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If you are interested in writing articles for AnalystForum, please submit a writing sample using the Contact Us page. You will receive 25 AF Points and some walking around money for every article published on AnalystForum.

AF points are earned for participation in the AnalystForum community.

Activity AF Points
New Forum Post 2 points
Reply to Forum Post 1 point
New Article 10 points
Vote in a Poll 5 points

You can register for the CFA exam with the CFA Institute.

Each member has an AF rating based on their contribution to the AnalystForum community. 

AF Rating Scale (in AF Points)
AF Rating From To
AAA 10,000 -
AA 5,000 9,999
A 1,000 4,999
BBB 500 999
BB 250 499
B 100 249
CCC 51 99
CC 25 50
C 0 24

Level I June Exam: First Saturday in June

Level I December Exam: First Saturday in December

Level II Exam: First Saturday in June

Level II Exam: First Saturday in June

For a list of upcoming CFA exam dates, view upcoming Events.

Employers are hiring you, not a piece of paper. That said, a CFA charter indicates to potential employers that you have the knowledge, drive and determination to obtain one of the most difficult professional designations there is. Discuss your situation in the Careers forum and find out what other CFA candidates think.