2009 CFAI Compensation Survey

Does anyone know how to locate a copy of the old 2009 CFAI compensation survey? CFAI took it off the website, believing it was not accurately representing reality. I would like to judge for myself. Also, does anyone know of any other related types of surveys?


Changing Passport No.

Dear all,

My passport will be expiring soon and I will be making a new replacement passport. Having said that, I will need to change my registered passport no. . I tried to login CFA website but could not find the option to change passport no. What should I do?

Thank you.



Work Experience Opinion Needed

Hi Fellow CFA holders / CFA wannabes :>

Just wondering, I have been working for four years now (close to that). and I want to know your opnion if these job description acceptable for CFA charter or not. 

in my first 2 years I was working as Risk and performance Analyst and the role involved:

- quantifying Value At Risk (VaR) for the group’s portoflio investment and analyze the various attribution of VaR at Group level

Why IPO blocks market liqudity

Hi guys, 

Why does IPO blocks mkaret liqudity. 

Quote: From BOA, The CSRC approved 12 new IPOs, possibly locking up RMB 459bn. 

I am not following the logic. 

Is CFA helpful in management consulting?

I have recently completed my CA in the first attempt from India. I am planning on taking up a job with the top management consulting firms. Would taking up CFA provide an edge over the other candidates? Also, would it help in the daily course of my jobwork?

No charter without experience. Unfair?

Hello all,

i am a mechanical engineer aiming for a CFA. I started studying for level 1 December exam.

While I was doing my research, I realized that without proper experience in investments, I wouldn’t be able to get the charter even after passing all 3 levels.

This seems quite odd to me, and a bit unfair. It discourages people from non finance related backgrounds to pursue a CFA.

My only hope now is leaving my current job and finding a job in investments after passing level 1.


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