DC exam location?

I couldn’t find where the December exam in DC. Also, does anyone have any suggested hotels close by?

Switching to CQF from CFA (for now)

Hello Guys,

I passed June 2014 CFA level 1 exams and am very excited!!. I earned lot knowledge in CFA level 1 curriculum. Its the best education in Finance Field, but my experience is in software development and background is in Enginnering, I wanted something where I can use my knowledge and exprience.

Hence I thought I should do CQF which is only 6 months course and complete CFA level 2 and 3 later on. Any thoughts/Guidance on the same?

Schweser Shipping?

Anybody have an idea of when Schweser books usually ship? I’m assuming the end of October but can someone confirm this?

Engineer making a career/industry change

I’m  young engineer (3 years working experience). About 18 months ago I decided engineering wasn’t for me, (mainly for personality fit and personal interest in the subject area(s)), and that I wanted to pursure my passion for active style asset management.

All be told my current job is pretty good to me, which makes me feel like I should wait for just the right opportunity to come along before jumping ship. At the same time I understand that I will likely need to take a step back professionally to get on my desired career track.

Transition from Sell Side

Hi guys,

It’s quite an early stage in my career (3 years), I have some experience in Corporate Finance and is currently in the Equity Capital Markets. I’m sorta at a crossroad cause I recently failed my Level 2 exams (partially due to a lack of motivation, if I’m going to stay in ECM, there really isn’t that much value ascribed from a CFA charter)

My question is, if I want to transition into the buy side, does completing my CFA actually help me get a job on the buy side? or is the only route from research>fund management?


After taking level 1 I was thinking of taking the CBV program and looked online to judge how hard it was. I saw debate, I saw contention, I saw people state that the CBV was really hard…

I just passed CFA level 3 and am part way through the CBV program.

I studied about 500 hours on average for every level of the CFA and felt like I barely squeeked by.

I studied about 25 hours for CBV and its a cakewalk.

End of comparison. CFA reigns supreme in difficulty. 



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