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Question regarding updating Passport No.

Dear all,

My passport will be expiring by end of this year;and I will be making a new passport soon. What should I do if I want to register for the June exam? Can I do so during the registration process- as in is there an option to update your new passport no.?

Thank you.


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Reset Schweres Qbank

Does anyone know how to reset the Qbank in Scweser so that it shows 0 used/viewed?

I see options to  included previously answered & incorrect questions, but I was looking to start fresh

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Announcing my career shift: from PWM to Corporate Finance

As Numi and CFAvsMBA know, I have decided to transition out of private wealth management. A large corporation called me today and offered me what I’ve been pining for over the last few months: a financial/business analyst position in their corporate finance department. In a lot of ways, I owe this decision to you folks on the CFA forum. It was my initial CFA studies (that started at Christmas) and my time on this forum that made me realize a few things:

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Failed... twice... need your contribution!

Hey guys, 

I would like to share my concerns with you. I wrote the L1 twice and now not sure if I should write it for the third time..

My first attepmt: Got band 10 because I scored very low on FRA and Ethics. 

My Second attempt: Got band 7 but I scored 50-70 on FRA. I felt that the exam was much harder than the one on December 2013, especially in the easy topics like econ, PM, stats, etc. that are easy fo me and in which I did pretty well on the first time.  Continue reading

Why is the long run aggregate supply curve inelastic ?

Hey guys,

Was doing macroecon and was wondering why is it inelastic ? shouldnt the short run curve be more inelastic as the firms have a shorter period to change the factors of production which directly effects the levels of supply ?

and the long run supply curve should it be a bit more elastic as the firms now have more time to change fixed as well as variable factors which effects the total/aggregate supply in the economy ?

Kindly explain ,

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Exam Tips

Sup guys

everyone talks about all the studying that goes into this but I also believe keeping an extremely clean diet prior to the exam helps. Here’s what I did:

breakfast- oatmeal, blue berries protein shake, banana

lunch: fish brown rice

snack protein shake

dinner grilled chicken veggies, etc. 

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