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What type of person fails the CFA Exam?

So I was thinking,

I always read on these forums what it takes to pass the CFA L1 exam. How many hours to study, what materials, and a study schedule. But what does it take for people to fail the exam?

No seriously, what kind of person fails the CFA L1 exam? Are most of the people who fail from outside the country so they don’t have as a solid grasp of English? Or candidates who get too busy with work? Or people who are so confident in themselves that they don’t prepare, Or people outside the profession of finance?

And to go even deeper, are the types of people who fail different in L2 and L3?

I cannot speak for the difficulty of taking the exam myself, as I plan to take it in December. In sum, I’m trying to understand the number one way to fail the CFA exam so I can avoid it, and be on the otherside of the passrate statistic.

What do you think? Discuss it here.