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Having trouble with CFA's assessment questions

Is anyone out there having problems with the questions from the CFA Level 1 assessments (from the website)? I am used to score between 75% to 85% in the CFAI EOCs, 75% in the Schweser EOCs, and around 80% in the Qbank; however, there is a huge standard deviation regarding my scores when completing the CFA assessments (between 55% to 70% in general). Shoul I be worried? I find those questions very tricky, and more difficult than the ones I am used to do.  Continue reading

How much must I pay if I want to take the CFA on June now?

Hi everybody! I paid $ 1,240 ($ 440 + $ 800) in August in order to take the exam in December. But now I’m working a lot, I’m completely overwhelmed by my job and I think the best option would be to pospone my exam to June. 

Can anybody tell me exactly how much will I need to pay ir order to change my sit from December to June? Thank you very much, Continue reading

CFA Level 1 December 2015 - SF Bay Area

I am planning to attend CFA Level 1 in December 2015. I understand the enrollment/registration is not yet available for December 2015 exam. 

I live in San Jose, CA. If anyone is planning to attend December 2015 Level 1 exam and would like to get together once a week or so to discuss/study, please let me know. Continue reading

Macaulay Duration and Investment horizon

Hi I understand the concept of Macaulay duration, but I’ve come across a statement on Analystnotes that’s got me scratching my head. 

Here’s the statement: The Macaulay duration statistic identifies investment horizon so that the losses/gains from coupon reinvestment offset the gains/losses from market price changes. 

Can someone please explain the above sentence to me. 

Thanks a ton. Continue reading

Average Intelligence, Extra-Ordinary Hardwork

This is my debrief on how I cleared the CFA Level 1. Lets get started!

Background: 22/ Male / Commerce graduate from India/ CFA LEVEL 2 Passed/ MBA Aspirant/ Worked in a BIG 4.

Study Process: Took coaching from Knowledge Varsity (Tremedous Value), India and Schweser study notes.

Mock Tests: 3 Timed Mock tests from Knowledge Varsity. Continue reading

CFA grades transcript for MSc Finance admission file

Hello everyone,

I have an issue regarding the admission process of a school I am applying to. I would need your advice. As they consider CFA level one relevant to my application file, they invite me to send a proof of it. I still have my email with my grades but I am not sure if I can send it as the CFA is rather strict for all document dissemination. What do you think? 

Thank you for your insights.  Continue reading


I am not at all able to understand and interpret quantiles

How do you know that 3rd quintile is 60%? and 7th Decile is 70% etc etc.. 

Please help Continue reading


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