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CAIA L2 March 2019 Exam

Hi everyone, I was wondering what are your strategies in studying the level 2, esp the constructed response portion. Any tips to share? 

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Know your CIT topics well. Don’t just breeze over them. They will appear and it will be tough - for the rest of the CR - purchase the Uppermark question bank and do all of the questions they have.. It should give you a feel of how the questions will be structured and how to answer them.

General strat for level 2 is to do as many questions as you can.

My plan is read the main CAIA text, make abridged notes on the abridged notes from UpperMark, smash every single practice question in the face repeatedly and repeat. 

hi everyone, 

i am sitting for the level II exam in march. And I still don´t completly understand how the exam will look on exam day. I mean I heard that the 1st part will only be multiple choice questions, covering every topic except compliance and cit, and making 70% of total score. 

Second part will be essay and constructed response covering compliance and cit. And the second part only makes 30%? And only covering compliance and cit?

Maybe anybody can clear me up here … would be very appreciated. 

For the first part, there are 100 MC questions, covering all topics but Ethics and CIT. This part contributes 70% to the overall score.

For the second part, there are 3 constructed response type questions, there is one covering Ethics, one covering CIT and the last one will cover the rest of the topics, each contributing 10% to the overall score.

thanks. So the topics except compliance and cit make up 80% of the exam. 

So I will focus on them a bit more. 

Further question; the ONE essay question on CIT in the essay part of the exam; will this be a mix of topics or do they pick just one and get into detail?