Level I


I’m sure this topic has been beaten to death but I am starting to prep for the December CFA Level I. There’s like 10 different companies that offer 5 levels of study courses and I don’t know what each proprietary name for each service offered means. I am looking for:

1. Something cheap (used?)
2. Something that has videos I can watch online and follow some sort of cirriculum
3. Something that is self paced

Schweser Secret Sauce

Has anyone used the Schweser Secret Sauce?  Have you found it helpful for the final weeks of studying?


My study technique

I am preparing for CFA level 1  - Dec 2015. 

I’ve picked up studies after a long break…I’ve started reading from the book 1.

Few days I started reading ethcis and could not continue the motivation to finish the chapter. So jumped to Quantitaitve methods.

Just to get the momentum, I am tryng to skim through the book but not memorizing the formulas and method. Is this a good approach.

Trying to figure out where I'm at with Corporate Finance

So it is officially crunch time for me. I have finished all of the Kaplan readings. Now it’s simply going back through the books and doing a Qbank test on every section to figure out where I’m at. Currently I have only tested on ethics, corporate finance, and portfolio management.

Equity Shares Retained Earnings

Some concepts are not clear to me. When we speak about equity it is defined as “owner’s residual claim on company’s assets after subtracting its liabilities.” Now,

When we speak about shares as a part of equity it seems that only thing that is important is percentage of somebody’s ownership of the company that is his share in the company’s ownership. John has 20% and Caius 22% of shares while absolute value is not so important.

Because Retained Earnings are only part of Equity and not added to shares to increase their value, right ?

Study Prtner for June 2015

Hiii…!!! I am preparing for CFA L1. I have been finding it difficult in some of the topics. I am sure others might behaving been some doubts as well. I joined StudyPal and found study partners with whom I study to prepare for my exams. This really works and I am feel more confident to face my exams. Join today to see it happen for youself. IIts free and student friendly. 
My best wishes.

Considering the CFA...

So i am a Junior in college and just got an internship at an Investment Management co. All of the managers there are CFA’s and im sure they will want me to take it if I go full-time next year. Is this common? And how hard is it really? I go to Notre Dame I’m pretty smart but 40% pass rate is nerveracking. Is it all fairly smart people who take it? Thanks

Economics, FRA and Revision Strategy


I have been studying entirely from CFAI books. I have economics and FRA to complete yet. I have two concerns:

1) When I look back into my notes for all other topis, I can’t remember anything. I usually complete EOC questions in CFAI materials as an when I complete a reading. 

2) Since I need some pretty good revision time to refresh all other topics, is it better to switch to Schweser for Economics and FRA, helping to speed up the first reading, so that I can move on to revision?

genral information

hi everyone !!

i am electronics engineer , and will appear  CFA level 1 in dec 15 . i want to know curriculam is suffecient or we need some extra material ??

thanks in advance!!


So, I have been preparing from Schweser 2014 material. I know there have been changes in CFA curriculum with respect to FRA and Derivatives. I have read these topics from CFA curriculum. I forget some formulas when some weeks pass by of revision and this is bugging me. Is anyone here feeling the same or is it only me?


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