Level I

What did you think about the exam?

Personally, I thought it was very fair. Very few guesses, only one WTF. Walked out feeling very confident.


ExCel London Exam

Guys, anyone wrtinig tomorrow’s exam in London’s ExCel centre? What is the best way to get? Can I trust ExCel website on that?
Best of luck tomorrow!

Best of luck, everyone!

Y’all who frequent Analyst Forum can count yourselves amongst the best prepared for tomorrow’s exam.

Get a good night’s rest tonight, remember your exam ticket, passport, calculator(s) and pencil(s) tomorrow, don’t get stuck in traffic, and do you best on the exam.  That’s all we’ve a right to expect.

May you be favored with questions in your areas of strength.

property valuation

the value of a property using the sales comparison and income approaches

I came across a question asking the value of a proerty use income approach. And the answer is calculated by the linear relationship with a comparable sales.

I thought income approach is to use income divided by proper discount rate.

Can someone explain the difference between the two methods?


option price

Which statement best describes option price sensitivities? The value of a: 
A. call option increases as interest rates rise. B. put option increases as volatility decreases. C. put option decreases as interest rates decline. 
Answer = A

Why not C?

Leaving the building

I read over all the material I could find on the CFAI website, and I didn’t notice anything applicable to this (but maybe I missed it).

Is it okay to go outside of the test center during the lunch break? The test center I’ll be at doesn’t allow outside food to be brought into it. I was planning to bring a lunchbox in my car with some food, so long as it’s okay to exit the center (go to the parking lot) during the lunch break.

Lunch options at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Guys, what are you going to do about lunch?

I am taking the test at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and and I see that there will be thousands of test takers. Any strategy regarding lunch? I am thinking of taking a lunchbox with me, is that hassle free?

Good luck to us all.


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