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Issue computing bond FVs

There is an issue with my calculator as I am not getting the same answer as the answers.  Any idea what could be wrong?

Answers say:  Market Value of Debt: FV = $10 000 000, PMT = $400 000, N = 10, I/YR = 13.65%.  Solving for PV gives $7 999 688.

When I compute it, I get PV = $4 896 931

Any ideas what is wrong with my calculator (BA 2 Plus).


IRR vs. I/Y

When IRR will equal to I/Y? Thanks.

BPP Practice Exams

Has anyone looked at these?

I’m a bit worried because I can’t hit 70% on these. Mainly I think because they are very, very badly written. Has anyone else tried them?

I’ve been getting between 75-85 on Schweser, CFAI, Fitch mocks in the last 2 weeks

How do people study FRA

Have taken 2.5 practice exams - have done well on all sections but FRA. It seems that the smallest details always get me on the FRA section during the Schweser exams (and there are a lot of small details…) . Any advice for studying this seciton?

Difficulty of Schweser practice exam and more...

Hi all,

Was searching about Schweser practice exam and google brings me here.

I know this question has been asked many times, but i been seeing different answers, some say schweser practice exam is harder, some say is much easier, relative to the actual exam…I wonder could anyone share their experience?

CFAI Online Mock

Hello Everyone,

I took one of the mocks on the CFAI site yesterday and I tried accessing it today but it doesn’t show me the questions I got wrong; it prompts me to a screen to take the exam over. Am I missing something here or is there no way to review my results?

 Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Topic-based practise test review

I am confused : when I finish the practise test and submit them, if close the windows then re-open the windows, how can I track the history and review the topics which are wrong…. pls help.

Thank you very much,

Are L1 Questions Grouped by Topic?

I was wondering if in the L1 exam, the questions are grouped by topic? That is, will the first few questions be from Ethics, and the next few from Quants and so on?

This is how Schweser mocks are presented, but the CFA mocks online don’t seem to be seperated by category. I was wondering how the real exam is presented. 

Thanks in advance.

Fixed Income question

Assume that a callable bond’s call period starts two years from now with a call price of $102.50. Also assume that the bond pays an annual coupon of 6% and the term structure is flat at 5.5%. Which of the following is the price of the bond assuming that it is called on the first call date?

Bond price= 6/1.055+(102.5+6)/1.055^2=103.17

Can somone explain this?

I would also like to have calculator answer. If it is possible to do so.




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