Liquid Alts

Does anyone here work with liquid alts?  Alternative investment mutual funds are growing like crazy and I’d love to hear the opinion of someone who works with/sells these products regularly.

For those that don’t know, liquid alts are just alternative investment strategies that are sold in a mutual fund.  They are restricted on leverage, can’t hold illiquid investments and can’t pay their managers an incentive fee.  So outside of a long/short equity or managed futures strategy, these things barely represent the actual strategy they’re promoting.  

Forex Careers

I have a couple questions about forex jobs that hopefully someone can answer.

1) What kind of careers can you actually have in forex and what are they like?

2) Is it worth it to get the CFA designation for a career in forex?

3) I just got a job offer from FXCM as a “sales broker” it pays 45,000 a year plus quarterly bonus. Is FXCM a legit company and does anyone have any former experience as a “sales broker”?

As an entry level job I feel like it isn’t bad but then again I kind of want to know what oppotunities there are after something like that.

Who Invented Hacksaw

Who first used this phrase in AF ? I think greenman is responsible for at least 80% of its spread in the community.

CFA Sanctions

At the moment I live in uk ,but since I am originally Iranian and have to go back in 2,3 years time ,I was wondering what happens if I pass all the levels since Iran is under sanctions ,the CFA institute has put a sanction on Iran ,since I am not a resident to any other counry except Iran ,I was wondering what should I do ,if I take the exam in Dubai for example wouldI be counted as a charterholder there ? I mean is the nationality important in this matter or the place you have taken your exam and paying the annual fees to ?



I’m considering taking up the CFA 1 level exam in december. I’m thinking of a career in finance. I’ve just graduated

in India. Can anyone tell me the scope of a CFA in my country? And also if its the best choice?

Website names


A quick question: I know there are variants of this question going around but I have not seen this one exactly (my apologies if I have missed it).

If I have a company, and everyone is a CFA, can I do things like:

- put the CFA logo on the website home page

- call the firm XXXX Chartered Analysts

- etc.

I am thinking along the lines of accounting firms - they call themselves Chartered Accountants or put the CA designation on their websites.



Favourite Performance Drink

What do you guys drink to boost your productivity in the day ? I am an espresso guy

Career and water cooler missing

In my pc the career and water cooler section is missing any idea if its only me for some stupid reason and my browser or if its something everyone has noticed 


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