CFA...can I do it? If you're a CA or CA student from India !! Please reply

This is for Indian candidates …preferably who are doing or have done CA also from India ..I’m a CA final student. I really want to get into CFA ..IB is like a dream but I have just one issue …I feel I won’t be able to …so please guide me it tougher than CA in India? Is course sorta similar ??? And I am a student of university of Delhi is no10 on top 10 list delhi …and lastly …what does it require to do CFA?? Continue reading

Canadian Writing Series 7

Any tips from Canadians who have written the Series 7 or from those who have written the Series 7 in general. Is the Series 7 basically just the CSC but with U.S. tax and regulations? If so, why is it so long?

Any recommendations for study materials? Does FINRA provide basic study materials? I passed all three CFA exams by just using the CFAI texts so I’d rather just get free or cheap materials to study for the Series 7 rather than pay Kaplan or some provider like that.

I have the same questions as above about the Series 66. Study materials?

Thanks guys! Continue reading

Am I doomed? cant recall most stuff! :(

Preparing for cfa level 2- 2014
Started off with FRA and finished entire syllabus yesterday (solving schweser eocs, cfa blue box, cfa eoc’s, and also writing important formulas along the way).. Now when I again started revision of FRA today… am not able to recall most of the things! :(
So depressed right now.. and feel like i did something really wrong in my approach. :( Continue reading

equity research

Hi, I have just completed my graduation. Im interested in writing equity research reports, but i dont know how to stat at all. Could anyone please help me and tell me how to start from scratch. Preferably equity research reports on pharmaceuticals and logistics. Please do help . Thanks in advance Continue reading

Why you failed with band 9/10 in CFA exams??

If you failed any level of the CFA exams with band 9/10, it indicates:

1)You were really close to passing ie you were nearly well prepared to pass the exam.

2)May be luck was not on your side on that particular day.

As i am going to appear for my CFAl2 exams within 45 days.I would love to know what precautions should be taken  to avoid a band 9/10 in my results.Lets face it failing with band 9/10 hurts more than failing with say band 4/5. Continue reading

If someone were investing tomorow

Hypothetical: If someone with no current investments, no investment experience, and a long investment horizon suddenly had a substantial amount of money to invest, what would you advise them to do? (IE what asset classes or sectors - not talking about individual securities) Continue reading

When can an undergraduate student take his/her 1st CFA exam?


I am currently an 2nd year univerisity student at the undergraduate level and am very interested in taking the CFA exams.

I have heard from many sources that undergraduate students can take their first CFA lvl 1 whenever they like.

However the CFA institute site states that an undergraduate student must be in his/her final year of study before they are able to register for their first exam.

I am confused as professors at my university and the website offer contradicting information… 

When can an undergraduate take his/her first exam? Continue reading

Does anyone else feel like...

… he has forgotten everything learned so far? As you may guess I’m a little stressed by the sheer volume of the material (CFA Level I) and the things we have to know to pass the exam. During my first reading of the curriculum (for FRA and Ethics) and Schweser (for the rest of the topics) I did understand everything quite easy but now I have the worrying feeling I have forgotten almost everything. That’s the main reason I’ve decided to delay taking mock exams and start revising and doing Qbank questions. Continue reading

Is the charter respected in hedge fund industry?

I am working in the HFT firm. No one has a CFA charter and even my boss does not know what it is.

My question is should I apply for the charter as I pass level 3? If I go to CFA networking session, will I only see those qualitative analyst who only talk about analyst report? Continue reading

Poll for non-native English speakers

For those of you whose first langauge is not English, if there were an “English for CFA” resource that could help you improve your English, specifically for reading CFA materials, would you buy it? What format would you want it in (e.g. app, website, printed book)? Continue reading


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