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My best wishes.

Arithmetic returns and end of period value

I have a specific question which is not directly related to the CFA curriculum but maybe could be solved with. As a law student I’m stuck with the terms arithmetic return, risk, monthly sharpe ratio, Geometric returns and the ending wealth (or the end of period wealth). 

I will specify: if you look at the perfomance of the Global Stock Index between 1921-1996, you will find (according to the P. Jorion and W. N, Goetznmann’s article in The journal of Finance “Global Stock Markets in the Twentieth Century) that :

Arithmetic return is 5,48

Risk is 15,83

CFA level 1 professional work experience and study experience


Im posting this topic as I found only simmilar posts but Im still not sure what the answer is.

I wanna enroll for CFA lvl 1 in June 2015. The thing is, I worked for 2 years in a firm where I was just at ‘information desk’ so I sometimes answered phone calls, other times I made a short research. Is such a job eligible to register for lvl 1? (CFA says it does not have to be investment related)

Cost of debt: new issuance vs. outstanding debt

I’m working on two problems involving WACC.  One finds the cost of debt using outstanding debt, while the other, it seems bases it’s cost of debt on a new issuance.

The following problem uses outstanding debt to calculate the YTM (i.e. cost of debt):

[question removed by admin]

The next problem reads as follows:

[question removed by admin]

A new candiaite

Hi every one, i am glad to be here to share with you more information. 

my exam will be on Dec 2015 and i want to start soon. i read more about  the schweser notes here and more members study by it . 

so, i want your advice about the schweser notes.is it useful for the exam ..

what is the good session to start and how can i buy the schweser notes.

Percentage of Completion Method

Sorry, dumb question.

With regards to construction companies using the Percentage of Completion Method - does the customer rather than the contractor generally pay for all the costs under ”Contracts in Progress” (which is made up of : Cost and Estimated Earnings in Excess of Billings and Billings in Excess of Costs and Estimated Earnings) by the time the contract has finished?

I can't remeber anything

Hi Guys,

I am using Schweser notes and I justfinished to study the 4th book.

At the end of each chapter, I am doing Schweser EOC questions where i usually manage to get 90% or more….

Yesterday I tried to pick some random questions from previosu books and I feel like my retention rate, is very very low (probably around 25%). Are you aving the same problem? Do you think that doing exercices and reviewing LOS where i get wrong answers can help?

CFA L1 June 15


I am currently a full time student and i plan on finishing my schweser by the end of this month. 

Is my pace appropriate?

Or should i commit more hours towards my preparation.



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