Need some advice?

I’m currently in my 2nd year of Bachelor of Business Administration. It’s a three year course and I’ll be specializing in finance in my third year. I have a few options in front of me to pursue after I graduate and would like your opinions on them:

1. CFA

2. Chartered Accountancy

3. MBA


Best CFA Exam Location?

Taking my Level 2 this June, and I plan on taking a week off from work during the week of the exam. Since I’ve got enough frequent flyer miles, I plan on taking the exam somewhere else and lock myself in a hotel for the entire week for some serious review time.

I took my level 1 exam in Ft Lauderdale in December, but I want to try a different city this time.

Which cities below has the best exam experience (and also good for partying after the exam is finished!)

- Toronto

- Boston

- Philly

- Chicago

- Dallas

Reply to Notice of Investigation


I am CFA aspirant and have received an Investigation notice alleging looking around in the examination hall. In the report it is categorically mentioned I have not looked into my fellow candidates paper.

However they are alleging of looking around in the examination hall, I have not done any such thing any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Linkedin - CFA Candidate


I would like to mention on my Linkedin profile that I am a CFA Level 2 Candidate. 

According to the Social Profile Guidance of the CFA Institute, candidates should mention their current status under the Education section.

However, in the Education section one fo the required fields is “School”. 

What would you write in the School field? The other fields are Degree, Field of study, Grade, Activities and Societies and Description. 


Hello Folks,

We currently have a CFA WhatsApp study group moving every other Saturday in Downtown Toronto or UTM area. If you’d like to join, please drop me a PM, don’t be  shy.  All Levels accepted. :D

We aim to make this both a social and productive event. 



coupon bond as collateral in a Repo


I am not sure if this is addressed in later readings, but I’m basing my question on the intro reading on Fixed Income. If a coupon-paying bond is pledged as a collateral in a Repo agreement, during the term of the Repo when a coupon becomes due, who gets the payment? The original bondholder or the other party in Repo?


Allowance for Bad Debts / Loan Loss Reserves + Cash Loss

What happens when there is a cash loss on reserves? Suppose that we have a cash loss of 10 on one of our loans. 

Nothing happens to Income Statement. 

CFO = -10

Cash = -10

Loan Asset = -10

Reserve = +10

Net Assets = -10 

So, Equity has to fall by 10 but where does it show up if it doesn’t hit the Income Statement? Other comprehensive Income? My google searches show this is true for cash flow hedges where mark to market changes bypass the IS but is this also true for cash losses on previously recognized loss reserves? 

what is like to be an financial analyst?


Im graduating soon , like in october 2015, and im really intersted  in becoming a financial analyst, but i dont know where to ger advice from . i asked my lect and my guidance counsellor , but they seem not to have any idea what is financial analyst  real daily task and job question is:

what is like to be financial Analyst? what are the day to day task?

what sort of requirement to be a good financial anayst? 

if im bad in math,(im unable to do calculus) can i pursue this as my career? how good is good in math?

Cold calling/emailing

For a new grad, would it be a wise idea to cold call/email boutique firms to ask if there is a chance they are looking for an assistant to an associate or portfolio manager? Or would this seem like a nuisance and not look good?

Other Working Capital

What would be considered “other” working capital for reits in their financials? Trying to determine this from a reit I am looking at for work and cannot seem to figure it out.


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