Level I

Third time was the charm- My lessons learned

I finally passed the level 1 exam! Thought I would pass on my lessons learned.

First time around, June 2013. No supplemental materials, just the CFAI and I did every single blue box and EOC question there was. I didn’t put together a study plan,which is something I regret. Continue reading

Schweser will NOT be enough

Hi guys, I recently passed level 1, and here is my advice to those who are planning on taking it in December (or retaking it in December). I found that Schweser was NOT enough to cover the concepts. It is an excellent source of material, but should not be the only one in your arsenal. I would highly recommend everyone at least skim the CFAI materials to fill in the gaps, and ESPECIALLY go through every single EOC questions with a fine tooth comb. Continue reading

Retabulation Worthy

Hello everyone,

Firstly, congratulations to all that passed. 

Secondly, the fact that I am not congratulating myself means I failed obviously. I received a grading of Band 10.

<=50 AI, Econ, EI, and FI; 51-70 Everything else.

Is it worthwhile to get a Retab or does the above, and the fact that I failed to get over 70 in any topic, suggest that it would futile?

Really distraught with the result as I did put in a sizebale chunk of time and effort.

Appreciate all comments and advise Continue reading

How to display CFA Status on Resume

Hello All,

I’m wondering if anyone could share some insight on the best place to put your respective CFA status on your resume. I know the language of “CFA Level I Candidate”, “Passed CFA Level I”, etc. but wanted to know which section of the resume would be best and whether to put it above or below work experience.

Thanks for any insights. Continue reading

Yet another tip

Hi All - this is my first post after watching the forum for a while. It’s an amazing resource and I’m glad I found it.

One thing that has been bugging me is how to best approach the material, and more specifically the questions. When I completed CAIA there were no questions in the official textbook, so I had to rely on the Kaplan ones. When it got to the exam, the questions were NOTHING LIKE the ones I’d seen. Luckily it was an easy exam.  Continue reading

Doubt regarding retabulation process for L1

I did not pass the June 2014 Level 1 exam. Got band 10. I have the following queries -

1. I am considering retabulation. I wanted to know that if I apply for the same, will my answers (which may not have been marked dark enough by me to be read by the scanner) be manually checked or not.

2. Is it possible that a person fails if his overall score is >70% but his ethics score is <50%? Continue reading

My Lessons Learnt From CFA L1 June 2014


      Just want to share some of the mistakes which i made while preparing for CFA L1. I know u guys might have heard or read all this but its just my take on the exam and hope none of us gonna make those again in any level. U guys are welcomed to pitch in.

1) I underestimated CFA L1. Everyone talked about how difficult CFA L2 is as compared to L1…heard that anyone could pass L1 or its easy to pass L1…that made me complacent…..imo not anyone could pass L1…never ever underestimate CFA L1 Continue reading

Low Qbank Scores

In June I studied FRA, I took probably about 35 hours to get through Schweser Notes.  In July I start quant, strictly notes again, probably 35-40 hours.

My Qbank for FRA I have viewed 264 questions with 62% correct.  For quant, I have viewed 74 questions with 64% correct.

It seems my comprehension has been pretty low.  How long should it take to get through these sections in Schweser Notes for a decent accuracy rate on Qbank? Continue reading

Failed Level 1 band 10. Now what?

Hi Everyone!

First of all, congrats to everyone who passed. And sorry about people who did not… We’re all in the same boat.

Got the results this morning as everyone… I wasn’t confident as for any other exam I took in my life. 

I ended up having a band 10… I was almost there.

I spent 3.5 months studying like crazy. I had health issues (from working 45-50h per week + studies), my eyes were in pain. Was not happy anymore, stopped playing music, sport… Continue reading

Qbank vs exam section results

Just curious if anyone saw a correlation from total Qbank % right to test results on each section 

 I  know I changed what  I studied by looking at this and I’m still at work and can’t check but it seems my highest % right on Qbank was the only section I got less than 50% on . Not trying to  blame Kaplan for this, it’s all myself, just wondering how this worked out for other people.  Continue reading


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