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Career in finance- Suggestions?

I want to start my career in finance but I’ve struggled to get relevant work experience so I’m not getting calls for interviews? What would you suggest?

Discount Rate

How can we know which rate to use(Risk free or cost of capital) to  discount cash flows?


Can I change session from December to June??

Hi All, 

I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to change the exam session from December to June. And if yes, if there are any other costs to make the switch.


How to best prepare for L1 on my own without any tutorial help?


I have enrolled for the December 2015 L1 exam, which means that I have about 140 days in hand. I have an 8-10 hour day job and can devote about 4-5 hours daily for prep (double that on the weekends). I am an accountant by profession with only the most basic knowledge about finance and investments.

My questions are:

1. In what order should i tackle subjects? Are there any specific methods of preparation that I must bear in mind for each subject?

% of completion vs. completed contract -- balance sheet impacts

I was doing some practice problems on AnalystNotes and was asked about how current assets & liabilities differ for a company using percentage of completion vs. completed contract methods of revenue recognition.

I scoured the official FSA reading for anything on this and found very little. According to AnalystNotes, differences in the “construction in progress” account are the key driver.

I’m wondering if maybe the questions are from an earlier version of the CFA curriculum.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Which review course to go with?

Hi all,

I’ve searched for this question before posting but didn’t find anything relevant - what review course would you recommend I buy - Wiley Elan or Schweser?

I’ve passed all four parts of the CPA exams and I used Becker and the Wiley test bank was good. 

Also, if I start studying next week will that be enough time for the December exam?

Engineering --> Accounting Firm --> Analyst Job ?


I am another one of those that thinks finance career is more interesting and better suited to me than engineering eight years into an engineering job. I have been reading investment related books in the last year or two and I simply enjoy the material and think working in investment/finance area suits me better. I have been reading various routes people who have been in my shoes have taken and wanted to see if you agree with what I have found and answer some questions I have.


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