Sell side analyst compensation

I’ve recently started with an IB in equities research. I was suprised to hear bonuses are pretty underwhelming unless you are the lead analyst for a sector - which I’m not. Supposedly bonuses for associates since 2007 have been <5% of base. Interested to know if this is the case elsewhere and if so what are people’s thoughts on the structural decline of commissions generated by brokerages.  Continue reading

Business Prospects after completing CFA Program

I dont know if I should be asking this, but it has been on my mind now for a while. My dad has been doing business for past 25-30 years, and being the eldest son in my family it would be my responsibility to takeover the business and carry it further. Now I have this question sticking on my mind, how will the CFA charter benefit me in doing business? Also, currently I am a Chartered Accountancy student and will take the final exams in May 2014. I know i have to gain work experience for 4 years so that I become eligible for the CFA charter (and obviously complete all three levels). Continue reading

When you started getting legitimate interviews- bittersweet?

Anyone here that wanted to make the transition and when presented with the opportunity became standoffish?

I received a interview request for an application submitted mostly in curiousity of getting a bite- fundamental research at an investment manager (2-5bln AUM).  Haven’t even been with my current employer for a year.  If the end goal is this, fundamental analysis, might as we’ll take a leap, no?  Thanks in advance. Continue reading


HAI , evary one 

       I thought of pursuing my CFA program in abroad !!! can any one tell me what all preparations should be done before doing CFA in aborad !!! 

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Advice Requested - NOT urgent

Residing in India, I have my CA Finals due in Nov, 2014. I got myself registered in CFA Level 1 and planning to give it in Dec, 2013.

Though Prep is going all well, i am quite confused regarding the 4 years experience clause to earn CFA charter.

I had made a mistake by choosing to do my internship in my own city, not going to any metro city for the same. Now in my last year, its neither advisable nor possible to change the same. Continue reading

Taking time off to study need reason to say at work

 I work in a non-financial field and will be taking time off from work (as vacation). The people at my work are very friendly, so they will be asking me the reason as to “where are you heading off?”  I don’t want to say them that I am going to vegas. Though they don’t really know that I will be gambling a 36% chance to win into “pass” percentile.

So I wanted to get ready with an answer when they ask me. Can you guys share your experience as to how you have handled or will be handling this kind of situation?

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CFA Level 2 Study Group - Pakistan

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there are other people in this Forum studying for there L2 exams in June 2014 , putting up in Pakistan.

Was hoping we could form a study circle and excel together ! :) Continue reading


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