Level I

Best of luck everyone!

I wish you all the best of luck on tomorrow’s exam.

You ladies and gentlemen are amongst the best prepared for the exam; tomorrow’s the day to demonstrate that.

The historical evidence suggests that most of you will pass.  You’ll be elated when you do, and justifiably so.

Unfortunately, it also suggests that some of you will not.  You’ll be disappointed, and justifiably so.

Impairment/Write down

If there was an initial write down and a consequent write up to inital cost under IFRS.

After this do the gains and losses go onto the other comprehensive income as unrealsed gains/losses or do you still input them onthe Income statement.

Analyst Notes mock exam difficulty

Hi all,

Hope the last minute prep is going well….has anyone else tried the Analyst Notes mock exams? I did another one of those yesterday night and found it really difficult: difficult phrasing etc…..gave me the feeling sometimes I hardly knew the material. For me they make the hardest mock exams by a long way. Hope im not the only one experiencing this.

Good luck for tomorrow

Exam Booklet Calculations

Just to clarfiy that we are doing all our calculations on the exam booklet that have the questions on them? and nothing else


Has this happened to anyone before? I got to the point that my mind went completely blank on everything. I read a question or some text and it makes no sense to me. I feel that i forgot everything I learned and im starting to enter into full panic mode. I read a question at first it doesnt make sense and then after a while i dont even know how to approach the problem to solve it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I dont know what i should do for the last day before the exam. Please any advice would be helpful 

Some Counter-intuitive Advice on the last two days' prep

Congratulations to all the L1 takers - you’re in the home stretch.  I wish you all the luck you need on the exam on Sturday

I thought I’d give you a bit of unusual advice for your last two days’ prep - GET A GOOD NIGHT”S SLEEP TONIGHT!

I’ve been a college professor for almost 20 years, and while I don’t personally conduct research on learning processes and memory (I’m Finance, not Psychology), I folllow it pretty closely, since it’s a big factor in how students perform.  

Degree of financial leverage

do you include fixed financing cost in calculating DOL or only use fixed operating costs? 


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