Level I

why are so many material from quant repeated in other sessions?

npv, irr, portfolio variance etc are all in the quant sessions then repeated in later sessions why? I took me a great deal to understand them, just to have. them explained in more detail in later, might as well leave Quant until last topic to study?

what is growth industry?

The textbook does really explained it, but it is in the LOS, what exactly is a growth industry?

Memorizing Formulas

Hey I was wondering what everyone’s plan is (or was for those that have already taken L1) to memorize the hundreds of formulas on the exam. Did you print out formula sheets and just look at it whenever you weren’t studying the material or taking mocks? Did you write the formulas down as many times as you could? What helped you guys efficiently memorize the formulas (and how to use them) in the month or two before the exam?


FRA - CFAI vs Schweser

I have completed all readings except FRA and Ethics mostly using Schweser and doing CFAI problems. Do you think since FRA is such a large topic it’d be best to use CFAI to study or would it be okay to just go with Schweser?

Is Financial Controller job is eligible for CFA?

Hi, i just passed cfa level 2 and I am wondering if I should change career. I am currently a Financial controller for a international bank. My job basically consist on controlling, analysing and reporting consolidated credit risk metrics to the bank management.

What would you suggest me to do? Try to find an investment analyst job or keep going and evilve in my current career.

why are there only three choices in the MCQ?

That means anyone can get an average of 33.3% without any study. I wonder how many ppl that passed just studies less than 50% of the material and then guessed their way through. 

My uni always use five choices.

ps, what is the passing score?


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