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Preparing for CFA Level 1 with MBA in finance

I’m studying mba in Canada. I have registered for Dec CFA Level1 exam. My background was engineering and I worked as a software engineer for around 4 years with Wipro Tech.

Recently, for Level 1 preparation I bought CFAI material and its taking so long to come from USA. As I am in first year of school right now so I get enough time to study but i also work part time on two days. I generally have classes two or three days in week (only in evening). So I can study enough to complete CFAI. 

Level 1 in December - Ethics Section - Is it appropriate?

I’m stuck on the CFAI materials Ethics section - Not finding the motivation to get through it, but I don’t have that much left of the Standards section. I have the Schweser and Wiley materials but haven’t touched them yet. What would your recommendation be for moving ahead? Slop through the rest of ethics and circle back at the end, use Schweser/Wiley to finish, or, drop it, start quant, and circle back around once I’ve gone through all of the other material?

Wiley (Elan) Review of supplemental course materials CFA level 1

Hello AF Community – specially CFA level 1 June 2015 candidates

For those who did used Wiley (Elan) materials for their June 2015 level 1 prep, care to comment on how you felt going into the exam (well prepared? Confident? Etc?)

More specifically, for those who took part in the following segments of Wiley CFA level 1 courses, how useful did you find it (these are on the login screens if you signed up for them at Wiley)

CFA Exam Review Course Level 1

CFA Virtual Classroom Level 1

Experience - studying only from CFAI material

Background - I am engineer with miminal knowledge of economics, some exposure to quant and FI, and other topics equally unknown. I have worked for one year in Fixed Income operations department for one year. That is it.

Study Material - I studied exclusively from CFAI material. Yes, I tried to read all those 3000+ pages on my own, without any third party help. I read all that material, solved EOCs at leat twice and all blue boxes, also mostly twice.

CFA Level 1 retakers?

Hi guys,

Is anyone in the forum who did the CFA Level 1 exam this June 2nd time or more , how do you think it was compared to your previous exam/s ? Was it harder , easier or of the same difficulty ?

This is my first and hope the only level 1 exam :D, in my view it was in the   easier than expected - as expected range.



I posted this in another forum, but thought I’d cross-post here to get more feedback

I’ve had a few inquiries about doing some tutoring (mostly boston metro area, and mostly L1, but with a few L2 inquiries).  I’ve also had a few folks reach out online  

So I thought I’d get some data from the AF hive mind.  If you’ve ever tutored (or used a tutor), what kind of arrangements did you have (i.e. online, FTF,etc…) and what was the hourly rate?

For background - I’m a college finance prof, charterholder, been doing prep classes for about 9 years.


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