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Bond Calculator Help


I’m trying to figure out bonds on the HP12c. In the calculator manual it says “The price is shown in the display and also is stored in the PV register” however if I do the example just below on page 82 and press PV, I get the value -102.39 which is different to 120.38 which is what I should be seeing if I’m reading this correctly.

Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

impact on total expenditure


Economics book page 49 states that at unitary elasticity total expenditure is not change.

assume that the quantity increased from 50 to 55 (10%), and the price decreased from $100 to $90 (10%)

total expenditure before the chane = $5000, but after change it be 4950, can someone explain this point please?

Enterprise value (EV) computation

Does anyone understand why cash and short-term investments are substracted from the EV computation? Thanks ;)

Schweser eBooks gone?

Hi everyone,

back in 2015 I purchased the Essential Self Study Package from Kaplan Schweser and also got the ebooks.

I was able to access the ebboks via VitalSource but now they are gone. Did someone of you experienced the same issue?

Is it possible I only had limited access? But that’s ridiculous - I mean I also still have the hardcopy which can not expire.

But I would like to still have the ebooks since I may have to learn with them for the December exam again.

Any help?

Thank you

Question about null hypothesis

A bottler of iced tea wishes to ensure that an average of 16 ounces of tea is in each bottle. In order to analyze the accuracy of the bottling process, a random sample of 150 bottles is taken.  

Can anyone tell me what the null hypothesis is?In my opinion it should be u≠16 but the answer states u=16.Isnt the null hypothesis the opposite of what we really want to prove?

Clarification required regarding CFA study material.


I am new to CFA and I have a very basic question. 

On visiting the CFA institute site I see a one-time program enrollment fees ($450) which covers the cost for the eBook (contains the complete curriculum you need to study)

I was planning to the purchase the Schweser study material. Would these be redundant?

Also, I was planning to register for the exam later since I plan to give it in June 2017. Will it be wise to purchase Schweser study material now and again receive the course ebooks after registration?



Question about valuing call option in derivatives

I got this question from Prepsmarter

Assume that the value of a put option with a strike price of $100 and six months remaining to maturity is $5. For a stock price of $110 and an interest rate of 6%, what value is closest to the corresponding call option with the same strike price and same expiration as the put option?

A- $17.87

B- $11.99

C- $12.74

What I did was compute the present value of the exercise price which came to 97.12 and then subtracted it from 110 to get  C option as the answer

But the correct answer is 


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