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Was not able to enter the test center :(

Hello everyone,

I studied for few months and did more than 1000 practice questions. i even passed the CFA mock exam. unfortunatly, i had to send my passport to an embassy to apply for a VISA and the embassy did not return my passport to me yet. i went to the test center with two national IDs. a copy of my current passport with a proof thats its with the embassy and an original old passport. but they did not let me in. this is none sense, i really felt sad.

Question for those who relied exclusively/primarily on third-party study guides

Was there anything on Saturday’s exam that you had never seen in your studying?

Don’t say what – recall that you’re not allowed to discuss the specifics of the exam – just whether or not there were ideas, phrases, or what-have-you that you didn’t encounter in your studying.

Feel free to identify the prep provider if you’re so disposed.


How to get Older CFAI Exams?????? Help plz

i’m currently taking the 2015 CFAI Mock Exam. And i see alot of repeated questions from their question Bank. are there other older exams out there that we can get access too to practice if so how?? 



Just to ensure im correct here…..no pens are allowed in the exam room right? so i take it we will be filling up the cover of the exam booklet in pencil with our personal information …correct-to?


Topic: Introduction to ABS

Does anyone else feel like they haven’t covered this in much detail?

I assume because it’s mostly a new topic, there aren’t many mock questions on it by CFAI or prep providers. 

What are the key things we need to know? E.g. would we need to know prepayment calcs on a CMO?

Warning: Be seated by 8:30AM, late people get turned away

I’m on Level 2 but I just wanted to warn those of you taking the CFA exam for the first time. At 8:30AM, a lot of people are seated already. Somewhere between 8:30AM and 9AM, they stop letting people in. I remember being in my seat seeing about 30 people at the entrance being held off by security (it wasn’t even 8:45 yet). The proctors started getting ready, going over the rules, etc. Those people still stood there.  The security guards wouldn’t budge. Then the exam booklets were handed out.

Why aren't they using the regular real exchange rate formula?

Can someon explain why they aren’t just solving for the nominal exchange rate in the regular formula of:

Real exchange rate = nominal x (1+foreign/1+domestic)

Assume the percentage increases in each of the following listed items:

Percentage increase

Real domestic exchange rate (USD/EUR)


Eurozone price level


U.S. price level


Best of luck on Saturday!

Saturday’s it, folks!  The day for which you’ve all been waiting.

You’ve put in your time studying, you’ve gotten frustrated when something wasn’t clear or you made a stupid mistake, and you’ve been relieved when something finally clicked.

The day after tomorrow, you show the world what you can do.

Relax on Friday, clear your head, take one last stroll through Ethics or formulae or lists of junk to remember (but not too much).


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