wrong date in my answer sheet

need help!

i think i wrote my  ”passport date”  instead of ” exam day date”  in my answer sheet in am session .

do u think it will cause any problem? if so wat should i do?

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Ethics - Jokes about CFA Charter

I just joined Toastmasters and I’m about to give my first speech in two weeks. I want to talk about my pursuit of the Charter and want to add a bit of humour. Is that allowed or would any jokes be seen as defamation against CFAI? Continue reading

Free Time Readings

Dear All

First of all I wish to give my Kudos to all who have participated in the exam, I know it has been rough with all the studying.Secondly getting to the main topic as you all know some point in your life,mine was 26 you learn that you can be good at mostly 3 things in life and it is wise to spen most of your time either doing those things or learning them,this i believe is the route to success rather than learning a bit of everything you get your hands on and knowing a little of many things rather than so much about a few things. Continue reading

Where to join Big 4 or Research Firm

Hello all.

I need guidance from you all. I am Chartered Accountant + CFA level 2 appeared candidate. I am at the beginning of my career. I have an offer in Statutory Audit from two Big 4 Firms. Plus I also have an offer from an investment research firm in their valuations (transaction advisory). I want a global career in investment banking. Where should I join? 

1. Joining Big 4 because of their brand and a very good launch pad. Work for 2 years and make a good exit Continue reading

CFA June 2015 Curriculum

I have been told by my employer to begin to prepare to sit for the June 2015 Exam (Level I).  Can anyone tell me when the CFAI sends out their written curriculum, i.e. in August or September?  Also, when does the Kaplan Schweser materials come out for the June exam, i.e. in October or November?  Thank you. Continue reading

CFA Institute Video

If I understand the ethics correctly, the word “CFA” cannot be used as a noun.

Contradicting this, if you look at the video posted on CFA Institute’s website:

Around 1:00 of the video, the one who claims to be the CFA charterholder in the video says:

“The CFA gave me a lot of information that I have not learned during my economics degree.”

Isn’t this a violation of ethics? I am confused.. What am I missing? Continue reading


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