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My L3 Notes Thus Far.

Dear Dymke,

First of all: many thanks for helping other candidats obtaining the Holy Grail of analyst’ certifications: CFA; 

the link does not longer work; would it be possible to do something about it?

Many thanks for your understanding,


Doing the CFA is like investing wisely on the Stock Exchange: pay when subscription fees are low, be disciplined & stick to your plan, start in advance with a long term strategy & avoid just short term bets. Then: Success is Coming

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Thanks for your kindness of sharing your notes, but the link isn’t working anymore. Would you mind to send it to my mail?

Dear Dymke,  Your effort is appreciable.  

Can you please send it to




H M Jahid Hassan, CFA

Hey Dymke,

Appreciate the effort mate, please send me the notes at

Thanks in advance.

Hey Dymke,

I would also very much appreciate a copy of your notes.  my email address is  thank you in advance.

Hi Dymke,

Appreciate the help, please send the notes to


Hi Dymke, 

Can you please send the notes to

Appreciate the help.

Thank you

Hello Dymke, 

Can you please mail the notes to

Thanks for the help!

Find CFA L3 Notes by Dymke on this link:

CFA L3 Notes 2017 By Dymke

Find FinQuiz L3 Notes 2017 on this link:

FinQuiz L3 Notes - 2017

Good luck with your exam!!!

Hi the link above does not work anymore, anyone has a new link or could you please send me the notes? let me know where to PM my email address to.. thanks! 

MicksterPA wrote:

Hi the link above does not work anymore, anyone has a new link or could you please send me the notes? let me know where to PM my email address to.. thanks! 

check the links again. The link will be valid for only 30 days. If you have downloaded it, please make the notes available for others.

Hi everyone!

Could you please update the link? Or send the notes to

Many thanks!!! 

Could you help send the note at

Hi Dymke,

Could you please email the notes to

Thank you so much!

FYI- Dymke visits this Web site multiple times each day to find out which half-arse L3 candidates want his well-constructed notes.


I guess I’d like to see them too then…

Muskie wrote:

I guess I’d like to see them too then…

Well played, ami.


Hi dymke09,

Could you please email the link to: ? I would also love to get your notes…I kept refreshing the page hoping that link you posted would work…

My gratitude will not be even described in words…

Would be kind of you if you could email them to me at


What did I do wrong, I really don’t want my email scraped again… but I didn’t get a DM…

Hi, Shariqnoor,

Can you please email me a copy of the notes  at ?

It will be much appreciated. Great karma will come your way!! 

Hi Dymke,

Highly appreciate that you could share your notes with me at

Many thanks in advance and may you be blessed. 

Hi Dymke,

You totally forget about me  :-)…. Would you please send this to me sir at :

Band is 10 is ridiculously SUCKS ( No More- I am DONE)

Hi Dymke,

I would greatly appreciate if you could send notes to

Thank you!


Can you please send the notes to, I greatly appreciate it!


Can you please send to

Thank you!

Could you please send a copy to

appreciate them also.

If you could share to that would be great. Would love to supplement my notes. 

Thank you 

These notes seem to be rising in popularity as test day approaches. Maybe I should get in on this, as well.  All I have to is post my personal/private e-mail address on a public Web site with a fair amount of traffic. 

Seems reasonable.