Level I

Wiley/Elan peeps - Are you listening?

virtual class starts tomorrow.  Even after repeated emails and phone calls no details yet on how I can join.  This is messed up man.  What the h**l are you guys doings up there?  I had heard they miss all deadlines but this so messed up. 

CFA Prep Advice

Hi all, I am new to this forum and starting CFA prep.  Can anyone guide me on the benefits or their experience with prep providers, in particular Schweser and Irfanullah Training? Those are the two I’m currently looking at. Thanks!

Any tips on how to memorize all the formulas? And how many seconds should we take per exercise?

My university made us get used to formula sheets for every exam. After finishing book 1, I was like wow that’s a lot of formulas and I still have 4 books left!!! I understood how to calculate each formula but I’m having so much difficulty trying to memorize them. 

Also, my brother passed all the CFA levels and he was telling me I should take 90 seconds per equation, how is that possible!! Some of them take me 5 minutes (depending on the topic). Any advice?! 

Schweser "Challenge" Problems

Hello Everbody,

I just have a general question in regards to the Schweser 2015 Study Calendar. It only says to complete the Concept Checkers, but nothing about the “Challenge” problems. Obviously there is a lot of value to these questions - so, are you completing these as well?

The only reason I ask is because they are time consuming and I’m wondering if they are necessary or just redundant.


Did I get the strangest score ever?

I took level 1 some years ago and here is what I got;



ALT below 50 


Level 1 candidate for June 2015. Any advice?

I’m a first timer candidate and I was wondering what to expect, what topics should I focus even more on. I’ve been studying everyday for 4 hours and sometimes 8 hours so Im determined to pass it. Any advice would be appreciated!

Failed Band 10 - need advice

Hi, as the title indicates I failed Level 1 with Band 10..

What learning strategy would you recommend? I can’t see that going through the whole material again would make sense (because in my opinion I fully understand the material in general, maybe in some parts not in the smallest detail). Would you recommend just doing questions (like qbank). When should I start re-learning? I thought Mid March would be a good starting point, than I would have 2,5 months with two weeks off work right before the exam.

Re-taking CFA L1 in June 2015. Advice.

Firstly, congratulations to those who passed the December 2014 L1 exam.

Secondly, as the title sugguests, I didn’t pass this time around.  I have been studying since December under the assumption that I didn’t pass so I wouldn’t waste precious studying time.  


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