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IFT Level III Equity Summary Class and Q&A Session

Friday, April 21, 2017

Join the IFT Level Crash course to execute your final 2 months study strategy.

This class will contain a video lesson which is a summary of the readings in SS12. Then the below past essay exam questions will be discussed and solutions presented:



Concepts tested



Returns-based style analysis, determine investment style using RBSA, select

appropriate benchmark, price inefficiencies, long-only constraint.



Index construction, equity market inclusion in developed/emerging market index,

style indices.  Some questions are based on the reading “International Equity

Benchmarks” which has been removed from the curriculum.



Active and passive equity investments, portfolio construction methods, investment


The objective of the crash course is to cover the most important points from each topic and reading, re-enforce concepts, help in your revision and give you lots of practice so you are exam ready!

See this video to set your study strategy!

Here is what you will get:

  1. Summary video lectures for each curriculum reading* (videos are approx 15-20 mins per reading)
  2. Summary slides used in the summary videos (downloadable and printable)
  3. Study notes will help you revise any reading or concept.
  4. Topic based quizzes cover item set and essay format and are downloadable and printable.
  5. IFT Mock Exam 1 (full 6 hour mock with solutions). Downloadable and printable.
  6. IFT Mock Exam 2 (full 6 hour mock with solutions). Downloadable and printable.
  7. Q&A Videos. Videos with solutions covering past essay exams.

* For Ethics the full reading lecture videos are provided not in summary format

To see a sample of the Summary videos, click here : R05  R06

** Summary and Q&A videos are being released on schedule from 31 March till 15 May 2017


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