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IFT High-Yield Lecture - Level I CFA® - R29 Income Taxes $ R30 Non-current (Long-Term) Liabilities – FREE ONLINE CLASS

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

IFT High-Yield Lecture - Level I CFA® -  R29 Income Taxes $ R30 Non-current (Long-Term) Liabilities – FREE ONLINE CLASS

Having trouble remembering what you studied earlier?

Worried that by exam day you will not recall the key concepts?

Don’t worry, IFT High-Yield Lectures are here! Arif Irfanullah will recap of the most important parts of the Level I CFA readings in under 20 minutes!

These lectures are new for 2019 and are a part of the Level I High-Yield Course.

These events will be streamed live on You Tube at the time below.

Bonus: IFT will be online to answer any questions which you might have about the reading presented or IFT products.

Most lectures will be approx. 20 mins in duration and aired via YouTube Live at the below times:

Singapore: 7pm

Delhi: 4:30pm

Karachi: 4pm

London: 12am

New York: 7am

Visit the IFT YouTube page:

>>> Did you know that the full 2019 Detailed Video Lectures for Level I are now completely FREE from IFT? 

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