NYSSA closing member lounge (Bloomberg, Capital IQ)

NYSSA is closing its member lounge that for many years has provided access to Bloomberg, Capital IQ and other data services. This was a real benefit for financial professionals in the NYC area, especially young professionals trying to convert their CFA charter into a job in the financial industry. If you are a NYSSA member and would like to help preserve this benefit, which costs just a tiny sliver of NYSSA’s operating budget, I urge you to consider signing onto this petition and sharing this item with other members in your network:

Los Angeles - Level III study group

After a 4 year break, I’ve decided to do L3.

Anyone up for study group?

I’m in Mid-Wilshire/K-town and usually in the coffeeshops thereabouts…I’ve mixed it up and hit up UCLA/USC or Santa Monica libraries on the weekends as well.


U.S Job Market for Finance/Accounting Grads

Hello there,

I have been lurking on this forum for a long time now and did not post much. Just to give you a background of myself. I graduated from Ryerson University in Canada with Accounting Major and Finance minor, in June 2015. I still have to take one more class for CPA purposes which i will in September. Also, I have taken CFA level 1 in June 2015. My goal is to pursue both CPA and CFA but work in the finance field…i.e banking.

Books for practicing regression analysis

I have the summer off and as such I’m looking for some books that can help guide me doing some actual regression analysis.

One of the most interesting parts of the CFA L2 curriculum for me was multiple regression, and there’s all sorts of stuff I’d like to try it out on (particularly baseball, because I am a big fan and there’s lots of freely available data). 

MS Financial Economics combined with CFA..... A good idea?

Hello guys!

I am planning on doing MS Financial Economics this fall from University of Buffalo. Now I am thinking that to build up my CV I should also start CFA and be done with level 1 in this december. How relevant will my degree be to CFA, as in, will it improve my chances in the job market if I have both and do these two compliment each other or will they be irrelevant to each other? 

Also will level 1 with MS financial Economics be enough to land me a good job initially keeping in mind that I am an international student?


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