Level I

CFAI Website Login.

I’m not able to login to my account on CFAI’s website at this moment. Could anybody confirm this by checking if they can login into their own accounts ?

Edit : Apparently it works with Mozilla Firefox, but has problems with Chrome (atleast for me). In chrome it just keeps on refreshing itself.

Just completed my first reading. What next ?

As the title says, just completed my first reading today from Schweser Notes and nothing else. What should I do next ? I do have Schweser Q bank. Also I haven’t yet had the chance to read the Curriculum.  
Should I attempt questions from Schweser Q bank ? Or should I start my second reading and attempt Mock Test ?

Deferred tax asset

In the current year, a company increased its deferred tax asset by $500,000. During the year, the company most likely:

became entitled to a $500,000 tax refund.

had permanent differences between accounting profit and taxable income.

reported a lower accounting profit than taxable income.

Why is the first option incorrect? Thanks

Brand new QBank, could you help?

Hey guys! We just started a site with a QBank + a mock exam + a formula sheet for $19.99/month to solve the problem you guys are having with overpriced study material. (The site is https://eQBank.io)

I don’t know if any of you would have any idea how to get known in this industry. We’re trying to help the most people for a really low price. Facebook add is useless and we don’t have the marketing budgets that Schweser/Apptuto have.

Thanks for your input.

chapter 16 ECON, EOC Q.5


I don’t know if it’s because of the stress, but I am really struggling solving the eoc 5 of the chapter 16.

In the answer, they are mentionning: The long-run competitive equilibrium occurs where MC = AC = P for each company. However, I am unable to find this information in the curriculum!

Could someone help me please?

Advice for next 10 days.

Hi guys, I am almost done with my second review and am on my last planned mock.

Mocks scores:

AM: 73%, 69%, 79%, 80%, 85%, 86%

PM: 79%,81%, 81%, 83%, 79%, 78%

CFA website full mock :80%

Weak sections: Ethics and fixed income. Although somehow I always score good on fixed income.

All in all 8 mocks 2nd review would be done and still 10 days would be left. Should I attempt more mocks? Or should I go for a 3rd review? Or both? Or some other strategy?

Code of Ethics (personal matter)

I am very curious what Code of Ethics says about inviting a client on a date.
For example if I am a relationship manager and fell in love with my client and decided to invite her on a date. Would it be a wrong decision? What if she will not accept my proposal and call my superiors and tell them about my behavior?  Would it be a misconduct behavior ? Can I be punished for that?
No jokes. It’s really bothers me.

Mock Exam Scores before Real Test

For all that have passed Level 1.. Just curious to know what your mock exam scores were like before you took the actual test and passed.

Value of a European call option (directly related to).


Other question regarding derivatives:

the value of a European call option is positively (directly) related to:

a. exercice price

b. underlying price.

c. volatility of the underyling

It’s pretty clear that it won’t be the answer a (the call option will be less attractive if you could buy the underlying for a higher price, therefore it’s indirectly related), but regarding the others two, I thought they were directly related?


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