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Study Advice for a Noob

Background: I am signed up for Level 1 in June and this will be my first attempt. I am using Schewer material to study but I feel VERY behind and that it’s slow-going. I’ve been through Ethics and Quant and I am in the very beginning of Economics. I make notecards as I go through the reading and make sure I understand things before moving on. I mainly just stick to the books (or the internet if I have questions) but I can look at the online classroom videos if need-be. I haven’t even opened the Q bank yet but I do all the end of chapter questions without looking at my notecards.

Please help me clarify the CFA application?

I used to be disciplined by accounting professional body and now I want to register for CFA. Is there any restriction for me in this regard as when I come to the application I don’t see any criterion mentioning that.

Thank everyone for kind help

Work Experience of 4 years


I am planning to enroll myself for CFA Level I Exam for June,2015.

Currently I am Assistant Manager in Genpact working as a Corporate Consultant for our Client GE.

I am engaged in Federal Reserve Regulatory Reporting Process in Treasury business.

We are required to file Y-2314 report.

I just need to confirm, is my 22 Mths (nearly 1.5 Years ) experience would be counted as Approved Work Experience.

Please reply as soon as possible.  

Passedtense Videos

How good are the quality of passedtemse videos?

Reading 35 - Capital Budgeting Question

Hey I have a question regarding Question 13 in the EOC section. What’s the most direct way of finding the discount rate that would result both the projects to have the same NPV? The solution doesn’t explain how you get to the answer at all hhahahaha

Level I June 2015 - Bahrain

hello everybody

i am searching for study partner/ group from bahrain or GCC countries.If you are a candidate for cfa level 1 june 2015 please contact me

0097339605588 : whatsapp

best regard

Help, what to do next

I’ve finished reading the material for June 2015 and I’m a little bit lost, I’m taking presential classes which help to review the content, but I don’t know what to do now. I’ve done in the process of reading: all CFAI EOC’s and Schweser EOC’s although I don’t remember every question (what is helpful since I can redo to reinforce concepts). Some areas are weak spots like Economics (Some parts) and Fixed Income (Actually I can move on doing more questions.)  I’ve purchased Qbank and hitting some questions every day, yesterday I crammed so much with Schweser Videos that today I was broke!

What is the difference between statutory incidence vs actual incidence of a tax?

Statutory incidence refers to who is legally responsible for paying the tax while

Actual incidence of a tax is the person who bears the cost of the tax through an increase in the price paid or decrease in the price received.


Please point out to me the difference between the two and give an example. Thank you 


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