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EOC doubt

Hey guys ,

I just downloaded the CFA material as EVERYONE told me to skip the questionbank and just do the EOCs in the CFA book . So , my question (although a super dumb question ) is , by the EOC do people mean the “Practice questions” which are given at the end of each chapter ? 

They seem to be so direct and easy . Hence my doubt on the EOCs .

And is there any other online FREE source for harder questions which i can get ?


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Mock examz????

Hi everyone,

hope you all doing well with studying…

can anyone tell me where can I find mock examz? I’m currently retaking the exam for june 2015 and I need some mock examz to practice.

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Level I CFA Exam Study Advice: The Final 3 Months

Hello Level I December candidates.

With just less than 3 months left for the Level I CFA exam it is crunch time.   Spend as much time as possible studying and make your study time as productive as possible. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts:

With every reading focus on the main points; do not get hung up on the details.  Some exam prep lectures help you do that.  (If you try to understand the depth of every single point you will not have time to practice… which would be suicide!) Continue reading

mock exams for practice

 getting ready for december,

can someone tell me where I can find exam samples or mock exams to get ready and monitor my progress?

I’ve been researching for a good one.

does it cost money? if yes how much approximatively? give me a link if possible. It will be greatly appreciated.

tks a lot

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If a price increase isn't inflation, then what is it?

Joe Lebow, an analyst, is discussing the difference between inflation and price level. Lebow states: “The higher the price level in the current year compared to the price level in the previous year, the higher is the inflation rate of a country. Any increase in the price level is evidence of positive inflation.” Continue reading

Level 1 Study Group Boston 2014 December Exam

Hey All you candidates in Boston!

I’m looking to form a study group that meets a couple of time a week and/or during the weekend. I’m a 24 year old and work full time as a tax analyst. I study better in a group as opposed to alone as well as enjoy sharing thoughts and practice techniques and solutions. Looking to meet at least twice a week after 6 or during anytime on the weekend.

email: smgalal_1990@yahoo.com

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Equity research/Portfolio Mngt-- CFA the right course or not?

I am pursuing level 1 CFA n i already have an PGPM in Finance.

Working currently as an Associate in a financial consulting firm in Dubai. I also have a years experience prior to this to show n internships as well.

Where do i stand after i clear level 2 in two years time and if i want to work in equity research/ Portfolio mngt.?? Continue reading

studies dilemma

Dear All,

Salam, is there anyone in Abu Dhabi, UAE who is studying for CFA level 1 I am planning to sit Dec-2014 attempt. I am doing selfstudy but need a group.


Muhammad Azam

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Starting CFA prep - late start

Starting to study for the CFA level 1 this week.  I realize it’s a late start so I was hoping to get some tips or a plan that would be effective for this 3 months we have before the exam.  

I am not working these next 3 months so I can completely devote myself to CFA prep. I have the online Q Bank.

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