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Qbank from Schweser

Hi Guys

Is qbank from Schweser essential for L1? Did anyone pass without schweser Qbank?

The CFA pgm has online practice tests, would that and mock exams not be sufficient to passing? Do we have to get the qbank? the qbank itself  works out about 1/3 of what I paid for the cfa programme in total ( After conversion rates)

please advise

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What was Level I estimated MPS?

This was my score matrix (I passed):

50 or Under:

Alt invest, F.I., Derivatives

51 to 70

CF, FRA, PM, Quant, Econ

71 to 100

Equity, Ethics

I believe my Min, Max and 40/60/80 was:    min: 45.8%, 40/60/80: 61%, max: 73.5%

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Under Valued and Over Valued Stocks

I am not able to see how to you know if a stock is under valued or over valued based on SML, beta or required return.

For example, in one question it says a stocks Forecasted return is 12% and Required Return calculated using CAPM is 15 %. So the stock is over valued and plots below SML.

Could someone please explain why it is over valued? Continue reading

Help with IRR questions for an existing portfolio + Renovation.

 Hey guys, 

I’m kind of confused about something and perhaps you guys can help out. 

Say I already own a portfolio of properties and i’m debating on whether or not to renovate it. I want to determine my return on the renovation. The caveat here is that I plan to sell the property in 5 years from now. How will I determine the IRR? 

Renovation: 30k
Current portfolio Value: 1M 
Cash flow after expenses - Forecast after renovation(NOI): 20k  Continue reading

QBank predictive power

I am doing really fine at QBank SS tests (>90%), is that a good sign? They seem a lot easier than so-reccomended EOC questions… (which seems to me overcomplicated with questions outside quants LOS) Continue reading


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