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december 2014 schweser material for june 2015 exam

I was suppose to sit for december 2014 exam but for some family issue i have to sit in june 2015 now. I have bought schweser premium package for december 2014, so can i use this edition for june 2015 exam or do i have to repurchase june 2015 edition.  Continue reading

Don't know what to do now

I’m sitting in december 2014 and I’m already ready scoring over 80 on all sections and i’ve done every EOC questions 2 times and all the assesments + both mock exams. What should I do now ? I don’t wanna stop studying because I’ll forget a lot of stuffs.. Continue reading

(S - I) = (G - T) + (X - M)

Hello everyone ! 

I would like to solicit your help on macroeconomics for AS/AD model… 
First of all, i read this part on schweser many times, curiculum, investopedia, wiki etc… 3 days that im stucked with this : 

The equation : 

(S - I) = (G - T) + (X - M)

as an example :

100 = 100 + 0

(or 100 = 0 + 100)

my explanation : 

100 of surplus from economy that goes on markets (after I is deducted) gives us = 100 borrowed by governement on markets for a G too high / T too low.
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Capital budgeting

If you invest 600 today 2014 , buying land, you have positive CF inflows(rents) for 15 years of 70 each year, and some positive NPV. It is now second year ,2016,you have bought the land ,but you have not started the project yet and you want to make new calculation of NPV as of today,2016 – what outflow as price you put  of the already bought land ? Continue reading

Trouble with FRA

Hello everyone, i have covered other topics on the CFA Level 1, and i am alreading scoring above 70% in all. However, i am yet to start reading FRA. I dont really have love for accounting, and thus its not my strong area, and i am panicking a little. So, please i need help on how to go about it and get the full out of it. It is 20% of the overral exam, and i cannot afford to score low. So please any advice you can give on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Continue reading

Should I or Should I Not!

Hello Everyone„,

I am planning to register for CFA - level 1 in June 2015, but I am still in doubt as I am a full time credit analyst and I am still in the process of completing my MBA. I was actually excited that i already ordered the Schweser notes .. yet i still need advice.

Please comment


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Effective study of level 1

Could you please tell me how to be more effective in studying level 1. i am counting few studied pages after long hours of study.

i want to be more quick ( with the same level of understanding ).


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