Level I


I am not at all able to understand and interpret quantiles

How do you know that 3rd quintile is 60%? and 7th Decile is 70% etc etc.. 

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level 1 newbie question.

My background is a middle age man in the financial services industry (series 6,63) with a degree in engineering. I had a economic and probability class years ago in college but Im not remembering it being on this level. Also, I had zero accounting background. I am studying full time to prepare for the test. Continue reading

How does principal repayment affect the financial statements?

Hello everyone and thank you in advance,

I was wondering how the principal repayment of debt affects the 3 main financial statements (specifically regarding the income statement…that is, if it even does).

I am pretty sure that on the balance sheet, bonds payable will be reduced by the carrying amount at maturity and cash should as well decline (I think by the same amount). Regarding the cash flow statement, the payment is recorded as an outflow from financing.

But…is there anything that is recorded on the income statement? Is it an operating expense? Continue reading

CFAI or Schweser for Level 1 dec 2015?


80% of the CFA guys I know, recommend me to study from SCHWESER notes not CFAI for june 2015. But a famous teacher for CFA told to his students that now CFAI is very important and schweser notes would not be enough to prepare for CFA Level 1. I am not the type of guy who mostly reads books to learn my thing is practice. Infact I dont have a good habbit  read much. Please help me in making a decision.

CFAI books


Schweser (level 1 june 2013)

Will schweser be enough ?

Whats that extra edge ill get if I study from CFAI books?

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Study Advice for the Dec 2014 exam

You now have less than two months left for the December 2014 Level I exam.  Your stress level is probably rising because:

·         the exam is approaching fast you and

·         you have the feeling that are you are forgetting material that you’ve studied before

You should channel this stress by studying hard and studying smart.   Here are some tips that might help you:

1.      Take a few minutes to evaluate where you are and define a detailed schedule for the next 3 – 4 weeks. Continue reading

Earnings and Dividend Growth Rate

Hello, can anyone assist with this problem

ZZZ Inc stock is trading at 17.50

Company stock will be year-end dividend of 0.84

Expected capital gains yield is 3.60%

% Forecast of growth rate of earnings and dividends is ????

Thank You

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CFAI Questions vs. Schweser Questions

As I finish all the EOC questions in the CFAI books, I am noticing they are FAR LESS difficult than the questions in the Schweser books and the Schweser qbank.

Can anyone weigh in on which one is more indicative of the actual exam? Continue reading


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