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Queen's mfin vs University of Toronto mfin?

Thanks so much for taking me into your consideration! 

As you also have been floating on same boat on which am trying to get on now. 

Request you to please help me by giving me a few seconds out of your precious time and I shall be highly obliged and grateful

Queens mfin vs University of Toronto mfin. 

Dear Sir/maam hereby I request to seek your guidance in order to understand which would be more appropriate for me in your opinion, I.e pursuing MFin from Queens or from University of Toronto 

Though is very hard for me to afford mfin from university of Toronto but still I really request you to share yours precious reviews, as your review and guidance can really change my life. 

Moreover please guide if it would be right to pursue mfin from Queens when I have already done MBA in Finance from India around with cfa level 2 clear

How it will help me find better job and what are the job prospects for me when I would have done MFin from Queens along with being CFA level 3 clear and MBA in Finance. 

I shall be very obliged and grateful to you if you can guide me through this as this is gonna have huge impact in my career and life as well. 

I know you’re just trying to be as polite as possible but you sound like a robot who’s trying to learn how humans communicate and this is your first try.

Anywho I don’t know anything between the 2 programs from Queens or UofT but I assume it’s still going to cost you a significant amount of money to come to Canada and pay international fees. So here are a few things you should consider:

1. Why do you want to come to Canada?

2. Your MBA in Finance from India holds no weight in Canada

3. Your work experience in India (if any) holds no weight in Canada

4. Your CFA and your English is the only thing that will really hold some weight, the rest will depend on your network

But if you’re really set on coming to Canada I wish you the best of luck, just don’t complain later on if you can’t find a job.

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