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Invested Capital, Total Assets (ROIC, ROA)

Hello everybody,

what is the difference between Invested Capital and Total Assets?

Total Assets = whole left side of a balance sheet include cash?

Invested Capital = Equity + Debts?

In many cases I see: Total Assets > Invested Capital

But shouldn’t be Assets equal to Capital?

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Hello Guys, 

Can anyone explain me in greater detail about the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) w.r.t the bleow problem.

A bank quotes Certificate of Deposit (CD) yields both as annual percentage rate without compounding and as annual percentage yield (APY) that include the effects of monthly compounding. A $100,000 CD will pay $110,471.31 at the end of the year. Find the APR and APY the bank is quoting. 

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Need advice on study planning


I’m going to finish Schweser books by the end of the week for December exam and i don’t know what to do next… I have 3.5 months before exam

Should I go for a new reading round (2 months) and then practice (1.5 month) or should i start practicing now ? I have dozen of mock exam and QBank

Thanks !

Toronto CFA L1 Study Group/Whatsapp

Hi Everyone!

I have recently started a Whatsapp group for candidates studying in Toronto, so that we can help each other out and meet up and study.

Let me know if you want to join us, feel free to add me on LinkedIn (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/lucas-tanel-59543b8a) and send me a message saying you want to join, or just post your number here and I can add you in. Looking forward to hearing back from you all!



Investment Policy Statement

Which of the following items would not generally be addressed when constructing an investment policy?

A.The required rate of return expected for the risk thats being taken

B.Credit Rating above which securities may be considered

C.Allowable margins within which the manager may deviate from the original asset mix

Can anyone please explain why the Answer is A?Isnt required rate of return a absolute return objective mentioned in the IPS?

Wiley videos: any luck accessing on iPhone?

Usually watch them on my laptop, but tried accessing their Efficient Learning web app through Safari on my iPhone and it didn’t seem to get through. Anyone else try this and have success?

CFAI & Wiley/Elan 2016 Books

I wanted to keep my CFA L1 books as a souvenir but space is precious in my little shared NYC apartment so I’m selling my 2016 CFAI books (all 6 volumes) & 2016 Wiley/Elan books (all 5 volumes). Located in NYC, although can post within the USA. Books don’t have any markings. Like new, except volume 1 of the CFAI books shows some wear due to hammering a couple of ethics read throughs. Send me a message if interested.

Annuity Due?


Got this problem from the 2016 CFAI book volume 1 practice test in Quantitative basics. I’m leaving the rest out as this is the only part that confuses me:

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