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Passing CFA level 1 exam and Go to FRM level 1 on Nov 2015

Hey guys, how u doing,

I wonder this plan, if I fail the Dec Level 1 2014 exam I will resit, but if I pass I don’t wanna wait 1.5 years to try for level 2, so I will go for FRM level 1 this Nov.

I don’t have any risk-related job as background experience, but I’m interested in risk management and is kinda strategic for me because having CFA x1 and FRM x1 on hand allows me to move to “other” industry, the risk mgmt industry, and even have enough space yet to go back to corporate finance or IM if I don’t like.

Any advice? THanks a lot.

appearing for CFA level 1 in june......how to prepare for the exam?

i am reading fixed income and derivatives from the main curriculum book  just wanted to know what other subjects i can refer to for CFA prepration from curriculum book…as i am appearing in  june..i have completed 3 subjects so far still left with many more….need help?


Right. Just started. How do I convert my videos so I can watch offline

I have enrolled with Kaplan (Blended Enhanced).

I have considered the advice here and I have decided the best way for me to do this is to watch the videos for each study session, taking notes on key concepts, and immediately doing questions.

Question is, how do I convert these videos so I can watch them offline in my commutes/ flights?

I have a macbook and I also have my work laptop which is Windows based. I probably prefer to use the windows laptop so I dont have to carry two with me when I travel.

Any advice?

addition rule for probabilities

So the rule is P(A or B) =P(A) + P(B) - P(AB)

I’m trying to figure out how this would work if:

You have three mutually exclusive items, all with probabilities of .5. Does that make P(A or B or C) = 1.5? Assuming it does, what does that mean? It can’t mean that there’s a 100% chance of at least one of A/B/C happening, or can it?

Recommendations on how to prepare the exam


I’m a 26 years old worker who’s going to do the first level exam on next december.

I would  like to receive advice on how to prepare the exam. I work until 8pm every day, so I don’t have o much time to study.

I read quickly the program, and I think the first part (ethic and standards) is quite long and difficult to remember appropriately.

Some friends of mine suggested me to prepare this part not from the official curriculum, but from Schesers book, because these are more shortly and easier to study.

I just ask you your opinions about it.

Appropriate Preparation Duration for Level 1 ?

I am from engineering background with no previous experience in finance, 

I wish to pass in my first attempt.

I am done with FRA uptil Income Statements from Schweser.

Should I target for June or December this year ?

I have got schweser Notes.

Seniors please advice me on this, I have to register soon If I plan for June.


So I’m confused on exactly what’s going on between the two of these. My understanding is that the effective annual rate allows you to convert a stated interest rate with a number of compounding periods greater than one into an interest rate that includes the effects of compounding. For example 5% annual interest compounding monthly is 5.12% EAR.

Schweser exams - same year to year?

Anyone know how the Schweser exams vary year to year? Say for the level 1 exam, they generally release 6 exams, 3 in volume 1 and 3 in volume 2. Are volume 1 and volume 2 that they released for the 2014 exams totally different than what they just released for the 2015 exam or do some (or perhaps all) of the questions repeat?

CFA Dec-2014 experience

Hi everybody!

I am Quasar, and I work as an IT professional, at Pune, India. I and a friend studied together for CFA Level I. Our entire preparation was such a fulfilling experience. I have grown as a person. We’ve become more aware of the world around us, we stay abreast of the latest developments in the US economy, world events such as the oil supply glut, mergers and acquisitions! It was thrilling too - we’d often go to Starbucks or other places to study for inspiration. Its been a very exciting journey so far.


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