Level I

Quite a Few Topics Appears To Be New In Second Reading

I had done one entire reading of the topics and solved EOC questions. Now going back and looking at some of the topics, It seems i am reading those for the first time - what the heck? I remember understanding quite a many concepts while doing first reading. And now it seems i forgot many concepts. But Now little over 1 month to go..my stress level is increasing and it seems a gigantic task to do a thorough reading once again, solve EOC again, memorize formula… I have to also solve mocks…

How to manage studies well in short time left AND without panicking? Continue reading

Best Use of Remaining Study Time for Dec Lvl I Exam

So I’m feeling pretty stressed looking at the coutdown clock at the top of this page and seeing that there are only 40 days remaining until the Dec Level I exam!  I’ve been pretty diligent about studying but I’m definitely far from confident at this point.  Here has been my study routine and my thoughts currently about best ways to maximize my remining time.  Any thoughts and input are much appreciated! Continue reading

how many mocks?

Im writing Dec Level 1 exams. Had a few quick queries..

IDEALLY How Many Mock Exams should be solved before the exams?

and when people say schweser qbank., do they mean the practice exams ? Or is there a volume containing only question bank and which is different from the practice exams.. Continue reading

examples given in institute material.

Is it also crucial to solve examples given WITHIN the reading assignments in the institute material

OR solving End of Chapters practice problems will suffice and good enough for exam preparation??

thanks. Continue reading

Schweser QBank - Much more engaging to learn

I dont know about you guys but I find the Qbank a much more engaging way to learn. I have been setting up 60 questions, score as you go quizzes and just hammering them out. I started at 50% correct and I’m rising to 70% over the last several qbank sessions. Then I plan to take the Mock exams from CFAI Continue reading

Rules Regarding

What are the rules regarding CFAI EOC chapter questions and what a user can post? I have a question regarding an EOC question for reading 55. I think the question has two “correct” answers but the more correct answer is not CFAI’s answer. For example, can I copy and past the question from the e-books (my guess would be no, since people who aren’t L1 candidates could access copyright material), or should I just be general in the idea of the questions and answers?

Thanks! Continue reading

Study group in Atlanta


I will be taking the CFA level 1 in June 2015 and I am looking to form a study group to keep each other focused. I just ordered my books earlier today and I’m looking to start early. If you’re seeing this post late, before June 2015 please contact me and let’s succeed together.  Continue reading

Schweser QBank - Best way to use it?

I just finished all 5 Schewser books reading with 60%-70% to get a general idea of the concepts.

What is the best way to approach the QBank questions? Answer question and then review? Or just go straigth through. Continue reading


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