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CFA College Credit?

HI, this is probably an unusual question, but thought I’d throw it out there. I’m a CFA Level 3 candidate (got through L1 and L2 first time). I’ve been in technology in the asset management industry for a long time, and have worked for a major macro hedge fund for 10+ years as well as a couple of other large asset management firms.

BIWS financial modeling better than CFA program

I have read on many threads(not AF) that biws financial modeling has given more knowledge than cfa program if one wants to make career in ER or IB. Do you guys think the same?  


Can CFA be converted to PhD after completion of all levels? 

CFA level 2 - Abu Dhabi

Anyone in Abu dhabi would like to hook up for CFA level 2.

Material from CFA Institute and Wiley downloadable in pdf?

Hi there,

I am currently considering the options for the prep material for the CFA. 

I have two questions :

1. Are the CFA institute curriculums downloadable in PDF format ?

2. Same question for Wiley material, are the study guides, the 11th hour, etc downloadable in PDF format?


Dear all

One of my co-workers presents himself as a CFA but is actually not a CFA holder (has not even passed one exam!). Personally, I am not holding a CFA so you might wonder why I care at all but having made a M.Sc. at university I consider this kind of plagiarism as an absolute no-go and cannot accept this.

Could you give me some advice what I can do? Should I get in touch with the CFA institute? 

Best regards,


A bit fading away

Passed level 3 this year and also qualified for 10 years working history in investment.

But can’t help the feeling that I am losing some senses on the materials that I studied.

Maybe I should try studying for CAIA to vamp up my skills. Any thoughts? Or maybe an MBA?