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Preferred Stock Par Value question

Hello, can someone assist me with solving this and explain how you arrived to the answer.  The “par value” concept is hard to get my hands around

ACME Industries pays an annual dividend of 9.8% on its preferred stock that currently returns 13.13% and has a par value of $100.  

What is the value of ACME Industries stock ?

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December Level 1 Review Strategies

Howdy all -

As we come down the final stretch I thought we could share review strategies and either adopt or critique each other accordingly to sort of crowd-source a solid review plan. This is my current plan:

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equilibrium price and quantity

 Question: Consider a market where quantity demanded - 1500 - 3x price, and quantity supplied = 2000- 5xPrice. With respect to equilibrium price and quantity, there is:

1) no market equilibrium

2) a stable market equilibrium

3) an unstable market equilibrium

For this type of probelm, I sometimes get it right and sometimes get it wrong. So I must be using wrong method.

Can someone teach me the best way to solve this?

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Best way to use vacation days

Was trying to plan when I should use up my last 5 vacations days from work so I can study for CFA. I don’t have to take them off in a row and want to use them to help with the exam.

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CFA Level 1 in 3-4 weeks- doable?f

I wanted to get an opinion on my situation and as to how feasible it will be. As I’ve already committed to this route via my actions then there is little I can change.

I’m doing the Dec 14 sitting of CFA Level 1. I have read through the entire Schweser notes once so far and have done about 30-40% of the CFAI EOCs without finding them too hard (with varying levels of success depending on topic), however that was a couple of months ago. So I’ve familiarized myself with the material and questions but not in a lot of depth. Continue reading

Zero Arbitrage profit equation

(1+ id)= Sf/d (1+ if) (1/ Ff/d)


In the above equation, the domestic/foreign interest rate, are they annual rate?

I saw a question using 90 days interest in the formula. (180 days interest divided by 2)

Help please!

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My Last moment Study Strategy for Dec Level 1

I Picked the schweser notes just 25 days back(reading irregularly) and just skimmed once through Eco, FRA,Equity,Corp Fin and some of FI & Ethics and have NOT solved/studied any mocks, institute EOC questions,Quants,PM,Derivates,AI etc So in other words, with my current level of Preparation, im bound to FAIL. I had some basic finance papers in my college, but the depth of level 1 subjects is leagues above what i studied in undergrad. I work 10 hours a day. Continue reading

How to attach file

Hello everyone,

Do we have any option to attach file here as few questions come with finacial statement exhibit to answer the  question?

I came across a query in order to get resolved i have to provide data to forum.

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