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Receivables on Balance sheet vs CF statement


Can some help me make sense of Ocado’s latest Half Year results?


On the balance sheet Trade and other receivables are showing an increase of 2.6m, whereas on the CF statement  they are showing an increase of 8.7m. In Note 10 it says ;

”Included within trade and other receivables is a balance of £6.5 million owed by MHE JV Co” Continue reading

In final year of graduation.Will be getting my Bachelor's degree just after the June L2 attempt.Eligible to appear for L2 June?


I’ll be registering to appear for L1 this December. Hopefully, I’ll be giving my L2 next June. Presently, I am in my final year of graduation. By the time I get my final semester results (i.e. certifying that I am a graduate), it would be late June next year. Hence, my question is-Would I be eligible to appear for L2 next June? Does CFAI insist on any proof of your bachelor’s degree while registering for L2?

Thanks. Continue reading

CFA career

I did my undergraduate in finance. At present i am doing MBA-general from a tier 2 university. Now i am planning to do MS Finance so that i could focus more on CFA exam. Can anyone help me with potential job prospect once i graduate as MS Finance and hopefully complete CFA level 2 by that time.

( i dont have any industry experience and my undergrad was from Nepal) Continue reading

Cheating report - Help needed

Hello everyone,

I took the CFA Level 1 in June 2014. Yesterday, I just received a letter from CFA Institute mentionning “cheating attempt” and they require me to send them an email explaining those allegations. Continue reading

related to practice questions

will be appearing for level 1 cfa in december 2014…have started studying from schweser,but find the need to practice more examples and solve more papers…..could anyone help me with a link or a reference wher i could get more books or pdf files of practice questions..thankx Continue reading

Market Value of Bond

A firm is  financed with common stock and long term fixed rate debt; Bob, a CFA charterholder should adjust which of the following items for a change in market interest rates?

a.) interest expense

b.) CFF

c.) debt/equity ratio

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New to CFA

Looking to take the CFA and start as soon as possible. I believe the sign up date isnt till later this month to take the test in June of 2015? Any general advice on preperation or how to go about things would be appreciated. Thanks! Continue reading


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