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breaks in between study hours

Hello everyone, 

I see the standard 250-300 hours of study anywhere when I look for how to prepare for CFA exam. My concern is, does having a break in between study hours included in 250-300 hours of study time? Or do I have to allot the lost minutes because of breaks to compensate my study hours? 

Your answers would be really helpful. 

Thanks so much! 

Cost/Benefit Trade

Countries that engage in international trade benefit from exchange and specialization. Which of the following is not a benefit of a country engaging in international trade?

  1. Trade enables a country to receive a higher price for its exports.

  2. Trade increases the power of domestic monopoly firms.

  3. Trade enables lower prices on imports relative to some domestically produced goods.

Answer: B

Schweser notes from gumtree

Hi all

i am looking to buy the schweser notes essential package.

while looking on google i came across gumtree ad of london in which seller is selling it for approx £160

this is for 2015. I am quite surprised how 2015 material is available for resell at low price if  the only way to get them is via Kaplan!!

This offer seems too good. Can anyone suggest if they ever had bought latest schweser notes material via gumtree/ebay and if they are genuine material..

Hypothesis confusion

Consider the hypothesis structured as H(null)=$48 versus H(Alt) not equal $48. At 5% level of significance.  where mean was $50 and Standard deviation was $5. No. of observations was 25. 

Using the t stest the test statistic comes to 2 however the Alpha is taken as 0.05. Why isnt it taken as 0.0025 since this is a 2 tailed test.

Thanks & Regards

Analyzing Financial Ratios

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post but I promise I did use the search function before posting!

Does anyone have a good resource on the analysis of financial ratios? I’m doing my study through Schweser and a lot of the questions discuss a change in a ratio, and the answer is trying to figure out what specific choices or policies made by management affected the choices.

The best resource I’ve found so far is this list:

How to retain FRA?

hello all,

Simple question: Im going to finish all readings by the 14th April and the one section im struggling to remember is FRA (done 2 months ago but even then i struggled to answer questions), should I postpone starting mock exams mid april and rather re-read FRA and then jump into mocks or would I grasp the concepts better by doing mocks and qbank and reading up on the sections.

Wiley/Elan for December 2015 Level 1?

Hi all,

I work 14+ hour days and don’t have the time to cram for the June ‘15 Level 1 exam. I’ll instead by spreading my study sessions out so I can write Level 1 in December ‘15.

I’ve worked through Quant using some friends texts to compare the differences between both the CFA texts and Schewser.

Some initial comments:

I havent studied anything and only 2 months are left to paper.

I havent studied anything and only 2 months are left to paper. Please can anyone guide me which things should I target?

Study Notes? Q bank? Really confused. Can anyone who prepared in such less time help me out with my plan? Thanks.

Reading ONLY CFA curriculum book

hi All,

I have registered for CFA exam in Dec. I have only bought ebook and hard-copy book of CFA curriculum. I think I am OK at intellectual level. 

However when I am going thru the material in CFA books, I find the following

1) It is quite boring.(I am currently on Economics–Macroeconomics)

2)The material is very hard to follow. Its not intuitive at all as CFA book

3) The material does not seem to be logically sequenced i.e. sometimes the heading will say something and content will say something else !!


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