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having a hard time studying Quantitative Methods

Hi Guys,

so I have been going through my first reading of all the subjects and quantitative methods was the ONLY subject which was like a road block to my preparation/understanding,., especially probability concepts, common probabilty dist, sampling and estimation, Hypothesis Testing.

I have been out of touch with Quants for the last 8 years.,Had a few stats papers in my college but the difficulty level was much easier when compared to level 1. And in school mathematics was not my thing. Continue reading

Confidence interval and reliability factor

Hi, please help to explain how is reliability factor derived? Is there a formula for that or should just know the below values? 

Point estimate ± Reliability factor × Standard error

90 percent confidence intervals: Use z0.05 = 1.65 95 percent confidence intervals: Use z0.025 = 1.96 99 percent confidence intervals: Use z0.005 = 2.58 Continue reading

Level 1 2014 - study material for sale (notes 1-5, quicksheet, 2 testbooks, secret sauce)

Hi all,

Unfurtunately I am not able to do the exam after all (level 1, 2014).

I have brand new, but opened - original and NOT copied(!!) - schweser study material;

* Study notes (1-5)

* Two books with test exams.

* Quick sheet

* Secret sauce.

I was hoping to sell to an analyst college.

I am asking 350USD+shipping cost - below half price.

Only sold together. Fixed price.

I am from Denmark, but am willing to sent package to you world wide.

Let me know if interested.

wbr Continue reading


As I have given twice first time I got band 6 and second time i got band 10. Can you let me know what how to tackle with question expecially i got less than 50 in alt, quant. Require suggestions for preparations. Continue reading

Tax Burden = Tax Effect?

A bit confused here, please shed some light please if possible.

I originally thought Tax Burden was different than Tax Effect and did not equal one another - (ie. Tax Burden = NI / EBT while Tax Effect = 1 - Tax Rate or 1 - (Taxes Paid / EBT). 

Maybe I just figured this out in writing out my question…

Am I correct that they are two different terms and calculations however, their products are the same? 

I’m working on the Dupont Model and in one place I have read: Continue reading


Can someone write simple equation for FFO?

I’m flicking between FRA and Fixed Income (it appears in both books) trying to reconcile the definitions but I’m going round in circles.

FRA book:  net income adjusted for non-cash items

Fixed Income book:  net income from continuing operations plus depreciation, amortization, deferred income taxes, and other non-cash items

What are ‘non-cash items’ apart from depreciation and amortization? Deferred income counts as a non-cash item? Continue reading

How to correctly cite CFA candidacy on CV

1. How can i successfuly identify in my CV without violating the Code of my candidacy in the CFA December Level 1 exam. Is this correct?:


2. It is wrong or right is i include it in my Cv after passing the level 1 exam that:



Are these above statements correct? Continue reading


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