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I’m currently an undergrad and would like to know if starting an MS Finance degree is worth it (of course after I graduate). I do intend to obtain a CFA charter and try to get into fund management.

I’ve looked around some forums and many people say that the CFA is like the MS, just more in depth. I’m thinking that going for the MS will allow me to meet new people and better network compared to just CFA charter. 

I’m on the homestretch for B.B.A. Finance degree from an average state school. The MS Finance degree I’m looking at isn’t at a major university. The MS has a track for those who intend to take CFA exams.


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If it is MS Finance at a not great school it will be a waste of money…do CFA instead. Now if it is MS Finance at MIT…then it will be more geared towards quantitative finance, very expensive, but probably worth it if you would like to go into financial engineering.

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Do both.

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