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Running out of time, just hit QBANK?

I’ve been going through the Schweser books and I just started the second volume. I think I’m running out of time and I don’t see much retention after a week even though I nailed the EOC questions. Would it be plausible for me to just hit the QBANK and get my studying done that way given that I have a graduate degree in finance and have taken accounting, finance, and economics.  Continue reading

How to calculate Sales Growth rates ?

Maybe my brain is fried from other workbook problems but the chocies provided by the workbook don’t “jive” with the answers I am coming up with.    With that said, what is the method to calculate :

ACME motors sold 150,000 cars in 1984.   In 1986 it sold 800,000 cars.   In 1989 it sold 5,000,000 cars

What is the sales growth rates (%) for

a.  1984 to 1986

b.  1986 to 1989

c.   1984 to 1989

I have a BA II Plus, if that helps

Thanks ! Continue reading

Challenging a Schweser answer on derivatives

SETUP: You have 2 different European call options. They are the same except their expiration date. Based on this info, what can you say about their respective values?

The program stated that the correct answer was that the one that expires later has to be worth AT LEAST what the value of the earlier call option is. This makes sense on the surface. If they were both deep out of the money, they might be equal in value. If they were barely in the money, the longer one would be worth more.

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Getting a foot in the door

I have questions regarding a career in finance and the best way to get a foot in the door within the industry. I am taking the Level 1 CFA in June 2015, and am wondering how much this will help me in the short term (finding a job right now, and in the months following after I pass) and in the long term (finding a job assuming after I pass level 2 and 3). Continue reading

Opportunity Cost of Capital & IRR


1.) Was reading about NPV and the opportunity cost of capital question stumped me somewhat. If we have two independent projects, and if the IRR and NPV rules conflict, we should use the NPV rule to decide on the investment. In the example provided in the textbook:

Project    Investment at t = 0    Cash Flow at t=1    IRR(%)    NPV at 8%

A                       -10,000                     15,000             50             3,888.89

B                       -30,000                     42,000             40             8,888.89 Continue reading



I am DEC 2014 Level 1 Exam candidate.

Till now completed Ethical and Professional Standards & Quantitaive Method.

Is it worth to join Fitchlearning now or to do self preparation

Any efficient study planner suggestion.

Thanks Continue reading

EOC doubt

Hey guys ,

I just downloaded the CFA material as EVERYONE told me to skip the questionbank and just do the EOCs in the CFA book . So , my question (although a super dumb question ) is , by the EOC do people mean the “Practice questions” which are given at the end of each chapter ? 

They seem to be so direct and easy . Hence my doubt on the EOCs .

And is there any other online FREE source for harder questions which i can get ?


Fudge Continue reading

Mock examz????

Hi everyone,

hope you all doing well with studying…

can anyone tell me where can I find mock examz? I’m currently retaking the exam for june 2015 and I need some mock examz to practice.

Thanx Continue reading

Level I CFA Exam Study Advice: The Final 3 Months

Hello Level I December candidates.

With just less than 3 months left for the Level I CFA exam it is crunch time.   Spend as much time as possible studying and make your study time as productive as possible. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

With every reading focus on the main points; do not get hung up on the details.  Some exam prep lectures help you do that.  (If you try to understand the depth of every single point you will not have time to practice… which would be suicide!) Continue reading


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