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Study Session 1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct

Level III Topics by CFAI Study Session

One of my favorite features of the new site is the ability to “tag” topics using one of the CFAI study sessions. For example, if you post a topic on ethics you can select Study Session 1: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct so that your topic will show up in the filter for that study session. This will allow you and other members of AF to quickly access posts for a specific study session. To tag a new topic with a study session, simply choose that study session from the Filed Under categories above the Save button on the new forum topic page.

Using CFA if not a member anymore


Just a quick question.

A colleague of mine asked the company where we work to add the CFA designation in the business card and in the email. This colleague was a charterholder till about 7 years ago, when he decided to stop paying the annual membership fee.

I do not care about it, but I am curious to understand what could happen if someone tell the CFA Institute about it.

Thank you

Where to park


When I sold all my vehicles after departing LA, I felt liberated from the chains of the 405 and the 101. Now, after more than a year in NYC i feel physically  constrained to Manhattan. Where do people park in the city? I am not ****ing paying over $1g for parking - are there any tricks employed by the local husslers that I shoudl be aware of?

Number of questions in am

May I ask a stupid question? How many questions AM in total?

I am not sure that I missed the last question carelessly or notfrown


Q10 - CFAi Q Bank - record retention and knowledge of law

hi all

an Ethics question related to record retention: 

Bukenya then reviews Jacaranda’s record-keeping policy. Currently, the policy requires retention of hard copies of all supporting documentation for investment recommendations and decisions made during the last five years.

and here is an exurpt of the anwer: 

while the Standard (for rention time frame] recommends files be retained for a minimum of seven years, Jacaranda is still in compliance with the Standard in that it meets local requirements.

Ethics / GIPS Inconsistencies

I’ve been tripped up a few times with the inconsistencies between ethics and GIPS. Let’s get a thread going to capture these. 

Here’s two that come to mind:

Benchmarks in performance presentation:

  • Ethics: No requirement to provide the benchmark in performance presentation
  • GIPS: You are required to provide a description of the benchmark: must disclose if a custom or a combination of benchmarks was used. 

Terminated accounts:

CFAI 2019 PM Mock Question 2

The text says 1) local law is part of Europe regulation. 2) local law is embedded in the Singapore regulation.

Why does the firm need to comply with Europe regulation? 

How do you know whether the Europe regulation is stricter than Singapore regulation?

What to use to study Ethics

Don’t really feel like reading the 160 pages on guidance. Fortunately i have some options. Should I use;