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level 1 Questions to practice

Dear Guys,

Firrs of all, thanks to everyone for doing this website as grater and useful  as it is everyday

I am feeling struggle with the curricular.  To me, it is seems that the curricular excercises, are not large  enough to do the amount of exercises that I t shoud be done.

Please, is there any sweathahered  that would not mind to share with me some questions, o website where I could bourn out of doing exercises??

Please, let me konw your opinions. I really needed inded. June is coming soon…((


June 15 - Test Center Locations

Hi everybody,

I have registered for the June 15 Exam in Munich. However, there is no information on the CFA website where in Munich the exam will be held concretely. As I wanted to check accommodation early, does anybody know the exact exam location or know when these will be communicated by the CFA Institute.
Thanks in advance!


Fixed Income Questions

How , how to get the inmplied forward rates given 6 months spots rate 


6-m spot rate for Feb 2010 

6-m sport rate for Aug 2010

6-m sport rate for Fe 2011

6-m sport rate for Aug 2011

and I want to claculate the he implied 1 year forward rates as of August 2010  for August 2011 , both in : A) bond equivalent basis,

B) effective annual yield


Growth Rate Question

For a given par value, which of the following debt issues will have the highest cash flows from financing?

Net profit margin




Interest payments


Avg. assets




Avg. working capital


Dividend payout rate


Which of the following is the closest estimate of the firm’s sustainable growth rate?




(ANS c)

Dec 2014 Level 1 vs June 2015 Level 1

Hi All, 

I failed L1 exam in Dec (quantitative methods and economics below 50; equities and alternative investments above 70) but planning to take the exam again June. I havent signed up yet for various reasons and therefore don’t have materials for June’s exam. 

Currently going through the December Level 1 books but wanted to check your opinion if I am OK to learn based on the old books and once I sign up (if I choose to) in April go through the questions in the new books? Everyone else here who failed the L1 in Dec and can comment if the curriculums are very different? 

CFA Level 1 Whatsapp Study Group

Hi Friends

I am starting a whatsapp group for CFA level 1 aspirants. people who are interested for study partners may send me a private message.

Capitalising vs Expensing

Which of the following measures initially decrease as a result of a firm’s decision
to capitalize its expenditure instead of expensing them?
A. Total assets.
B. debt-to-equity.
C. Cash outflows from operations.
According to the solutions debt-equity ratio is unaffected. Can anyone explain why?


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