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CFAI Mock Review

Has anyone taken the CFAI mock on the internet yet? I have taken it and submitted it, so it was graded. But, now I go back in to my candidate resources and click on the mock and I cannot figure out how to access the questions and answers to review and see specifically what I’ve missed.

Anyone able to help me out here and show me how to get to the mock review? Is anyone else having this problem?

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Break between morning and afternoon session

I’m looking at my exam ticket and on it it says that the morning session lasts till 12, then break is 12-1 but the afternoon session doesn’t start until 2. So essentially there is a 2h break (even though I need to report back to the exam hall by 1, or so the ticket says). Does it really take 1h to set up the afternoon session? Seems a bit long. 

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Schweser QBank Questions Repeat?

I’ve done nearly 2000 Qbank questions and everytime I setup a test, I always check the option that indicates to not include previously answered or incorrect. I’m seeing some of the same questions repeat a lot. Is anyone experiencing the same thing. Continue reading

Relative Strength Currency Confusion

I feel like there has to be something simple here I’m overlooking, but I’ve read these three statements 20 times and I’m still confused.
- Inflation in the U.K., by itself, increases the real $/£ exchange rate so that a unit of
real goods and services in the U.K. costs relatively more in USD than it did at the
base period.
- Inflation in the U.S., by itself, decreases the real $/£ exchange rate so that a unit of
real goods and services in the U.K. costs relatively less in USD than it did at the base
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Where to get Cfa Schewer Mocks


I will be writing my level 1 next month and i am looking for all sorts or questions to do. Is there any place where i can get/buy schweser mock exams for free/at little cost? I have searched but no luck.

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Residual Distribution Model

Hello !    Can someone provide the math formula or assist me with this question

ACME Inc has generated earnings of $200 Million.  Its target capital structure is 60% Equity and 40% Debt.  It plans to spend $85 Million on capital projects in the next year and will finance it the same proportion as its capital structure.  The company makes distributions in the form of dividends.

What will ACME Inc’s dividend payout ratio be if it follows the Residual Distribution Model policy ?   

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completed contract method

Can I clarify one point, under US GAAP, if the profit cannot be reliably measured,  we can use completed contract method

Under IFRS, we cannot use completed contract method and we can recognized the revenue and expense each year and profit at the final year, what is the name of this method? Continue reading


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