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What's your personal investment strategy?

So, how do you invest your own money? 

I’m almost 100% buy-and-hold, market weight investor. I buy 4 different ETFs at steady intervals. Right now, I invest only in equities, real-estate is coming in 2-5 years and bonds a little later. Sometimes, like right now, I’m trying to time the market, and have set aside quite a bit of cash for the eventual crash. But i general I believe that looking to beat the market will end up biting you in the arsch. 

How to Get Observed and Hired as a Data Scientist?

There are three main steps you should take in your leading plan for data scientist domination:

1. Build data science projects;

2. Show your work and make it publicly available;

3. local data science meetups.

Luckily, data scientist jobs are extremely ample, rewarding, and knowledgeably fulfilling. There’s no deficiency of work, and good work at that—it’s just a question of how to find it and earn it.

So, give more suggestion about how to hire data Scientist!!!!

what is duration weighted exposure

Hello Guys,

I am looking at a fund which has a duration of 3, and then the fund shows duration weighted exposure. How do I interpret this exactly? So if the entire par yield curve shifts by 1% the fund will go down by 3%. The 5-10 DWE is 14%, so if the par yield curve in the 5-10 range shirts up by 1% the loss will be 14% * 3%= 0.42% ???

CFA vs basic MBA.

I must apologizes in beforehand. I know this subject is probably discussed thoroughly.

But I’d like to hear fellow AF’s opinions regarding CFA and basic MBA. And with basic MBA, I mean MBA from a basic school (not IVY or top-notch European schools like HEC, LSE, ESSEC or INSEAD etc).  

Forex Card to Pay CFA Fees

Dear All,

Can I use a forex card to pay CFA fees? I am from India and conversion charges on my credit card are too high. Kindly help

Proof that CFA is worth it (at least for me)

Long story short and I’ll try to tell it without tooting my own horn too much:

3 months ago I applied for a position in an asset management firm and was hired few weeks later. After getting to know my co-workers and the people present at the interviews, I was basically told that I was hired because:

1. I did well in the “personality type” questions (whatever that means)

2. I did really well in the finance related questions/My candidacy in the CFA program.