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How to attach file

Hello everyone,

Do we have any option to attach file here as few questions come with finacial statement exhibit to answer the  question?

I came across a query in order to get resolved i have to provide data to forum.

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free cash flow for firm

There are 2 equation to calculate FCFF

1 FCFF = Net Income + Non-cash item + Interest(1-TAX) - Fixed Capital Inv. - Working Capital Expense
2 FCFF = CFO + Interest(1-TAX) - Fixed Capital Inv.

Make the right side of above equal we can get:
CFO = Net Income + Non-cash item - Working Capital Expense

How to explain above equation? 


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2015 CFA level I 1 - Books

Hi everyone, 

Do you know when and where I can find the 2015 CFA Institute Level 1 books? 

I thought that, after the first deadline for the June exame, the net would be floaded by CFA Level 1 books, but I have not found a single one. 

Do you have any inputs on that?

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Taking notes vs. Highlight and reread

I’m studying for the level I test in June. With the amount of material to cover I’m curious if others take notes or use third party notes, highlight, and just read the material multiple times. Continue reading

Question for people sitting for their 2nd time

I’m curious if you are re-reading every section or just doing EOC questions and if you score higher than X you move to the next section’s EOC questions without reading until you score below X, then you read it?

I’m having trouble finding  motivation  this go around and was looking for a more efficient way to study.

So far my plan has been to read CFAI  for higher weighted sections, then switch back to Schwesser for lower weighted ones(doing questions along the way too).  

I was thinking about doing what my open question was but feel that won’t be enough Continue reading

Ethics: CFAI vs. Schweser

Is the Schweser summary of ethics sufficient (~100 pages)? How many of you complemented their schweser ethics study with the original CFAI ethics book? I have a feeling that the Schweser summary is a little shallow, especially considering the weight of ethics in the exam (15%). Continue reading

When to begin June 2015 Lvl 1 prep

Hi guys,

I am a graduate in Financial Economics and Econometrics, and have been working in the Investment Management industry for just over a year.

I have registered for the June 2015 level 1 exam. However i am unsure of when to start studying for it? i have heard some recommendations not to start too early, in order not to “burn out”


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Best Question Bank to Use

Who provides the best question bank that will have questions that are close to the exam along with providing some kind of analysis or feedback on where are your weak areas Kaplan or Elan? Do you think the question banks are worth it and will help pass level 1?  Continue reading


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