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reclassification of Held-to-maturity, held-for-trading, and held-for-sale

Can anyone help me with explaining the different treatment under IFRS(both current and IFRS 9) and GAAP for reclassification? i.e., reclassify held-to-maturity to held-for-trading and etc.? (under which standard is permitted)

Thank you in advance 

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In short, IFRS prohibits reclassification into and out of designated at fair value and out of Held for Trading.

US GAAP is more flexible and allows for all reclassifications when justified.

Agree with the above, just to add taht IFRS allows Debt investments to be subsequently measured at fair value through P&L if “business model test” AND “cashlow characteristic test” are not met, otherwise continue to be valued under amortised cost.