I’m considering taking up the CFA 1 level exam in december. I’m thinking of a career in finance. I’ve just graduated

in India. Can anyone tell me the scope of a CFA in my country? And also if its the best choice? Continue reading

Website names


A quick question: I know there are variants of this question going around but I have not seen this one exactly (my apologies if I have missed it).

If I have a company, and everyone is a CFA, can I do things like:

- put the CFA logo on the website home page

- call the firm XXXX Chartered Analysts

- etc.

I am thinking along the lines of accounting firms - they call themselves Chartered Accountants or put the CA designation on their websites.



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give me some career advice

ok so ill probably be a chartered accountant(india) very soon and maybe a cfa l2 passed too. i want to break into fund management (maybe even IB,just for the money though). for those who dont know a chartered accountant is an indian version of CPA but with a more diverse field of study and a lower pass rate. they are mostly employed in accountancy and audit however some of them manage to break into finance too. what would your advice be as to how to break into fund managment??
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Learning how to use financial calculator Texas Instruments BA2 Plus

It has been a long time since I used a financial calculator.  I just picked up the Texas Instruments BA II Plus.  Is there a good tutorial out there on how to use it for the CFA exam questions/problems?  Do the Scheweser materials give the reader “walk throughs” on how to use the calculator when completing problems which rely on complex formulas?  Any guidance would be appreciated.  Continue reading

Designation Junkies

In the self help industry yo see many people who forget they were to help them become better people.They get stuck on attending classes and debating who is better,I have also seen this in guys active in picking up women type seminars or martial artists.They forget the main reason and get stuck on either a endless cycle of seminars and books or a cycle of searching for the true guru ,….. .

Have you seen these guys in the finance world ? The warren buffet wannabees who keep reading his last article or book but cannot get together to move into real world. Continue reading

June 2015 Test Date

Does anyone know what date the 2015 test will be on? Couldn’t find the date on the CFAI website. Hoping it will be on the 6th, my brother is getting married on the 13th. Continue reading


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