Level I

This is how I passed Level 1: a guide for anyone interested

Just found out earlier today that I passed the December 2014 sitting of the CFA exam so I thought I’d share what I had learned in the processes and what my thoughts are on what one needs to do to pass. Posts just like these on message boards around the internet gave me a lot of valuable advice so I thought I’d pass on the favor. 
I don’t aspire to any absolute truth or saying that this is by any means the only way. What I did was *an* approach, not *the* approach. 

BPP guides

Hi All!!

Has anyone any experience of BPP materials? would you say they are a good source, or perhaps poor?

Many Thanks!



Failed the Dec 2014 exam with a Band 10. I really want to give it another shot. Just wondering, do people who chose to retake get to take it at a lower price? I am just a student and too damn broke.

2% 10 net 30

Kindly calculate the yield on the above sales discount.

2014 Level 1 Result

Just 1 day to go peeps, waiting anxiously… wish it could be today so that i will get over this anxiety…

Sharpe Ratio

Dear all,

I have a fund with weekly NAV and performances over 3 years, I also have the EONIA price and weekly performances over 3 years and the latest French OAT 10 years rate. What would be the more precise (and mostly used, for example over the asset management reporting) way to calculate a sharpe ratio ?

Would it be => ( (NAV 25/01/2015) - (NAV 25/01/2012) -1 ) - OAT 10 Years rate wich is 0.610 % ) /  standard deviation of my fund over 3 years * square root (52)

Should I also annualized  my fund performance over 3 years ?

Arbitrage opportunities on an FRA?

I’ve been trying to answer the following question from the text book Options, Futures and Other Derivatives.

“A bank can borrow or lend at LIBOR. Suppose that the six-month rate is 5% and the nine-month rate is 6%. The rate that can be locked in for the period between six months and nine months using an FRA is 7%. What arbitrage opportunities are open to the bank? All rates are continuously compounded.”

Would someone mind helping me confirm whether my answer is correct, please?


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