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CFA Level I in December and CAIA Level I in September

Has anyone taken these exams in this overlapping order?  I’m debating on taking the CAIA Level I on September 26th.

I’ve been studying for CFA Level I since May and scored a 79% on a Schweser Mock over the weekend.  Lately I’ve been preparing for what will hopefully turn into an interview for an Analyst position in the Private Equity division of an Investment Management Company.  In preparing I’ve been using the CAIA Level I Core Book and discovered yesterday that I’d already went through 20% of the Core Book in three days. Continue reading

Common size income statement doubt

Hey guys ,

I am going therough reading 28 atm , it talks about the common size income statement where every item is divided by sales .

Now my question is , is that sales like the total sales made in the year or is it sales-sales returns .


HedgeFudge Continue reading

Have not received the result mail from CFA

I have seen that many people received the email from CFA that announce the day that CFA will provide the result of June test. I check my email and have not received anything from CFA since my exam. Are there any problem with my test and performance? i am very worry now, appreciate your helps and suggestions! Continue reading

Having a hard time with equity evaluation .

Hey guys ,

So far i;ve completed 5 readings of FRA , microeconomics , Ethics till standard 6 . and just started off with equity evalv. did reading 49and 50 although found it kinda hard as they seem to be theorotical steps which we need to mug up (not all but some) . Anyways i am in reading 51 where we see the diffrent type of evaluation tools and while using all the youtube videos or matrials , they just seem to give away the formula without any explantion on how it was derived or any kind of insight .

For ex : 

Price = D[1+growth]/k-G Continue reading

Starting cfa level 1

I am planing to start studying for cfa level 1 from 10th augest.And I will be staring my Msc investment and finance from this october. I am from business management background. Will I be able to pass december 2014 exam in this short time ? Continue reading

CFA level 1

Hi all

If you want to join available for group discussion on 



alternative investment  Continue reading

Retention (Memory) Strategies

I’d love some advice here.  Keep in mind I’m coming from a Marketing (Commerce) Degree, ie. I don’t know Finance all that well (I took a few courses on theory of finance so I have an idea) so my background is not strong.

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14 more days until results

So how ya’ll doing? What you been to for the past month? Got that job you wanted? Traveled?

Share yo post-CFA stories!

I caught up with some friends, partied a bit, now writing for news media comp, but still job searching for analyst roles here in Toronto. 

I opened one of the CFA books earlier this morning, and somewhat forgot about how to solve things… anyone else having troubles remembering some of the stuff you studied in the books?

If someone were to ask me to solve the Gordon div discount model, I would be quite clueless right now LOL. Continue reading


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