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Unable to view the CFAI Mock Exams


I am unable to view the CFAI Mock Exams… I had got an email from CFA Institute that the mock exams are now available…But after logging in… I am unable to view those it shows an error msg       

Anybody else facing the same problem..? I had also emailed CFA Institute but got no response

Please advise how to deal with this if anybody has an idea…


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Asslam o Alaikum and Hello everyone..

This is my first post to AF. I am planning to take December CFA Level 1 exam. As I started reading through study sessions, things went fine for a month and I completed Ethics and Quants from CFA curriculum books. Then suddenly my motivation hit rock bottom which is mainly because of the financial problems that I unfortunatly started facing. Continue reading

CFA Level I Exam: Study Material - Suggestions

Hello everybody!

My name is Mike, and it is my pleasure to be part of such a over-achieving forum! I am too a candidate for the CFA Level I exam held on December 6th, 2014.

However, it is my first time I take it, and I don’t really know what the best study material would be.

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mock exams

It was a hard moment when i realised that after 6 months reading Cfa curriculum i scored 33% on the mock exam!!
It s so low score that i dont know what to do now. Any ideas to help? Continue reading

The relationship between rates, inflation, purchasing power and exchange rates...

I am a bit thrown off by the relationships between inflation, rates, currency appreciation/depreciation and exchange rates.  I have put together the following statements and I was wondering if they were correct?   If anyone could add any pertinent/useful information to them, that would be great.  Thank you in advance. 

If inflation in country X increases vs. country Y, currency in country X will appreciate relative to country Y.  There is an inverse relationship between exchange rates and interest rates in two different countries.  Continue reading

FRA Difficulty Problem

I’m having a lot of difficulty with the FRA section. All other levels are fine even the derivatives isn’t that bad compared to FRA. Does anyone have tips and advice on how to approach this section? I’m an Econ major and don’t find the other sections really hard and I’m using the Qbanks as well and the only section I’m struggling is FRA. 

Just wanted to see if anyone is having the same issue and what advices you have?

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