CFA after CPA

How much does a CPA help you while studying for CFA?

After passing the CPA exam early last year, I have finally taken the plunge and registered for the CFA exam -June 16.

I have gone through a couple of readings of financial reporting and analysis section and it seems that I have covered quite a bit while stuidying for the CPA. 

Not that the two are related, but just anxious to know, if it would just ease out the burden of going through so much content (studying the CFAI issued material).

CFA Charter = Return Ticket to Finance??? // Financial Industry Rant

I recently passed Level 3 and have applied to the Institute.

Anyway, I am very glad to be done with the exams because since the day I entered into the Finance industry four years ago, I have realized one thing - it’s not the same and never will be. Everything we do (back/middle/front office, doesn’t matter) is scrutinized by regulators, auditors, compliance, etc. and it makes it very difficult to do business.

Finished Level X, do you keep your prep books or toss them?

Hey all, 

Personally, I made it over the Level 2 exam. Haven’t looked at my books since but I’m in the process of moving. Was wondering, did you all keep your prep books? Did you light them on fire? What ever became of your prep books? Thanks!

Part-time jobs

Im a CFA level III candidtate and  im looking for part-time work from home assignments if anyone has one. Im chartered accountant with over 15 years exprience but also involved in valuations. Im well versed with UK tax, IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and South African GAAP. 

Please pm me. Thanks

is it even possible ?

Hello all 

i’m wondering if it is possible to work as an analyst and like have a succesful career in europe after having the CFA but without working in any bank ? 

i dont want to have to do anything with banks , it is for religious purposes .

i really would like to have as many opinions as possible on this topic , and excuse my ignorance if my question seem really simple  or stupid .

$20 tip vegas for free upgrade. Is this real?

So i booked the room for my buddies. but im a blue card expedia member so i know i wont get a free upgrade. so i asked google how to get free uogrades and they told me about the olde $20 trip. does this work? any suggestion on how to improve odds of free upgrade?

Debt Analysis

I would like to learn about corporate bond analysis.

I would like to know if there are any sample spreadsheets out there I can learn from.

vegas part 2.

so we pussed out of tijuana. so back to vegas. back 2 back. prolly last huzzah of the year. its sort of my bday. anyways. we got 10 ppl. most are dudes. i did a guestlist for decent clubs but i need a promoter hook up for the very best. xs, omnia, etc. also juss to diversify my risks and optionality. if anyone is down there pm me. we’ll grab sum breakfast or somthing. prices are super cheap atm. we juss booked a room at the palms for 130/night.  and i think my buddy, juss saw caesar and trump tower at less than 150/night. pretty much a steal considering the timeframe.


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