MBS - P/L calc


Like many things in life, fixed income puzzles me beyond my lackluster imagination.  Just don’t know how it works.  So here it is.

I buy a bond specifically an MBS, 144531EF3. Here is the buy details.

Factor: 1

Coupon: .628%

Price: 77

Quantity:  1 mm

SD: 1/24/14

Net Money: 770,505.89 with 29 days of accrued interest

This bond pays interest monthly every 25th day.

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How can I be an independent equity analyst and sell my own research on sites like Reuters?

I have been an accountant for more than 15 years now and pretty good with working with listed companies - preparing accounts for a couple listed companies. Im hoping to sit for CFA level III next year and a regular on stock market chat forums; and I think I have a good grip on equity research, though im not employed as an equity analyst. My plan is to continue with my work and to provide independent equity research reports without complicating independence. I plan to cover UK markets - the smaller end - LSE AIM shares. Continue reading

Gordon Dividend Growth model : uneven dividends

I’m trying to calculate the cost of common equity for this company. I figured I could use the Gordon Dividend Growth Model to solve for the investor’s required rate of return. However, its dividends have made wide swings. How could I apply the Gordon Model if I’m supposed to assume that

g is at a constant rate?

This is one of those situations I’ve been dreading where I can learn the stuff out of a book but am sitting like a deer in headlights when it comes to applyin it in the real world. Continue reading

A question to those Ipad users in the financial industry

Hi guys,

I hope you guys are having a great time, resting and chilling until the exam results come out.

I was thinking of buying an Ipad mini as I think it would be useful for my work.

If I have an Ipad mini, I would bring it to company visits to take notes.

I would also be able to read macro and sector-related articles through its applications.

What else can I do with the Ipad mini for my job as a sell-side research analyst?

Please share your experience with me.

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is it too early to start searching for securities research job?

I started an MBA program last Sept and I’m currently doing an internship before heading into my second year. My current internship wasn’t what I was looking for and I’m going to be recruiting again. Is it too early to start searching and applying? I am going to be attending the fall recruiting events held on-campus but I think what I’m looking to get into will require more of an individual effort off campus. Do companies hire this early? I graduate next May.  Continue reading

Recommended study materials - Kaplan Schweser or another source?

I will be sitting for the June 2015 Level 1 exam.  Does anyone have recommendations for me regarding supplementary study materials, i.e. Kaplan Schweser, AnalystNotes or another source?  Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.

I have been told to review the Institute’s materials very carefully and to give this priority, but would like to augment this strategy with a third-party.

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Brogue shoes

I’m talking shoes  with the perforation along the stitching (kinda like little holes) for decoration. 

Douchey or BSD? That is the question…

Would you ding someone for wearing them to an interview as too casual? Is it something you can only wear when you’ve proven yourself? Or do you consider them just another shoe? Continue reading

Thought on this Accounting + Statitics

Hi everyone I have kind of posted 20 % of this question before ,however since situations have changed and I got a better perspective on the matter I will pose a new question,I want to supplement my studies at university (undergrad accounting) with a subject that will help me move to finance.The fact is however if i start reading finance or economics I may not grasp the mathmatics or statitcs necessary to give me a big leverage.(It is my understanging that if you know mathmatics or statistics you will certainly do better in finance or economics).So I have decided to spend my time learning ma Continue reading


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