Level I

CFA Institute Practice Questions and Mock Exams for 2015 Level I Candidates

As exam day approaches many candidates ask about past CFA Institute Mock Exams. 

My response: before worrying about past mock exams make the most of material which is easily available for 2015 Level I candidates. This includes:

·         Examples in the curriculum (especially the ones in MCQ format)

·         Practice problems in the curriculum

·         Topic-wise practice tests available on the CFA Institute website

CFA Institute also makes mock exam available on its website.  You should attempt these mock exams once you’ve reviewed all ten topics. 

Deferred Tax Liability Question (Schweser P. 235)_

Hello Everybody,

I understand the question and calculations; however, I’m a little confused with the big picture.

The question shows you the Tax Return / Income Statement for a single asset and explains the concept of deferring taxes to a later period, which creates a DTL.

Basically, I’m confused as to why this is calculated on a single asset ONLY (I think)?

Any help clarifying this would be greatly appreciated.


Register in CFA Level 1 after third year?

Hi, I’m going on an internship for 16 months beginning May 2015 until August 2016. During that time I would like to try to take the CFA Level 1 exam. I will be finished third year at the end of April 2015. And as a result of my internship, will be graduating university in April 2017.  Would I be able to take the CFA Level 1 exam after third year (after April 2015) or do I have to be registered in fourth year ?  


Strategy for final 8 weeks

Hi all,

I’ve been self studying for level 1 for the past 4 months, going through the Kaplan books and practicing questions on the question bank (completed about 2000/4000 Qs). This week I finished covering all topics. 

I’ve now started to find the QBank questions fairly simple for most topics, however when I open a mock paper/EoC, the questions are a lot more difficult.

UAE CFA - June 2015 i need someone to study with


I think I need to study with someone for my CFA level 1 June 2015 exam.

But am not sure if this is even feasible.. I am panicking now since there is not much time left.

if anyone is interested „ we might arrange this.


Dec 2015 Study Plan

Hey guys,

Registered for Level 1 in December and I am trying to develop a study plan.

I am worried about studying too early, as there are roughly 200 days until the exam. Would studying this early be advantagous, or would it just be that much easier to lose information down the road?

What would be the best way to develop a study plan? 

Thanks in advance. 


Hello every one,

i am looking to Purchase just Schweser Pro Qbank on Dec 2015 level 1.

can any one help me, from where. or any one has it , i wanna buy it from him directly.

Review Strategy

Hello friends,

I’d already did almost everything you can do to prepare (EOC’s, Schweser CC’s and almost finishing QBank, CFAI Topic Tests) however I have two doubts:

1) Should I start to do Mock Tests? 

2) Really, how to study ethics effectively? I scored 73% in Topic Tests (CFAI website) and a lot of questions were HIGHLY subjective in my view.

3) I’ve computed all my mistakes in an excel spreadsheet from all books exercises, how to review them?

Job opportunity which may be a conflict in interest to current job


If a person was to have a current job and was offered another job(maybe part-time) from another firm, what should the person do?

Does the person forget about it as it may result to a conflict of interest?

Or does the person obtain permission from current employer and see whether it is allowable?


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