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Study Session 3: Quantitative Methods for Valuation

Doubt about 2- tailed t statistic test

When we are performing a two-tailed t-statistic test , at level of significance ( alpha) = 5 and p value = 2.7 ,

Do we compare p value with alpha or with alpha/2 i.e. will 2.7 be compared with 5 or 2.5? 

Autoregression Model

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me understand this fact : if the serie is Covariance stationary then : the absolute value of “b1” from AR(1) is less than 1. 


What is the reason for the standard error of coefficient estimates to be biased in conditional heteroskedasticity

Correlation & Regression

What does the standard error of a coefficient mean, and what is the logic of it being impacted due to addition of more independent variable?

Assumption 4 , Regression

What does the assumption

“Variance for the error term is same across all observations”  mean?

Autocorrelations Time Series

Are autocorrelations for time series model the correlation between the error term for time t and t-1, t-2, t-3, and so on or are they correlations between t and t-1, t-1, and t-2, t-2 and t-3. Please Let me know thanks!


When to use an F test and when to use a T test for a given regression?

F-Stat and P-value execise

Here is a question from Kaplan:

A dependent variable is regressed against three independent variables across 25 observations. The regression sum of squares is 119.25, and the total sum of squares is 294.45. The following are the estimated coefficient values and standard errors of the coefficients.