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Clarification required regarding CFA study material.


I am new to CFA and I have a very basic question. 

On visiting the CFA institute site I see a one-time program enrollment fees ($450) which covers the cost for the eBook (contains the complete curriculum you need to study)

I was planning to the purchase the Schweser study material. Would these be redundant?

Also, I was planning to register for the exam later since I plan to give it in June 2017. Will it be wise to purchase Schweser study material now and again receive the course ebooks after registration?



Question about valuing call option in derivatives

I got this question from Prepsmarter

Assume that the value of a put option with a strike price of $100 and six months remaining to maturity is $5. For a stock price of $110 and an interest rate of 6%, what value is closest to the corresponding call option with the same strike price and same expiration as the put option?

A- $17.87

B- $11.99

C- $12.74

What I did was compute the present value of the exercise price which came to 97.12 and then subtracted it from 110 to get  C option as the answer

But the correct answer is 

CFA or CPA for FA Job?

Hello everyone. For an entry level Financial Analyst role, would the CFA be a qualification? I recently graduated and am looking at entry level roles, including FA. A lot of them list CPA candidate as a requirement, and only a few have CFA listed as a qualification. 

Structuring the prep: Reading / EOC Qs / Qbank

Hi - using Schweser to study for LI and just have a few Qs to CFAs in terms of structuring the prep best:

1. Would you read each reading and then do both the EOC questions OR only do the EOCs questions after eack topic?

2. Would you read the answer after every question instantly?

3. When would you start using the Qbank - after each reading or topic or after having read all topics?

4. Would you do the Schweser mocks before or after the Qbank?


How to undersrand Q Methods " statistics "

I didn’t take statistics cource before so I don’t understand the part of statistic, i understand the time value of money and technical analysis but statistics its very hard and not understandable, so i need advice to understand thies part of book.

Fail Email

Hi everyone,

can someone please send me his or her fail email for the CFA Exam?

I need the original and complete email with all graphs etc.

Can you please forward the email to frankfurt1123@gmail.com?

Of course if you send it in anonymised form it would be great as well.

Thank you so much! I really need this.

Fail Email - PLEASE help

Hi everyone,

can someone please help me and send me his or her fail email for the Level I exam?

I am desperate, I really need to get such an original and complete email with all the graphs etc…

Of course if you send it in an anonymised form it would be great as well.

If it is not asking too much, can you please forward the email to frankfurt1123@gmail.com ?

Please help - Thank you so much!

calculate cost of debt using LIBOR and spread

hello ladies and gentel men

Example 13 book of corporate finance page 62

the example ask for calculate the weighted cost of debt by the LIBOR + premuim of debt to capital ratio (spreads)

can someone show me how we can summing the points of 200 with LIBOR rate of 4.5% please.


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