Level I

Flower delivery service

I would like to send someone a single flower with a note in another city, but I’m not paying $50 for a bunch of plants that are going to die anyways. I was thinking more like paying under $10 for the flower plus a delivery fee.

Someone help me!

Too old to pursue the designation?

I am 36 years old. 

I wrote level 1 last summer and did not pass. Was in group 7. 

I picked up a severe shoulder injury (ironically, happened while walking to the library to study!!!!) about a month before the exam, required about 12 months of rehab. 

Is age nothing but a number?

Reason for CFA: I would like to open my own practice and the designation gives me the credibility and legal right to invest money on the behalf of clients. 


Philadelphia L1 Exam Observations

I had one observation. The smokeshow writing L1 who was in a miniskirt, high heels and a red jacket. I kept thinking, is she really going to write the entire exam wearing that ensemble? Did CFAI place her there as a disctration? Anyone else see this chick? Even though there were thousands of us at Philly, I am sure everyone who was there noticed this PIECE

Twitter CFA Program

Just received this through Twitter:

“CFA Program ‏@CFAProgram

June 2015 Candidates: Multiple-choice answer sheets are almost graded. Level III exams are being prepped for the two-week grading process!”

Value addition of CFA with MBA in finance and Job prospects

Hi all,

I’m about to pursue my MBA in finance this August. But i’ve a doubt regarding pursuing a CFA in tandem with my 2 years of MBA program. The B-school is not so great , so I’m looking for value addition through the CFA certification. Also can it help me in getting decent internships? Apart from that, what kind of career prospects we are about to see if I do an MBA as well as my CFA? Corporate finance/ Investment Banking / M&A? I’m not currently from finance background.

Preparing for CFA Level 1 with MBA in finance

I’m studying mba in Canada. I have registered for Dec CFA Level1 exam. My background was engineering and I worked as a software engineer for around 4 years with Wipro Tech.

Recently, for Level 1 preparation I bought CFAI material and its taking so long to come from USA. As I am in first year of school right now so I get enough time to study but i also work part time on two days. I generally have classes two or three days in week (only in evening). So I can study enough to complete CFAI. 

Level 1 in December - Ethics Section - Is it appropriate?

I’m stuck on the CFAI materials Ethics section - Not finding the motivation to get through it, but I don’t have that much left of the Standards section. I have the Schweser and Wiley materials but haven’t touched them yet. What would your recommendation be for moving ahead? Slop through the rest of ethics and circle back at the end, use Schweser/Wiley to finish, or, drop it, start quant, and circle back around once I’ve gone through all of the other material?


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