in the CFA programme, after paying the registration fee, we automatically pay for the e-version of the corriculum. 

My question is, if i want to order for the print version of the corriculum, will i pay additional $150 and $20 for shipping or just the $20 for shipping.


Financial modelling

Modelling distributions to investor in a 100% equity structure?

The dividends  to equity are going to be the lesser of

a) cash available and

b) profits earned for that year + reserves,

due to legal restrictions on not distributing dividends that exceed that year’s profit + reserves. This is a greenfield project so you start with zero reserves. Due to depreciation (talking about a greenfield project here with substantial capital investment) your profits are below your cash available for distribution, at least until you depreciate your capital.

Crude oil going up - long uwti

Crude oil going to $55-60 per barrel at some point. I dunno if that will be next month, or 12 months from now, but it’s happening, and I’m long uwti @ $1.27 and holding until I see oil in that range somewhere. my last call was dwti (the levered short twin) and that worked out great - just had to exercise some restraint and sell early before it crashed and went the other way. In hindsight, I could have spent a lot more time short, but didn’t want the risk and didn’t want to lose money.

Moving from Product Control

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask everyone out there where they feel the routes are from moving from what is a back office dead-end job like product/business control to something more exciting in the front office.

I have outlined a number of routes and want to gauge what people’s perceptions are;

CFA after CPA

How much does a CPA help you while studying for CFA?

After passing the CPA exam early last year, I have finally taken the plunge and registered for the CFA exam -June 16.

I have gone through a couple of readings of financial reporting and analysis section and it seems that I have covered quite a bit while stuidying for the CPA. 

Not that the two are related, but just anxious to know, if it would just ease out the burden of going through so much content (studying the CFAI issued material).

CFA Charter = Return Ticket to Finance??? // Financial Industry Rant

I recently passed Level 3 and have applied to the Institute.

Anyway, I am very glad to be done with the exams because since the day I entered into the Finance industry four years ago, I have realized one thing - it’s not the same and never will be. Everything we do (back/middle/front office, doesn’t matter) is scrutinized by regulators, auditors, compliance, etc. and it makes it very difficult to do business.

Finished Level X, do you keep your prep books or toss them?

Hey all, 

Personally, I made it over the Level 2 exam. Haven’t looked at my books since but I’m in the process of moving. Was wondering, did you all keep your prep books? Did you light them on fire? What ever became of your prep books? Thanks!


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