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CFA for Engineers/ Engineering Professional

Hi Everyone,

I am a Video Engineering Archtiect/ Manager at a senior position and would like to shift my career towards consulting and researching companies for financial instittions or funds. Maybe a crazy idea but I think I my vast understanding oof this field and my love for numbers and business sense is leading me to believe that I will enjoy that role of assessment and strength of a technology company.

I would like to know if the CFA is the right path for me or should I look at an MBA?

Midpoint review?

Long time lurker, first time poster!

I’m just wrapping my initial review of FRA using both the CFAI material and SchweserNotes. Started studying back in April to ease into the swing of things.  Would it be prudent to perform a mid-curriculum review at this point, or should I continue onward with my initial course of study? I don’t want to get to the end of the material and have quant/econ seem like a foreign concept by that point.  Any insight would be appreciated…thanks!

Choosing a QBank

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lurking for while, and contemplating the CFA for over a year and a half. After landing a buy side ops role a few months ago, I finally pulled the trigger last month and registered for December L1. 

Working through the SchweserNotes in order and I’m about 60% through FRA, but I’m starting to feel like I need a question bank to keep things fresh.

CFAI EOC questions

Do you guys think that EOC questions (CFAI material) is good enough for practice?

How would you rate CFAI EOC questions in terms of difficulty level?

Calculating Variance/ Standard Deviation from a probability model

Hi guys, anyone know how to work out expected value using the Texas BA II Plus, so using the STAT/DATA function to work out the below Expected value, then standard deviation of EV.

Probability                            EPS

10%                                      £ 1.80

20%                                     £1.60

40%                                      £1.20

30%                                      £1.00

Expected Value= 1.28. but how would you use the Texas BA to calculate EV and Stadard deviation/Variance????

Elan Wiley Website Crashing

For any of you consider to purchase the bundle products of Elan, be aware that their website crash every 5 min, no customer service rep available to answer your questions, and you end up not able to view any videos, or study….they are acting like a start up company with no stable services…

as much as I hate schweser videos, I got to say, their quality for materials are at least good…

with only 4 months left for studying, this is so frustrating!!

Level 1 Fixed Income

What is a good way to study this part? It is a fair amount of reading and counts for about 10% on exam? And I found it really hard to grasp the concepts…

Registering for Level 1 - Dec (2015) - in August

Hi Guys,

I am a member of ACCA (21 years old). Its been almost 2 years since I have passed ACCA’s exams. For those who don’t know, ACCA is a Chartered Certificate in Accounting from a body in UK (of the same name). I currently reside in Dubai and work full-time.  I have been thinking to register with CFA for the last one year but everytime I start reading the Ethics section in Part 1, it bores me to death. So this time I decided to get over Part 1 as quickly as possible. 


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