Level I

Veblen vs. Giffen Goods

What is the difference between these two types of goods? I do not get the intuition of why the demand curve for Giffen goods is curved up….\

Can someone give me a real life example on this?


Income Effect

Can anyone explain to me how the income effect works, in relation to budget and indifference curves?

Find partner for studying

Located in Glasgow near university 

Let me know if someone interested to study together or make group


Study Planning


I’m pursuing graduation in Financial Markets (Final Year). I’ll be giving my CFA Level 1 attempt in June 2016. I’ll be refering to Schweser Notes for my preparation, alongwith CFA ebooks.

What would be the correct approach towards preparing for Level 1 in 5 months? and how should I plan my preparation?

It’d be great if y’all help me with this :)

Thanks and regards

Soft Dollar Commission

Can anyone explain to me why a soft dollar arragement is bad? Why does the investing public look down on soft dollar arrangements? 

Skewness and Kurtosis Formulas


Should we know how to calculate skewness and kurtosis in a distribution. The formulas seem pretty long… 

Test Statistics vs. Z Score

When do we know to use standard deviation vs. standard error in the denominator for a test stat? I am asking this because the z score allows us to use the standard deviation in the bottom, while other test statistics want us to use the standard error in the denominator..

Results Delayed

This sucks!! Just got an email from the Institute saying results would be delayed until Thursday due to inclement weather.

CFA Signifacance


I want some general viewpoints on all of you who are preaparing for CFA, that with world financial markets are in roil and investments are flowing out of many markets, so will there be significance of being a CFA as there are already charterholders around the globe and why the financial institutions would need CFA’s ? Just want some general information may be as a motivation factor


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