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Leaving the building

I read over all the material I could find on the CFAI website, and I didn’t notice anything applicable to this (but maybe I missed it).

Is it okay to go outside of the test center during the lunch break? The test center I’ll be at doesn’t allow outside food to be brought into it. I was planning to bring a lunchbox in my car with some food, so long as it’s okay to exit the center (go to the parking lot) during the lunch break.

Lunch options at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Guys, what are you going to do about lunch?

I am taking the test at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and and I see that there will be thousands of test takers. Any strategy regarding lunch? I am thinking of taking a lunchbox with me, is that hassle free?

Good luck to us all.

expansionary fiscal policy

An expansionary fiscal poicy is most likely associated with:

A. an increase in government spending on social insurance and benefits

B. crowding out of private investments

C. an increase in capital gains tax rates

Correct answer is B

But, why would it not be A?


Are you ready?

Less than 42 hours.  Are you guys ready?

Federal monetary policy

Assume the U.S. Federal Reserve system (the Fed) has decided to lower interest rates in the economy. To carry out this policy, the Fed will most likely: 
A. sell securities. B. buy securities. C. increase required reserve ratios.

why C is not correct?


Ethics first or last? (weakest area)

I’m having trouble deciding on this.  I’m also a very SLOW test-taker so this section is mentally draining.  The good thing about doing it first is it would result in best results of Ethics.  The bad thing, it may affect the rest of my exam (all of my mock exams I went down to last seconds, and had to hurry in 2nd half…keep in mind they were CFAI so I had no choice but to start with Ethics online).  So maybe, given that even at my best, I’m scoring in the 60s in Ethics, I should hammer my strengths/everything else first to optimize those results, and then move to Ethics at the end?

Quick Ethics Question

Do you need to obtain in writing permission from an employer to interview at another firm?

CFA Mock

Is anyone else having trouble reveiwing their CFA mock exam after completing it?  I would like to reveiw my answers, but the answers won’t load.  If I exit and go back, it doesn’t allow me to get back to reviewing, only that I can attempt the exam again.



statement :- Portfolios that are not on CML are not efficient and will not be rewarded by the market for additional risk in equillibrium.

Problem :- shouldnt the market in equillibrium adjust the prices of these securities such that the prices of hte securities lower and hence their expected returns increase and hence these securities too end up lying on the CML in equillibrium?

Can someone clarify?


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