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Re-studying for Level 1 - Questions Only

I plan on doing CFA EOC and Topic Test questions for the next few months to re-study for my exam. I don’t feel it is necessary to re-do all the readings, as I have already done so and still have good knowledge of financial concepts. Also, I will be starting a full time internship in a few days so I won’t have time to read.

Does this sound like a good idea?

WACC - where is the sense?


why do we use WACC as a discount rate?

Why not the rate of return of an alternative investment with similar risk profile?

Assumed I am valuing a company, we discount our future earnings with the costs of capital. Aren’t the costs of capital allready in the earnings included? Furthermore, why then WACC on the profits instead of invested capital?

I don’t get it.

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Study CFA

Hi guys. I am giving the exam in December. I haven’t bought any study packages. Reading just the CFAI printed books. Any recommendations?

IFT course June 2017

Hi there..

I’m attending CFA level 1 in 2017 hopefully and I’m thinking about buying Mr Arif course to help out clear few things. I would like to ask is it worth the $ 600+ To go on with it or not? I hope to have your advice on the matter since this is my first attempt 

thanks in advance guys

CFA Institute Questions vs. Kaplan Schweser Questions

Has anyone experienced an easier time with the CFAI questions compared to any of the prep packages? I am using Kaplan Schweser and although I find it easier to study the material using the Kaplan books compared to the CFAI books, I am finding the CFAI questions easier compared to the Kaplan questions. Is this done on purpose by Kaplan?

I was having a hard time with the Kaplan questions so I decided to give the CFAI questions a try and I am much more confident answering the CFAI questions compared to the Kaplan questions. Let me know what you guys have experienced.

How much reading is required from Schweser Notes

Hi Guys, I am first time CFA L1 taker in December 2016. I got the package from schwesers and looks like each book has more them 300 pages reading. can any one please suggest do i really have to read every page or there is different way to study this material. Thank you for your advise in Advance


Quit surfing forums and get interested in what you are studying. Too many of the forum population are average individuals who simply do not study enough. But they are exceptionally good at getting worried and get others worried.

You will thank me then.

Total Variable Cost

The total variable cost (variable cost per unit times units produced) is measured by the area beneath the supply curve

(Institute 33)

Institute, CFA. 2016 CFA Level I Volume 2 Economics. CFA Institute, 07/2015. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

What about fixed costs? In the diagram in the book, the supply curve starts at some value. I’m guessing the intercept with the price axis is the fixed costs? No?

Schweser Q-Bank Performance Evaluation?

Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering if you could evaluate my Kaplan Schweser question bank performance. Heres what I look like:

Questions Done: 8.46% or 466 questions answered

Average: 75.32%

Topics Done: All of quant and economics, done SS7 and most of SS8 in FRA.

Should I be doing more prep and EOC questions before doing Q-bank tests, or is my progress okay for now? And yes, I know my average will drop once I get into SS9 as everyone says.



TVM Problems

Dear All, 

Please see the below problem


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