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Notice of Investigation


I appeared for my CFA Level 1 exams in Dec2014. On 19th December I received a mail regarding Notice of Investigation with regards to a Violation Report filed against me. It alleged me to be seen ‘bubbling after time was up’.

Help us future CFA level 1 candidates :)

I just read a few posts from those who failed the 2014 December CFA level 1 exam, and I thought it would be great if I (and the rest who will be reading this) could learn from the ones who have taken it and failed.

So to those who have failed (and those who passed and thought they could have done better), if you guys are willing please do share what you thought you should have done and/or how you should have thought to do better on the test. Thanks in advance.

Failed L1 in Dec 2013. Need a strategy to pass June 2015.

Hi all,

I will pass the June/15 session but I need some help from you folks. With the first test, I was working a full time job, was recovering from a concussion, was very stupid at the time, and was taking 3 classes at university. I ended up with a band 6 the first time. How do I pass my second try? What topics should I read in order? How many hrs should I dedicate? Should I still use Schweser ‘13 books or buy the ‘15 books? What has changed on the exam since I wrote it? What strategy should I use to pass this time?

Schweser: Assigned Reading #11 - Hypothesis Testing

Hello Everybody,

I was hoping somebody could help me. I’m ASSUMING copying information out of the Schweser material is prohibited for obvious reasons. So, can somebody help me with the calculation on Page 313? I don’t understand the calculation for the test statistic - how come it’s 0.0025 / (250)^0.5? Then, it’s 0.0001/0.000158 = 6.33? 

Any help is appreciated :)



Prep material

Hi, I hope to sit for CFA level 1 in June.  I have done some research and read a lot on this forum.  However knowing that some of you have experience with this material I have a question.  

I know it is recommended that I use practice tests from more than one prep vendor.  However, what provider do you think has the most clear and concise study material?  

December 2015 Level I

Hello everyone.

I’m going to apply for 2015 december exam.

My friend has the materials from last year’s june exam. If I use them to study for the december exam, is that going to be effective ? or are there plenty of changes withing study materials between years?

Also, does anyone know when can I apply for December exam ?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I’m noob in this thing )


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