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FinTree Education - CFA Level II - Currency Swaps: Basics, Pricing, & Valuation

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Join this live session by FinTree as our CFA Exam Coach Utkarsh Jain deliberates Currency Swaps: Basics, Pricing, & Valuation at 8:50 am GMT (2:20 pm IST). Consolidate your knowledge on this topic to move one step closer to a pass result on exam day.

Click here to get to the FinTree YouTube channel for the live stream

Live Stream Timings:

New York-  12:50 am     |      Chicago-  3:50 am     |      Los Angeles-  1:50 am

London-  8:50 am          |      Singapore-  4:50 pm  |      Dubai-  12:50 pm

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