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CFA Brisbane, Australia test center location

2019 was the first year CFA had a test center location in Brisbane, Australia. Does anyone know where it was?

I will be sitting L3 in Brisbane next year.



Goldman Sach campus analyst job

Why the requirement for Goldman sach to hire analyst must be someone without experience? Although the salary is quite high?

Total Return Variability?

Can someone explain what “Rolling ten-year annualized return variability of total US stock market” represents in exact statistical terms?

Saw this in a Vanguard piece and hope to replicate for certain benchmarks. 

Thank you!

CFA Paris test location 2019

Hi Everyone,

I’m a CFA participant for December 2019 CFA level I exams and I would like to know where were the past CFA test location in Paris for June 2018, December 2018 & June 2019.

This would greatly help me to book my flight and accommodation accordingly.

Thank you very much.

Are you based in Canada or the U.S.? We need help with a survey

We are professors at Simon Fraser University, Canada. We are studying the impact of financial statement presentation on analyst judgments. If you have experience in financial analysis you are our ideal participant.  We highly value your input that could influence the future of financial statement presentation. The study takes 15-20 minutes to complete. We deeply appreciate your help.  My profile is here Please email me (Hwee). Thank you.

how to keep up with all the things you learned in the CFA program, in your post charter life

I have put away my CFA study material after passing my level 3.  But every now and then i wonder, i have put massive amount of learning into getting the charter, but how do i retain all that?  I wish there was a self test that the institute can roll out to see if you are up to par, years after obtaining the charter… with only one caveat that the test would be treated as tool for self assessment and not a measure of professional competence.

how are the other charter holders staying in touch with the knowledge gained?


For someone aiming to work with Personal Finance, do you think its worth getting the CFP after completing the CFA program ?

Career Development Event

I just signed up for Career Development Symposium Event organized by the local CFA society. It seems that big companies gonna be there. The question is has anyone attended such events? It says that event gonna be networking opportunity for employment seekers.

Can you give suggestions what to do, how to maximize the benefit from attending? Is it appropriate to bring several copies of resumes and start handing them over? Who I should talk to first?

Thanks in advance

Paper Charter - 2019

Hi Everyone,

I’m still waiting for my tube - Have yours arrived yet?

Financial job with engineering background

Hi everyone, I have a serious question, please give me any adivce, comments and stories of anyone‘s experiences.

Recently, I have really been motivated for financial job so I have registered CFA lv 1 exam June 2020. But I dont have any finance background such as degree or working experience. So How do you guys think about my situation? Would the related financial companies give an opportunity to a person who dont have any background? I am worrying that I could not get the opportunity for the 4 years work experience to finalize CFA.