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Difference between June and December

Hi guys,

I am quite new here and with CFA exams, so I am here to ask you, is there any difference in June and Dec exams, are LOSs different, and  generally what is he difference between June and December?

and where can I inform about that?

Thank you in advance!

Where to buy level 1 Schweser notes in the UK

Ive looked at Financial Kaplan and they only do packages where you can buy Schweser notes but with classes (distant learning or live). Am I missing something? How are people in the UK buying only Schweser notes? Are you using the American site and paying $70 for postage as well as customs….?

How has the CFA syllabus changed ?

Dear forum members,

I initially enrolled for CFA level 1 in early 2015 (to sit in June 2015). However due to various circumstances I couldnt sit the exam then. I am now starting my preparation for the Dec 2016 level 1 exam. My question - are the June 2015 CFA core syllabus and Schwser exam prep books still relevant for the Dec 2016 exam? How much has the syllabus changed?

Career opportunities

Hi Everybody,

I would like to know which starting positions within finance I would have a shot to start in given my background. I am most interested in Private equity, Investment banking and M&A.

My profile:

Self study or study with additional help

I’m writing the December level 1 exam. But I’m at a crossroads as whether to just self study using the prescribed CFA material. Or to study with one of the additional companies like Schweser or Fitch. What do you guys think? Worth getting extra help or can it be comfortably done just self study with CFA material?

CFA level 1 topics

is it possible for anyone to provide me a little bit more detail regarding the topics that are tested on the level 1 exam

CFA Level 1, Dec. 2016 - Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Good evening,

Is anyone in the DMV area interested in forming a study group? I plan to take the December 2016 exam, and will be preparing with Kaplan Schweser; this will including the July - October weekly classes. 


Study Plan - Level II

Congratulations to everyone who sat for Level I on Saturday.  What a way to spend a beautiful Saturday. 

Question for you as we look forward to Level II - What are your plans for starting to study for Level II?  

On one hand, I can see the wisdom of waiting until we actually get our results to know which exam to prepare for.   Also, I am sure we are all pretty frazzled at this point and could use a little time off.


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