Free Lunch in Toronto Feb. 17th or 18th?

Anyone interested in a free lunch in Toronto on the 17th or 18th next week? I’m in town for an MBA interview and I’m hoping to meet up and pick the brain of anyone who works in the financial services industry. I’m available in the afternoon or evening on the 17th, and I would rely on public transport so I’m less mobile. On the 18th I’m available any time except the evening and I’ll have a vehicle, so I’m more flexible.



Im trying to copy from WORD/EXCEL/VITAL sources & paste in analyst notes to query an issue….but Im unable…..can it be the software….or Java script…pls assist.


Wealthiest CFA Charterholders

Does anyone know of a list of the most successful/wealthiest people that hold the CFA charter? I know Bill Gross has one, and I believe Ray Dalio does as well, but I am not 100% sure about him. I have not been able to find anything close to a comprehensive list. Thought this might be some nice motivation as many of us prepare for our next exam in June…



Relative Valuation Peer Tiers vs. Beta calculation

What if I have some peers–say 12–divided in three tiers depending on their degree of similarity: 4 tier I, 4 in tier II e 4 in tier III. I did that because I wanted to calculate mean multiple for my target company giving different weights to different tiers. (e.g. tier I 100%, tier II 75%, tier III 50%)

When calculating the beta should i use the same peer companies? If so, should i weight them according to their tier to be consistent?

cfa timeline

Is there a timeline for when all 3 exams need to be completed.  I passed Level 1 in Dec.  Is there some type of limit like you have to pass your exams and get your experience within 10 years… or  after you pass Level 3.. .. how long do u have to get ur experience or is there no timeline?

Passed Level 1 - Continue or nah?

Background: MBA - finance concentration, 2 years experience Investment Analyst at a small/medium sized Asset Manager (on the global team), and just passed level 1 of CFA. Mid-twenties. 

Reactivating Membership midyear

Got my charter a few years ago, membership has since lapsed b/c haven’t paid dues. 

if i reactivate now, which i know is middle of their year-cycle, will my name show up in the directory search after paying this year’s dues? Or would they make it not show up there until July 2016 or whatever it is. 


Moving to Performance role

For those in Performance roles, can anyone advise what the route to move into Performance? I have previously worked as Treasury operations (FX/MM) in banks as well as short stint as compliance.

Pass Level 3 but zero job experience?

I haven’t actually started the CFA but I have been wanting to work in finance for a year now. The only thing stopping me from enrolling in the program is the possibility of never finding any job or internship opportunities.

A little background about me, my undergrad degree was in science and I currently work in that field. I only recently graduated and I know how difficult it is to find a job nowadays. I’m scared I might end up not fulfilling the work experience requirement.


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