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anyone know how to do this question
For the year ended 12/31/2013, Stack reported Net Income of $25,000. On
1/1/2013, Stack had 22,000 common shares outstanding and 10,000 preferred
shares outstanding. Stack issued 4,000 common shares on 6/30/2013. Stack paid
$5,000 of preferred dividends and $9,000 of common dividends during 2013.
During fiscal year 2013, Stack had 10,000 outstanding in-the-money options with
an average exercise price of $10. The average stock price during the year was
$20. Calculate the diluted EPS.

When should you move onto the next section

I started off with Quant sections (time value of money and discounted cash flows) and understood that fairly easily.  I completed the readings in the CFA book and schweser.  I also completed EOC questions in both books along with several Q-bank quizes.

I figured i would come back to the probabity because I have a hard time with that.

I moved onto the Financial Reporting and did the same as above.  I was averaging about 75% on EOC questions and Q-Bank but I completed the FR section of an old mock exam and got about a 55… 

Understanding Financial Ratios

Does anybody know or have a quick method to know the affect of an increase or decrease in either the numerator or denominator on a financial ratio?

I usually will use a made up example to calcuate it but i’m looking for a quicker way to know…

Very basic example : The current assets are $6 mm and the current liabilities are $4 mm.  What is the effect on the Current Ratio if current assets rises to $8 mm?

My train of thought – CA/CL = CR …  6/4 = 1.5   with the increase … 8/4 = 2 

So the CR is higher..

Calculating stock return

I know the basic stock return calculation but I was wondering how I would calculate a short position divided in 1/2 and then taken in 1/3.

The short entry would be 150@235.29 and short 100@233.18
Then profit taking would be 100@230.77, 50@228.7199, 100@ 231.2092

What is the total return to the investor?

IFT Lectures (You tube)

Hi Guys,

I stumbled across these while studying Quants. 

I found them quite useful. Might be of help to some here. 

They follow the CFA reading as well which is very handy. 

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Economic profit under monopolistic competition

Firms operating in monopolistic markets produce which type of profits?

  1. Positive economic profits

  2. Negative economic profits

  3. No economic profits

Answer: 1

In a monopolistic industry, positive economic profits are possible and are a function of the price consumers are willing to pay minus the monopoly’s average cost (AC) curve


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