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CFA Last month Prep

Hi All,

I gave my first Practice exam morn and aft session.

I scored 50% marks and m not sure how to begin my revisions… I am very nervous now.. Please help how shoudl i go forward….



Exam - Mark answer sheet at once or in the booklet?

For the people who have taken the exam previously, what strategy in terms of answering do you suggest. Marking the right answer in the booklet or straight at the answer sheet?

I guess we can use pencils. In case we answer e.g. A, and during review discover that B is correct. Is it simply enough to erase A and fill in B or is the machine that scans the answers really sensitive in this regards?

pass material to Ebook via vitalsource

dear colleagues,

I would like to know the way to put into my ebook the material via  vitalsource

I will appreciate  an explanation for this .

Thanks in advance for your support.

Review Strategy - Please Advise

Hello Everyone,

I am going to be completing reading schweser notes for the last few topics soon and will have a month left over for review. I am currenlty planning to use the following review strategy for each reading assignment:

1. Read over schweser LOS & CFA Summary

2. Go through blue box questions in CFA books

3. Do schweser concept checkers

4. Do schweser QBank questions (Around 60)

5. Do EOC questions from CFA books

6. Practice using mock exams

Need help with some DCF questions

Hello everyone , need help with these questions .

Q. Given below are the facts of Star Fund -

· On 1 January 2010, the Star Fund had a market value of $200 million.

· During the period 1 January 2010 to 30 April 2010, the stocks in the fund showed a capital gain of $20 million.

· On 1 May 2010, the stocks in the fund paid a total dividend of $4 million. All dividends were reinvested in additional shares.

Help with Margin Test

2. Stock XYZ is at 100. you are long the Jan 100 put and short the Dec 110 put. Are you:
a. Long delta, short vega
b. short delta, short vega
c. Long delta, long vega
d. Short delta, long vega.
Answer a: -> Is this correct?
8. You established the following position:
Long 100 ABCD 150 Call
Long 100 ABCD 150 Put
If the price of ABCD is $150 at expiration, what is the resulting ABCD position in your account on the business day following expiration:

2014 December CFAI EOC questions vs 2015 June CFAI EOC questions


I don’t have the CFAI textbooks for the upcoming June exam in hardcopy (=just e-books).

However, it’s been a little difficult navigating the chapters and pages on my computer screen so I’m trying to get the 2014 December textbooks in hardcopy from a friend. 

I am aware that some readings have been dropped while others have been added.

For those chapters not affected, will the EOC questions be (almost) identical??


exam defer

Hi guys,

I was preparing CFA l1 for June 2015 at kathmandu center. However, because of massive earthquake on 25th April my prep is affected. My home have few crack and i am forced to stay another place. Lot of my nearones are affected. Therefore I want to deferred my exam to Dec session. What shall I do to deferred? Does my request get approved on basis of earthquake as I may not able to produce any paper relating to my current situation. 

Plz advise

Comments on CFA Society SF Cram Course??

Hi guys, CFA Society in San Francisco is offering a 3-day cram course. 

I’m wondering if anyone used it before? Any comments?

The class is in late may. I have a pretty realistic view of a cram course. I’m not looking for a magical class, but I only want to pay for a comprehensive and professional review, that will complement months of self-studying. 

Thank you all! 


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