CFA Level 1, June 2015, NYC (Manhattan)

Looking for a study partner. I feel that I might be more motivated to study if I had someone next to me. I work/live in Midtown, but am willing to meet up elsewhere. Please let me know if you’re interested. 


Ethics question

This may seem like a silly question but having a debate with a colleague regarding a hypothetical scenario and if it would be considered an ethics violation.  Obviously disclosing information about the exam is a violation but what about a general statement saying the exam is too difficult or the cfa institute wants to limit membership (in essence statements of opinion) - would those be considered violations?  Appreciate any color.

Self-Employment and CFA

Hi all,

I have completed my undergraduation program in Finance. I have great interest in finance and stock market. I am looking to write CFA level 1 exam in December and subsequently level 2 and 3. However, I am looking to do my own bullion business in the near future.

I have following questions:

1. Will CFA help me in stock market and in bullion business?

2. What are job prospects after completion of level 2,( in case bullion business fails)



I’ve been reading this forum for a while, first time posting.  To clarify, I am not taking the CFA, but started dating someone in December who is.  When we first started dating, he had more free time, and things were great.  This seems to be a common question and from what I’ve read, April and May are the hardest months when you put in the most studying.  Lately, he’s been avoiding making plans and things just seem different.  There was no significant argument that led to this, in fact I thought things were getting better, until this past week.

Quartic training Credit note (discounted) at Ironmongers Hall, 1 Shaftesbury Place, London EC2Y 8AA

I registered for the Chartered financial analyst program with Quartic training (London) for level 1 and 2. Shortly into the course I decided against writing the level 2 exam as I felt I needed more time to study for level 1 and won’t be needing the level 2 to move into the next phase of my career. Quartic training offered me a credit note worth £2,400 to cover the outstanding level 2 fees. Quartic Training is great institution to prepare for your CFA and they also have a really good tutor.

Kaplan Weekly Videos

Is it me or does the slupring of David Hetherington in his coffee mug drive anyone else absolutely crazy. Maybe I’m just burned out already, ha. 


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