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Can I shift my L1 2015 june to dec?

  Hey,  I registered for June 2015 Level 1 exam I want to shift it to Dec 2015. How can I do this? I am not mentally ready to appear in June 2015 exam as there are few personal problems faced by me. Any detailed reply would surly be help.  Thanks  (Want toShift my June session to Dec) Continue reading

Study Advice???/ Opinion

Just finished. All of the Schewer’s Notes (Except Ethics). Along with 45% Compeletion of Qbank (on Schweres) (Currently Scoring 70% Overall on the Schewer’s Qbank) . Still have Ethics, left which i intended on saving till last 3 weeks, which will keep it refreshed in my mind.

So all thats left’ now is

- Revision

    - Start CFAI EOC’s and Mocks

    - Formula Memorization + Qbank Revision.

- Start Studying for Ethics

Continue reading

Expansion Phase vs Expansionary Policy

I think these are different. Am I correct?

In an expansionary policy, the government decreases rates to spur inflation and to boost economic productivity. This would devalue the domestic currency making exports and more competitive

In an expansion phase, the economy is growing and productivitiy is blooming. Continue reading

Last minute strategy to pass in December

Hi all,

Under a tight schedule here and I’ve done the best I’ve can to stand myself a decent chance of passing this exam on 6th december. Just finished full read through of the Schweser books today after annotating, understanding the concepts, doing all of the EOC qs in Schweser and a few from the CFAI EOC.

Problem is my retention rate hasn’t been fantastic and there is stuff I read a couple months ago which may seem a little distant now, so I need a plan of action. I’ve taken three weeks off work until the exam and at my disposal I have;

Schweser secret sauce Continue reading

CFA Answer sheet

I know we are not allowed to use Pen on the answer sheet. How do we fill the name, seat numer , candidate numer etc? with pencil only or we can use pen there? is there any sample sheet we can look in advance to be comfortable on that day? I know we are not allowed to look around or talk etc, I am afraid how will I know I am not filling any thing wrong which makes my answer sheet disqualified  Continue reading

CFAI vs Schweser

I know this topic has been visited and revisited but one more time won’t hurt. I want some more recent accounts of what people thought of using Schweser vs the CFAI material. I simply want a little reassurance before completely buying into Schweser (besides ethics). Any responses would be appreciated Continue reading


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