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derivatives replication and call-put parity with repliation

hello everybody, with that u do well studying

i have 3 questions, i will be gratefull if someone clear them to me

1- the price of a derivative is tied to the price of the underlying. (curriculum statement)

how they build this assumptions?

2- Replication sataed that: Asset + Derivative = RFR, which is long asset + long derivative = long RFR, can someone clear this point with an example?

3- call-parity with forward stated that: Assets - derivative = Assets. ans this statement conflict with the above formula of replication.

No catch. Free level 1 training

Hello !

  I have spent significant amount of my time for CFA prep and willing to give it back. I want to start with level 1 December candidates in the Fixed income and FSA areas. Depends on the response, I may add derivatives and corp finance. There is no catch ( I want to build rapport before I offer level 2 / level 3 in the similar areas). Can any one suggest how to reach out to out of town candidates ? Appreciate your constructive feedback.

December 2016 CFA Level 1 - Boston, MA

Hey all, 

Is anyone out there taking the Level 1 exam this December in Boston. 

I have started out reading the Kaplan books and plan on finishing them once I am 4 months out. Any suggestions for study meathods? 

Spot Rates on Bonds

I’m having trouble understanding what spot rates are for fixed income securities.

Floater Reset

A little bit confused about the reseting of floaters.


For example, the floater might reset its interest rate quarterly at three-month Libor plus 0.50%.

(Institute 422)

CFA difficulty

what is the degree of diffficulty of the level 1 CFA one should expect

Difference between June and December

Hi guys,

I am quite new here and with CFA exams, so I am here to ask you, is there any difference in June and Dec exams, are LOSs different, and  generally what is he difference between June and December?

and where can I inform about that?

Thank you in advance!

Where to buy level 1 Schweser notes in the UK

Ive looked at Financial Kaplan and they only do packages where you can buy Schweser notes but with classes (distant learning or live). Am I missing something? How are people in the UK buying only Schweser notes? Are you using the American site and paying $70 for postage as well as customs….?

How has the CFA syllabus changed ?

Dear forum members,

I initially enrolled for CFA level 1 in early 2015 (to sit in June 2015). However due to various circumstances I couldnt sit the exam then. I am now starting my preparation for the Dec 2016 level 1 exam. My question - are the June 2015 CFA core syllabus and Schwser exam prep books still relevant for the Dec 2016 exam? How much has the syllabus changed?

Career opportunities

Hi Everybody,

I would like to know which starting positions within finance I would have a shot to start in given my background. I am most interested in Private equity, Investment banking and M&A.

My profile:


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