Level I

Starting cfa level 1

I am planing to start studying for cfa level 1 from 10th augest.And I will be staring my Msc investment and finance from this october. I am from business management background. Will I be able to pass december 2014 exam in this short time ? Continue reading

CFA level 1

Hi all

If you want to join available for group discussion on 



alternative investment  Continue reading

Retention (Memory) Strategies

I’d love some advice here.  Keep in mind I’m coming from a Marketing (Commerce) Degree, ie. I don’t know Finance all that well (I took a few courses on theory of finance so I have an idea) so my background is not strong.

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14 more days until results

So how ya’ll doing? What you been to for the past month? Got that job you wanted? Traveled?

Share yo post-CFA stories!

I caught up with some friends, partied a bit, now writing for news media comp, but still job searching for analyst roles here in Toronto. 

I opened one of the CFA books earlier this morning, and somewhat forgot about how to solve things… anyone else having troubles remembering some of the stuff you studied in the books?

If someone were to ask me to solve the Gordon div discount model, I would be quite clueless right now LOL. Continue reading

Studying via the question bank

I once spoke to someone who had completed the CFA and he recommended to study via the question bank and learn the material via the questions and not necessarily reading the materials that much. 

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Confusing diluted EPS Q- Magician sir plz help

1.                  A company has a complex capital structure. It had 100,000 common shares on its balance sheet at the start of 2013. It had 10,000 warrants to be exercised at $15 and each warrant can be exercised into 2 common shares. The average stock price of the company was $10 during the year. The stock price at the end of year was $20. The company’s earnings for the year are $2,000,000. It also had 50,000 non-convertible preferred shares with a par value of $100. The preferred dividend is 8% per annum. The marginal tax rate is 40%. What is the diluted EPS of the company? Continue reading


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