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Chalk & Board - Level I Problem Solving - Live Workshop

Sunday, June 2, 2019


In this one-day intensive workshop, candidates will learn from one of the premier CFA® instructors in the world, O. Nathan Ronen, CFA. Nathan has 23+ years of experience teaching Levels I, II and III CFA® Program courses, helping thousands of candidates around the world achieve the coveted CFA® designation. Candidates learn through his self-developed philosophy, the Ronen Methodology, “Master the concepts—don’t memorize,” which is transforming the CFA test-prep landscape. The Ronen Methodology is a tried and true approach to best position the candidate for success at each level.


Nathan pioneered the Problem Solving Workshop in 2008 after observing candidates struggling with the plethora of concepts and formulae in the curriculum and trying to figure out how to integrate and apply them across the different topic areas to answer CFA® type multiple-choice questions.

Using the Ronen Methodology, candidates will learn how to address multiple-choice questions in a holistic manner through analysis and concept application rather than memorization. Candidates are taught, under simulated exam conditions, not to overthink or over-analyze in selecting the best answer, and avoiding the trap of selecting the “second-guess” answer. This is a key reason many well-prepared candidates do not pass the exam. Nathan’s strong emphasis on problem-solving puts candidates in the best possible position to pass the June or December exams.

Level I Problem Solving Workshop will be recorded and posted to the Chalk & Board website on June 3, 2019, for domestic and international candidates unable to attend the live session in NYC.

It is highly recommended that candidates attend Nathan’s live weekly class or recorded lectures prior to the one-day intensive Level I Problem Solving Workshop. The workshop builds on the concepts learned in these sessions with focused-area learning on Level I topics. This workshop puts the final touches on a candidate’s preparation strategy.

Workshop Agenda

  • Candidates will be given, in exam format, 240 unique CFA® type multiple-choice questions (120 in the morning session, 120 in the afternoon session) covering topics in the CFA® Level I program: Ethics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Equity, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments and Corporate Finance.

  • Candidates will answer workshop questions, under simulated exam conditions using the Ronen Methodology. Answers to questions will be reviewed and explanations provided so candidates understand why the correct answer is correct and why the other choices are incorrect.

  • Candidates will receive a formal answer key with explanations and associated Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs) at the end of the workshop.

Access to Nathan: Candidates have 24/7 access to Nathan for questions and answers. In most cases, responses are made by phone. This ensures direct contact with Nathan, so all follow-up questions and candidate concerns are addressed. Nathan’s phone number and email address are available on the Chalk & Board website.