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Primary/Secondary Source of Liquidity

Hey guys.

I just saw a question asking which of the following is most likely a secondary source of liquidation

a. liquidating inventories

b. trade credit

c. bank line credit

I left a out, because I thought of it as it were selling its inventories, but I guess it doesn’t mean that. I chose b, but it says that a is the answer. Can somebody enlighten me? I don’t get why liquidating inventories is a secondary source of liquidation.

FRA: Bonds (Issuer's Perspective)

Hi guys. I hope someone can assist me in some subtleties here. When computing for ending book values (beginning BV + interest expense - coupon payments), what’s the logic behind adding back the interest expense instead of subtracting it? I mean, it’s an expense. right? It’s an easy computation but I’m looking for the reasoning behind that.


2015 Kaplan Schweser CFA Level 1 Flashcards for Sale - $100

2015 Kaplan Schweser CFA Level 1 Flashcards in very good condition. I purchased these to study for the June 2015 Level 1 exam, and they were very helpful. I no longer need them, and am selling them for $100. I am willing ship them if needed, but local buyers are preferred. This is the same exact content that will be tested on the December 2015 CFA Level I exam.

CFAI Mock Exams

Does the CFAI provide you with two DIFFERENT mock exams?  Is there a difference between the combined AM and PM one vs the individual AM and PM?  Or are they the same?

How many past papers?

So I will finish reading all of schweser on Sunday  (completed all end of chapter questions  exc challenge problems). I have the week off next week and i recon I can complete 3 mocks/day starting Monday. That’s 15 mocks if I push myself but more like 12 if I work a steady pace inc CFAI mock.  Is this enough in your experience? How many mocks do you usually do before the level 1? I assume people do on average 6-8 but could be wrong.



Just wanted to know if there is a sheet of US GAAP vs IFRS readily available on internet ?

Forward yield curve

Which forward rates do you use for calculating the forward yield curve?
1y1y, 1y2y, 1y3y
1y1y, 2y1y, 3y1y

I feel like this mock result is a fluke

Prior to this I was getting scores of 33% in equity and 45-50% in quant.

I took the morning section of schweser 2nd mock just recently and got a score of 75% in equity, 71% in quant, I feel like it is a fluke.

The only thing I changed after taking last mock was practice on weak topics in equity and quant, like probability and multistage ddm


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