Level I

Anyone take Kaplan Level 1 prep course in Chicago?

If so which option and how much has it helped you? I plan on going with their material just not sure if the prep course will be necessary but know it might be a difference maker. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Does a change in market value of debt change the issuer's blance sheet

I was under the impression that  it was only the yield at which the debt was initially issued ( the effective interest rate) that  was used to amortise the debt liability.   If the company’s debt goes though a credit downgrade, or anything that would change the market value of the debt, would that have any consequence on the company’s balance sheet?  I don’t see how it would. (given they are not going to repurchase the debt)

CFAI Mock exam (AM and PM) - repetitive questions?


I scored a fairly decent score of 75% today on the mock exam, but what worries me is that i have defintely seen at last 35% of the questions on the last CFAI mock exam I did. I don’t see many posts on this…what is the consensus? I’m not sure how we can take the scores as a legitimate indicator of preperation when the questions are not new…do I just need to focus on QBank? 


% of numerical questions in CFA level 1

hi All,

Is it ok if someone can provide the approx % of numerical questions in level 1. 

(Please ignore this question if this is considered to be violation of standards !!)

Seeing correct/incorrect answers CFAI Mock

Is there a way to pull up your responses and whether it was correct/incorrect for the CFAI mock after closing out the window? I saw my final score and was looking for a breakdown by section as Kaplan provides and ending up closing out the window. Now I can’t see my responses, just final score. I can also resubmit and go through each question, but it would be nice to get my actual responses in there. Is there any way to pull that up again?


Hi guys,

how are you scoring on economics?

I am scoring more or less above 70% on all topics apart from economics, where my results are really volatile and sometimes I score 5/12 or 6/12 (41-50%). It really depends on the kind of question. 

I just wanted to know if this happens only to me or to everyone (I think economics is really difficult to grasp..)

FRA: Dealing with Tax Adjustments - is this a trick question or a glitch?

I bumped into this questions while practicing:

Equipment Price: 25,352

Years: 5 (no salvage value)

Tax Rate: 41%

Fin Reporting Depreciation: Straight Line (5,070)

Tax Depreciation: Accelerated to 35% in years 1 and 2 and 30% in year 3 (8,873, 8,873 and 7,606)

Annual Revenues: 14,384


1. assuming tax changes for years 4 and 5 from  41% to 31%. what’s the DTL as of the end of Year 3?

a. 1,039

b. 3,144 - correct answer

c. 2,948


DTL year 1: 1,178 = [9,314 - 5511)(.31)]

how does change in stock market value affect the balance sheet?

I realize this is a very straitforward question but I am actually having a hard time getting an answer.  I thought it should affect additional paid-in capital but I was reading and learned  “a change in the market value of common stock does not affect ROE”. 

Derivative Section

Even though the derivative section is small I feel like it’s really brining down my mock exam scores when I’m close to averaging the scores that I want to have before the test.

With the test now only being two weeks away does anyone have some insight in what they think I should do?  I have a decent understanding of a lot of the big ideas/ concepts behind the derivative conceptual questions and can score pretty well on those.  

However, I’m horrible when it comes to most calculation problems and almost am always wrong.  


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