My Success Story: IT to FP&A to ER

I’m  a long-time follower of this site and found it to be very helpful during my job-search. I want to share my experience to offer some encouragement to those still trying to break into ER. 

Portfolio volatility neutralization


I have this not CFA specific urgent question about portfolio volatility neutralization. I would appreciate any ideas/thoughts/inputs.

Let’s say I have a portfolio that consists of 7 different stocks and GLD. I am asked to neutralize the volatility of the portfolio using SPX and RTY indexes (not futures). Also, I cannot use the indexes independently. I have to use both of them.

Life studying for the CFA exams

Hi. If you guys dont mind, I would like to know about your interesting lives. I am asking this because I am wondering how you guys(working 70 hours a week or even more) are still alive after so much.

Please mention what state your working in, relationship status, working hours in a week, working days, duration for eating meals, sleeping duration(assuming you guys still sleep), study hours for weekdays and weekends, and travel time from and to work(i am assuming they are different because of traffic).

Financial models

Could anyone help me with how get sample financial models online. Particularly interested in Cement manufacturers.

Distressed Credit Analyst to Sell Side or Buy Side ER after MBA?

Hi guys, I wanted to get your thoughts on this.

So I’ve been working as a sell-side distressed credit analyst writing reports on and analyzing distressed corporate credits, restructuring, workouts and recovery scenarios. But I’m really more interested in equity research. My plan is to go to a top MBA program (think Columbia, NYU, etc) and make the switch to either sell-side or buy-side ER. I was just wondering how viable do you think the plan is and I welcome any suggestions.


Finished MBA - Pre Requisites for CFA

Dear People! :)

How r you?

I completed my MBA in Finance in Dubai, and currently in Baltimore

I am thinking of doing a CFA and I would like some advice:

a) How useful it is?

b) What are the pre - requisites for CFA.

Would be great if you all could reply to the above.

Thanks! :)



Hello all - I think some of you may know me. I am in ops at a HF.  But recently I have been doing some modeling and research on equity and corp debts.  Asking questions and talking daily with PM and traders. I also do operations work but it is minimal.

I would like to go into FO doing research. Is the work I am currently doing suffice to help me launch my career to FO job in couple years? Do you guys think PT mba will be helpful in my case or just focus on my research skills and modeling skills (currently at noobish levels).


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