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I’ll consider that if LBS dings me. I find out in 10 days. Interview was last week.

I’m pretty busy with Rugby and CFA. Not sure I have time.

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How did you go about reviewing?

I used Manhattan GMAT and OG

Good luck with LBS. Is this for an MBA or a MiF?

That’s your problem, prep books are all rubish in my opinion. The fact that you did horribly in spite of your efforts shows somethign is wrong with your fundamental grasp / approach to the material. You need to go back and get a real “algebra” or “geometry” books from HS or perhaps books geared at adults for review of such topics.

Honestly, even if you had no intuitive or “natural” grasp of quant, much of it in this level, is in essence, algorithmic/rote. It is possible to drill alot if you have a huge math anxiety (which many people do).

Further, you do know that the first 5 - 10 problems in any of the “adaptive” exams have the most weight on them right? The program looks at your performance on the first several to calibrate how many “point-heavy” (read: more difficult) problems it’s going to throw at you.

If you actually re-learn the material, not just prep, and you learn it very very well… you should be able to do most of the quant without the pencil touching a bit of scrap paper (or maybe one page at most). Trust me, I’ve tutored my friends and one dude was a going for communications, not the most math-heavy subject ….. I tutored him all last semester before he graduated…. he took it the following fall and he got a 720/800. I don’t know where this falls in percentile, but it’s decent enough for whatever he needed it for.

Note: In Mathematics at any level, be it the school level or college level… “Review” always means Do Lots and Lots of problems and excercieses. One can’t merely read Mathematics…. “reading” it probably amoutns to less then 10% of learning in any sort of math. And it only decreases the higher the level you go. So you should do lots and lots of problems.

mcthorp Wrote:
> Good luck with LBS. Is this for an MBA or a MiF?

Thanks. MBA.

I’m fine with not going to school though. If I don’t get into LBS and get the job with the endowment I posted about earlier I’ll probably give up my MBA dreams. There are things going on in my life that may influence me sufficiently to stay put (new girl, rugby….) even if it means staying in my current position.

I’m also applying to the Lauder duel degree program at Wharton in R2 (for russian), but I may not submit if I accept another job. Like my current job, the endowment is within walking distance of my apartment….

It’s too risky to stay in my job hoping to get to Wharton if I get dinged by LBS. Especially so with my weak stats.

Check out…it’s in INVALUABLE resource for gmat prep. There are tons of gmat-wizards there to answer just about any GMAT-related question you have. I’ve been a member of that site for 2 years now :-)

audit_to_CFA Wrote:
> hi….i am actually wondering if anyone knows
> where to take a sample GMAT test for free or just
> do a sample which can guage what your current
> score would be?

> any help, much appreciated

Try this:

The software is published by the writers of the exam. It is highly predictive of your actual score.


thanks for the link, ryguy904. That looks interesting.