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Ethics & professional conducts and alternative investments

Dear friends,

I am new to CFA but finding very interesting by applying new strategy and time mamagement skills. Try it yourself you will be surprise with the confidence you will get to pass exams. 

Ethical and professional standards will comes all 3 level on top ethics will rest of your life after passing all exams. Worth spending enough time on it. Also alternative investments try 3 to. 4 days and discuss with someone straight away everything you read and see the retention power. You will be surprise.  Continue reading

Which topic to start with


I know i am starting a bit late but i want to give my best shot for Dec L1 exam.

Can anyone suggest which topic i should start with. I already have some experience in derivatives and + it constitutes a very small section as far as exam goes so i dont think that would be a wise option.

How about Fianancial Reporting?

Looking forward for your replies

Thanks Continue reading

Elan Guides

Hello Everybody,

I’m going to be preparing for the CFA Level 1 exam in June 2015. I know this is probably one of the more repeated topics, but I have a few questions in regards to study materials. I was originally planning on using Schweser and Timeprep to keep me on track, but I’ve been reading some excellent reviews about Elan Guides. Can anybody comment on how Elan’s curriculum is designed or parallels that of the CFAI material?


HB. Continue reading

Calculating Beta using Pure Play Method

Can someone please explain the following in detail in simple words so that i can get a clarity on the following concepts:-

1. What is Beta?
2. What is project beta? Why is it calculated?
3. Why is the beta of comparable company ascertained (in pure play method)?
3. What is meant by unlevering the beta and levering the beta(in pure play method)?

Thanks. Continue reading

166 Hours into Studying and a Shift in Thought...

I started studying in May for the CFA Level I this December as I front loaded my studying because of work increasingly growing busier as December approaches.  So far I’ve logged 166 Hours and I wanted to share a shift in thought that I recently had with others while we are still early in the process. Continue reading

Is CFA worth it in Buy-side...

A little background.  I am in my early thirties.  I have a background in accounting but didn’t really like accounting all that much.  A few years ago i got really interested in finance especially the business cycle.  My curiosity of the business cycle led me to trade the market.  I swing trade and read charts. Hold positions for weeks depending on what my stock is telling me.  I like the buy-side because i like to know where the stock and economy are going.  You always invest with the cycle and not against it. Continue reading


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