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Equity research/Portfolio Mngt-- CFA the right course or not?

I am pursuing level 1 CFA n i already have an PGPM in Finance.

Working currently as an Associate in a financial consulting firm in Dubai. I also have a years experience prior to this to show n internships as well.

Where do i stand after i clear level 2 in two years time and if i want to work in equity research/ Portfolio mngt.?? Continue reading

studies dilemma

Dear All,

Salam, is there anyone in Abu Dhabi, UAE who is studying for CFA level 1 I am planning to sit Dec-2014 attempt. I am doing selfstudy but need a group.


Muhammad Azam

ACCA Continue reading

Starting CFA prep - late start

Starting to study for the CFA level 1 this week.  I realize it’s a late start so I was hoping to get some tips or a plan that would be effective for this 3 months we have before the exam.  

I am not working these next 3 months so I can completely devote myself to CFA prep. I have the online Q Bank.

Thanks! Continue reading

CFA Level 1 = Job?

sorry thought i post here because it seems more active!. Then General Discussion.

(dont know how to delete pervious thread)

Quick Question on my scenerio. Continue reading

corporate governance: what does it include and not include?

When I hear that term, I think “We the shareholders can vote you executives into power and trust that you won’t use the company’s funds for your own selfish purposes”. This might include:

1. Mergers done solely to expand management’s sphere of influence

2. Embezzling

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Retention with Schweser.

I am going through Schweser books and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. I’ve attempted all the EOC questions and decided to go back to some of the questions I attempted a while ago. I completely forgot how to do some of them.

I know I shoudn’t get bogged down and should continue forward but I am concerned that I forget some things here and there.  Any experience with this? Continue reading

CFA Level 1 June 2015 (Dubai or Skype)

Hello everyone,

Anyone appearing for L1 CFA from ‘DUBAI’ in June 2015? We can make a group for meetups, online or tele way. In this way, we can be updated and help one another to clear this with flying colors. Past candidates who have cleared can also volunteer to guide on a one on one basis or group basis if possible. So people in Dubai can meet up and everyone else cane exchange contacts and be in touch.

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L1 Study Group December 2014

We can meet up anywhere to study a bit for L1. I know i started late, (in Aug) but i have already completed FRA, starting Quant tomorrow. And i know i’m a bit behind , but if anyone wants to get together to review FRA, would be really nice. for CFA LEVEL 1 Continue reading


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