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Career Advice & Job Prospects after Level 1

Hey everyone,

I just wrote the level 1 exam in June and am anxiously wating to get back the results like most of you.

Just to give a background, I took a 2 year college diploma in business and have been working 3 years in accounting now. I’m getting bored with it and career progression isn’t too good with only college, so I decided to start taking the CFA program and go back to school in the fall to finish an undergrad finance degree. I plan to keep on working towards the charter while I’m going to school.

is anybody reviewing the course material for CFA level1

Hi All,

Is any body still reviewing the course material for CFA L1. iam waiting for my result and not reviewing the material after exams are over.Dont know how the results will be , but that enthusiasm is not coming which had before the exams (might be due to results). Please suggest how to go about for revision?

As not able to concentrate much and waiting eagerly for resuls?

Level 1 December 2015 Poland/Warsaw

Hi Everyone,

Anyone would be interested in forming a study group for level 1 December 2015 Exam in Warsaw, Poland? :)



Correct treatment of operating leases?

Just a questions with regards to the treatment of operating leases. In a DCF, do you subtract the PV of operating leases as debt from firm value, or do you subtract it from the P&L as OPEX?

Cash flow from investing

I have a quick question about cash flow from investing and how to derive it.

I’m given a balance sheet and income statement.  I’ll only provide info on the few line items relevant to CF from investing


PP&E:  $920 (2007)   $900 (2006)

Accumulated depreciation: $290 (2007)   $250 (2006)


Bank note: $100 (2007)   $0 (2006)

Income statement:

Depreciation: $100

Gain on sale of old machine: $10


CFA L1 after FRM


Could someone shed some light on the amount of time as well as effort required for CFA L1? I’m done with both the parts of FRM. 

Also what are the ideal resources for preparation?


Taking the CFA Anyways

Just wondering how strictly the guidelines for CFA Level 1 eligibility are enforced.

I’m entering my fourth year of school and I want to take the CFA Level 1.  However, I am going to be taking a 5 year degree as I’m doing a Co-op program for my degree which delays my graduation date.

The CFA Institute says that I have to be either in my final year of schooling, four years of work experience or a combination of both.  It also says that you have to update your education information before you can register for the Level 2. 

Still reviewing L1 until results released

Anyone else still reviewing L1 while waiting for results? If so what is your strategy?

I am doing full Qbank and rereading sections that I am not good in. Will finish Qbank the week results are out. Good plan or no?


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