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Finquiz for level 1

hi folks..

can you plz suggest how is Finquiz material i am a level 1 candidate and because of my work schedule don’t have much time to go thru with even Scheweser material.

thanks a lot for your suggestions.

How do i solve this question

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The Answer is B
I get the first part present value of current lease is $508,766.38, but i can’t calculate the present value of the lease being offered. 

Labor Productivity

How come the increase in physical capital is more likely to increase labor productivity than an increase in the labor force participation rate?

Diluted EPS

Why do we adjust (add back) basic EPS for coupons and dividends paid on the convertible preferred stock/bonds?

I thought if the preferred stock/bonds were converted, then new shares would not pay the preferred stock dividends/bond coupon payments, which would make these payments irrelevant…

Common Size Statements

Are common size statements build on a per unit basis or a total basis?

How to solve this tricky problem

Optimal Insurance is offering a deferred annuity that promises to pay 10% per annum with equal annual payments beginning at the end of 10 years and continuing for a total of 10 annual payments. 
For an initial investment of $100,000 what will be the amount of annual payments?
$100000                ?  ?    ?  ?    ?  ?   ?  ?  ?  ?
A) $25,937
B) $38,375
C) $42,212

Success stories from December 2015

Dear December 2015 Level 1 candidates who passed the test and who did not (some were pretty close, that can be considered close to success too),

I was thinking that the best thanks you give to the forum and help other people in their June 2016 (like me), it that you share your success stories. Maybe you can answer the following questions:

1. What material did you use? What was particularly useful? (or what would you do in your second take?)

2. When did you start studying? (or what would you change in your second take?)


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