CAPM & Country Risk Premium

Hello AF community!

I need help figuring something out and a refresher of some sorts. Any help will be much appreciated.

I am trying to determine cost of equity for a security in India from a foreign investors point of view (say USA). To do so, I am adopting the CAPM methodology using India’s risk free, beta of indian security and ERP of the Indian market, instead of building up from US risk-free and US ERP and adding country risk premium to it.

Eligibility for the CFA

Hi all.

I have recently completed the investment management certificate program. Following on from this, I would like to progress to the CFA. However, I have a slight issue with eligibility - I do not have a degree - nor am I studying for one. 

I understand that 4 years of professional work experience would also be sufficient. However, what would constitute professional? I have 4 years experience in a retail company at assistant manager posttion. Would this be sufficient to be eligible?

Thanks in advance for your help. 

cover letter-why study for CFA

So, in my cover letter, there is a short paragraph describing why I chose the CFA program and how this program enhances my knowledge in XYZ areas (whatever that’s related to the specific job).

But I have a hard time stating why I chose to study for CFA. I mean, I want to advance my career, and later join local CFA society to network with more people, which leads to advance my career….

candidate filter

I am thinking AF has some serious pull as being the largest and most responsive cfa forum on the web. Is there any way one of the boardmembers/charterholders can get in touch with the institute to verify cfa candidate numbers / charterholder statuses. AF is an “online community designed exclusively for CFA candidates and charterholders to discuss the CFA program,” but the exclusivity of AF to members/candidates clearly does not hold as xray is admittedly not a candidate or member and is at least two years out from becoming a L1 candidate.

Projection Income Statement, CF statement and Balance Sheet

Hi everyone,

Recently I applied for a fund and been asked to perform a few tasks, one of them is provide projection for Income statement, BSheet and CF Statement. Can anyone advise me how I should do this? Should I estimate growth rate for each account or should I forecast major account, such as current asset, only?

Thank you very much 

Middle Office to Front Office or Analyst position

So this is my first post on here, I’m just looking for some advice from those who may have been in my position, are in my position, or understand the career opportunities that a CFA accreditation grants……I just graduated from undergrad majoring in Finance from a decent business school (not top 10, more like top 25). I just started my first job working in MO role for a large bank. I’m set on advancing my career at a young age into front office, or maybe outside of the large bank world as an analyst for PE/HF/some sort of investment firm. I want to progress into a finance/analyst role.

Taxes: Ontario Vs. New York State

I’ve always been under the impression that taxation in the U.S. was much lower than in Canada, and I’m pretty sure that has been the case for almost all of you on AF. After running some numbers, it seems as though a little more than 80% of households would experience less taxation in Ontario than in New York State. A family of 4 in Ontario will do better than a family of 4 in New York, taxation wise (including the 9% sales tax difference and $20,000 spend on taxable items annually), up to about $105,000. This assumes everything is the same (which it is (i.e.

CFA UK Society application

Hi all,

I had a quick question with regards to CFAi and CFA UK Society membership application. Passed the exams and only just got my 48 months under my belt (finally). My application is showing that my work experience has been approved by CFAi, but not CFA UK yet. The status is under work experience review.

My colleague applied a few days before me and got the charter pretty much straight away. Does anyone know how often CFAi and CFA UK meet to approve new members? Is it once a month?! Thanks

What do you read regularly?

Dear CFA candidates, 

I am wondering, what do you read regularly? From where do you obtain info about the industry, the news etc.?

I usually and quite often read Business Insider, it’s online, it’s informative and updated hourly. 

Let’s make a list of 10 “sources”, what are your?

any gay or lesbian CFA candidates?

Hi there,

I’d like to be in touch with fellow gay or lesbian CFA candidates. I’m relatively new in finance and don’t even know a single LGBT finance type, which I find depressing. This is not an easy industry for us and I’d like to be in touch with anyone else studying for the CFA (I’m studying for  Level 2 now and located in LA). And for those of you not in this group, I’d appreciate you being kind and keeping any snarky remarks to yourself.


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