Level I

CFAI Material with schweser for CFA Level 1

I’m studying MBA in Canada (have taken only one finance and econ course so far). I’m also taking two finance courses (Investments and portfolio management + Financial management) in Fall. Undergrad - Computer Sci. Engineeing.

I started my preparation in July and till now I have completed Financial reporting, Fixed income (almost), and Corporate Finance. I left ethics and quant for Oct. The issue I have is that its hard to remember content from CFAI material as it is very broad and some of the content has been provided to strengthen the basics which is good.

Best Value Elan Products

So looking at past reviews and their product descriptions, instead of going for the whole premium package about (1200+) , I am going with some individual product.

- Videos

- 11 hour guide

- Practice problems

- Test Banks (although not sure the differences between practice problems and test banks here)

Can someone share their experiences of using this? Thanks much!

Entry Requirement for All Level Exams

Hi guys,
First time poster but I have been trailing these forums for the last month trying to get some insight on the CFA Charter and the required steps. I’m not in any advanced stage in my career/goals but I am hoping to further myself by obtaining the charter over the years. I’ve notice a few mixed answers regarding entry requirements specific to me to take the Level 2 & 3 exams so I decided to email CFAI for a direct response. I will post my email chain below but will provide cliff notes for those in somewhat similar situation;

Summary of myself;

Schweser Live Class Level 1 - Chicago

What is everyone’s experience with Schweser’s live classes in your experience(current or past)?

I am taking the Chicago class right now and honestly it is not as great as I expected. I found the instructors to be very dry and not able to explain well the concepts…..wondering what others’ experiences have been like…

Schewser Notes from Dec 2014

Hello all,

Could you advise if I shouls just study for L1 in Dec with my old materials from Dec 2014 from Schewser? Or is it worth buying new books?


June 2015 Results Advice

I passed with the following breakdown: 

>70%: Alts, CF, Econ, Equities, FI, QM 

51%-70%: Ethics, Derivs, FRA, PM 

My 40/60/80 score per 300hours.com was 71% 

Sharing: how I passed scoring >70% in all topics in a single attempt

I thought I’ve benefitted from AF to some extent and would like to give back… so I just wanna share my experience on how I prepared for my Level I and passed with flying colors in a single attempt. I took Level I in Jun 2012 and the passing rate was 38%.


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