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IFT Level III Online Class SS 14, 15 (Essay Exam)

Saturday, January 21, 2017

You’re almost done with CFA, don’t underestimate the essay exam! 

Join Arif Irfanullah to crack essay exam questions in this online class.

To maximize the probability of passing the Level III exam you must work through lots of practice questions.  Pay particular attention to the morning (essay) exam because you’ve not seen this format before.  In fact, poor performance on the essay exam is a major reason for failing Level III.

Join IFT’s online class which will focus on solving exam-style questions. I will also solve some questions from actual Level III essay exams.  In addition to showing you how to solve problems, I will identify common mistakes and pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Classes will be conducted online per the following schedule:

Date SS# SS Name
19-Nov-16 3 Introduction to Behavioral Finance 
26-Nov-16 4 Private Wealth Management
3-Dec-16 3, 4, 5 Individual Investor (Integrated)
10-Dec-16 6 Institutional Investor
17-Dec-16 7 Economic Analysis
24-Dec-16 8, 9 Asset Allocation
31-Dec-16 10, 11 Fixed Income
7-Jan-17 12 Equity
14-Jan-17 13 Alternative Investments
21-Jan-17 14, 15 Risk Management and Derivatives
28-Jan-17 16 Trading, Monitoring and Rebalancing
4-Feb-17 17 Performance Evaluation
11-Feb-17 18 GIPS

The online classes are conducted on Saturdays at 9 AM New York time.  The duration of the class will vary between 45 and 90 minutes depending on the topic.  The exact duration and content and will be shared with you 3 days before each online session. 

Those who miss the class will have access to a recording of the online session.

To register for the class please click here