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Schweser Advice (New to the Forum)

How’s it going fellow candidates,

I’m new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice regarding the SchweserNotes.  I have read the first of the original CFA books and found it full of fluff and did the math and found it nearly impossible to read the last 5 books and have the time to memorize formulas and such.

So my question’s are:

Can anyone give me an idea of how long it takes to read the SchweserNotes?

What is your average number of pages per hour?

Retractable Preferred Shares Problem - Reading 50 Example 5 CFAI

I seem to be getting a different result from the book when calculating intrinsic value of preferred shares.  The problem:  The book solution is 12.71, but using my financial calculator is as follows:

CF0 = 0

CF1 = 0.3125

F1 = 34

CF2 = 25

F1 = 1

CPT - NPV - I = 3.875 = result of 12.4581.  

The problem itself is

dividends of 0.3125 quarterly, retractable (sold back to firm) at $25 dollars (par) in 34 quarters from valuation date.  Required return is 15.5% (3.875 quarterly)

What am I doing incorrectly?

Question Bank Schwesar - How to utilize with readings and my study strategy

Hey everybody,

I am giving it another go with CFA Level 1.  I failed it December 2012 with 150 hrs of study and decided to sign back up this June.  I am making a way through my reading and have a different order about things.  I have access to the 2015 Schwesar Notes, Secret Sauce and 6 Mock Exams.  I have the 2013 Schwesar Question Bank.

My current plan:

Order of Books I am re-reading:
Book 3 - FR&A
Book 4 - Corporate Finance/PM/Equity
Book 5 - Fixed Income/Derivatives/Weath Planning
Book 1 - Ethics and QM
Book 2 - Economics

Unlevered Beta to Levered Beta

Greetings everyone,

I’m on reading 36 - Cost of Capital, example 13 in the Corporate Finance-Portfolio Management CFAI books.


Do you have any idea how the beta is .96 for the first answer?

I understand the formula would be .90/(1+(1-.36)(X)…I’m having a hard time finding what X is.

Thank you very much.

Where do i begin?

I am new to finance and ive registered for the December exams. My questions are:

-Do the subjects have any kind of flow? I mean, will i need to start from a specific topic? 

-What is the most easiest to grasp for a non-finance background person?



CFAI practice tests Level

Hi Folks,

Is the level of difficulty of CFAI specific topic tests equivalents to the exam?

It took me so long to solve economics, I’m really struggling in that area however I managed to score barely over 70%

looking for a study partner

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