Level I

Study Advice for the Dec 2014 exam

You now have less than two months left for the December 2014 Level I exam.  Your stress level is probably rising because:

·         the exam is approaching fast you and

·         you have the feeling that are you are forgetting material that you’ve studied before

You should channel this stress by studying hard and studying smart.   Here are some tips that might help you:

1.      Take a few minutes to evaluate where you are and define a detailed schedule for the next 3 – 4 weeks. Continue reading

Earnings and Dividend Growth Rate

Hello, can anyone assist with this problem

ZZZ Inc stock is trading at 17.50

Company stock will be year-end dividend of 0.84

Expected capital gains yield is 3.60%

% Forecast of growth rate of earnings and dividends is ????

Thank You

Continue reading

CFAI Questions vs. Schweser Questions

As I finish all the EOC questions in the CFAI books, I am noticing they are FAR LESS difficult than the questions in the Schweser books and the Schweser qbank.

Can anyone weigh in on which one is more indicative of the actual exam? Continue reading

Wiley/ELAN Print Materials for 2015 & My Review of 2014 Materials

Level 1:

I had access to Schweser content as well as ELAN for the 2014 year. I used ELAN guide mostly and found it to be superior to Schweser in many ways. Mainly, ELAN explained the concepts in greater detail and was much more organized in their presentation of the content.

ELAN also offered more and better questions per topic. Their formula sheets were much better as well. Continue reading

Preferred Stock Par Value question

Hello, can someone assist me with solving this and explain how you arrived to the answer.  The “par value” concept is hard to get my hands around

ACME Industries pays an annual dividend of 9.8% on its preferred stock that currently returns 13.13% and has a par value of $100.  

What is the value of ACME Industries stock ?

Thank You Continue reading

December Level 1 Review Strategies

Howdy all -

As we come down the final stretch I thought we could share review strategies and either adopt or critique each other accordingly to sort of crowd-source a solid review plan. This is my current plan:

Approximately 8-weeks to exam day Continue reading


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