Level I

Passport Photo

Anyone have any experience/know how strict the proctors are with the passport photos?

My passport photo was taken 7 years ago so my photo is pretty outdated… Currently my hairstyle is completely different and I wear contacts instead of glasses. (I could wear my glasses to the exam, but the glasses I have currently are quite different from the one I was wearing in my passport photo). Which may not sound like much, but I feel may be enough for them to question, depending on how strict they are… 

CFA Level 1 Study Session


I am looking for a study buddy. If anyone is interested please let me know. We can study together, help each other and nail the exam :)


CFA Prep Interactive Ebooks


Do we have any ebooks for CFA prep. Any specific prep provider for Level I?.  Im not interested in always online material.  Is there a possibility to get interactive ebooks containing videos and links as resources?.


How to calculate CAPEX in FCFF formula


This is my first message here, I’ve already intensively used google and textbooks to find an answer to this question but I still can’t find an unanimous formula for this.

When we calculate FCFF from EBIT, the commonly accepted formula is:

FCFF=EBIT*(1-t)+D&A-deltaNWC-CapEx (with the latter 2 calculated coherently with the signs)

trying to teach myself financial modeling. a few questions

I havent really seen examples of this anywhere on the internet, which im a bit suprised about as i thought financial modeling would have alot more discussion online.

Anyways, a few things i cant figure out how to do:

1)  A project is designed to re position a product in the market place, the goal of the project is to increase its marketshare.  How do I forecast sales/projected market share growth when the previous sales data was not solid due to poor product positioning?

Schweser Flashcards

Hello Everybody,

Did anybody order the Schweser Flashcards with their notes package? I just seen them online and figured they might be pretty helpful. 


Price isn’t an issue. Company will pay for it.


Hi guys, I’ve finished all readings for the second time and first time completely (including the 015s LOS since I’ve been studying with 2014 material since November).

Now I’m hitting on Qbank, I make tests with 60 questions with all levels and go on, I’m scoring pretty good, with some exceptions due to random and limited sample of questions in a 60q test.

To get most of it, should I make tests only with advanced questions to “replicate” test (I’ve heard tests are harder than Qbank, so I’m afraid that I’m walking at park here)

New topics on CFA Level I 1014 compared with 2015


I m preparing for the june exam for the second time and was surprised by a new topic in Fixed Income.
Do u have an idea about the new topics and the differences between the 2014curriculum and 2015?
if there is a specific list that I should know about…please share it with me.
Thanks in advance for ur help.

Shweser CFA Level 1 Study Materials for sale

Official books from Shweser. All volumes in good condition, some notes inside the book but nothing that stops you learning at all. All books are 2014 edition but i don’t think they really change it. This includes: 

5 books covering the whole syllabus. 
2 books of practice exams. 
1 Secret sauce book. 
1 mind maps book

Cash on collection in London or i can post.


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