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Buying Stocks Up

FrankArabia wrote:

there is this classy babe that works downstairs in the client service office…..i think she caught me checking her out yesterday….i was like..”damm, that’s a nice set of legs”…..i think I stared too long…

As long as you do it with some swagger, this can be the first step to a long and eventful relationship.  If you get caught looking, give a slightly sheepish smile and then go back to doing something.  Practice the smile, don’t look creepy or generally un-bangable.

No quote needed

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“Wow, you’re so pretty,” if said in a non-creepy way, is pretty much always a winner in situations like this.

Admiring the woman:  winner!

Admiring something she’s wearing: winner!

Admiring a body part: bad idea unless you are already fairly close.

You want a quote?  Haven’t I written enough already???

this is too fkin complicated…..i’m going back to my models….financial models that is….

Frank you need to go to NY and spend a week with BChad.  He will teach you the art of comedy, swagger, exit strategies (including trailing stop loss orders and spray and pray), and tactical asset allocation.

No quote needed

I already sent my resume, model pics, and track record to Bchad…..i was not qualified for his expertise…..

Which euro bank are you buying?   Itau?

lets say its a transmitted disease …i been in on it for awhile…got bigger during last summer…..ppl were not happy that I decided to take this type of risk, but when i lock myself in a room and don’t bother with the whole Greece/Euro thing, this bank is quite impressive….their Greek exposure is close to Nil…their risk lies in the spaniards…..i have my own thesis on how this whole euro thing unravels……i’m almost at breakeven levels at this point excluding dividends….yay!!!!


You want a quote?  Haven’t I written enough already???