Level I

Amortization of Patent

Can someone please tell me how this textbook answer makes any sense?

Strong Co. purchased a trademark from Wall Co. for $ 60,000 on July 1, 2001. Expenditures of $
10,000 for successful litigation in defence of the trademark were paid on July 1, 2001. Strong
estimates that the useful life of the trademark will be 20 years from the date of acquisition.
Calculate the carrying value of the trademark at December 31, 2002.

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Assumptions in NPV and IRR

I read that IRR calculation assumes cash flows are reinvested at the IRR. The NPV method assumes that cash flows will be reinvested at the cost of capital.

I dont understand where is this cashflow being invested and if firm is using it to reduce their capital cost, how are they expecting to get a return on it? ( I mean its ur money and u keep it with yourself, how does that fetch u return?) Continue reading

Am I still on schedule with this?

If I plan to finish the readings by end of next week, is that sufficient or should I compress the schedule? I plan to take mocks afterwards. I am really hoping to pass and move to the next phase.  Continue reading

OMG, Econ....

I am working through the Schweser and CFAI study material and am really struggling with the econ part. I understand the overall economic theory, but the exact charting and equations are hard for me to memorize. I am wondering how important it is to really understand this section. I am a CPA, so the FRA was a piece of cake and I really understand corporate finance and equity valuation. I am reasonably strong in quant, and doing decent in the remainder of the areas. For the QBank I am getting 80-85% in all sections except Econ and FRA. FRA is around 95% and econ is in the mid-low 70%. Continue reading

31 year old without experience

I am 31 years old and planning to take the three Levels of the CFA in 2-3 years.  I presently work in a minimum wage job. I have a degree in Biology but have no experience related to it nor in finance.
My question is after passing the  level 3 exams, to get experience will I be able to get a junior role that will pay at least £20,000 a year at age 34?  Am I too old to be considered for this positions?
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Kaplan QBank Questions compared to CFA Online assessment questions

Hi all,

I just have a quick question here for my own peace of mind.

I have been using the Kaplan QBank Questions and have been answering them well (good accuracy and good timing).

In the last couple days I have done some of the CFA online assesments for the individual sections (not the overall mock exams) and have found them somewhat more dificult (I think I might let them get in my head and intimidate me more because they’re provided by CFA). Continue reading

big bracket banking hours -How does this even play out?

1. Do first year analysts really put out 100 hrs a week on a regular basis or is that just something that happens once a year and people embellish the truth to look ambitious?

I’m talking about places like JP Morgan, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, not some boutique operation with 10-15 employees

2. Let’s say the average is 84 hrs. That’s 17 hours, 5 days a week. 

That means you wake up at 7AM, arrive at 8AM, leave at 1AM, looking at 5.5 hrs sleep. 

Bottomline, I don’t think my body can tolerate that 5 days in a row. Continue reading

What is CFAI EOC

my question is ltl stupid…

What is CFAI EOC…. are these the practise problem in cfai books after each reading ? Continue reading

December Level 1 Candidate - Chicago

Hello everyone,

I’d like to form a December L1 study group in Chicago. I’d like to meet up once a week to keep each other on track and keep each other accountable. 


Justin Continue reading


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