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Is it ever appropriate to ask to be moved?

I’m curious…this Saturday I sat next to a young man (maybe 21-22) to take the exam. It became clear very soon after we started that he was agitated. He was violently flipping the pages of the booklet (I know, we all flip back and forth, but this was with excessive force and created a lot of noise), forcefully erasing causing the whole table to shake, he kept making disgruntled sounds, at a few points during the exam he was thumping/hitting himself on his arms and chest (maybe to circulate blood??). At one point he ran (yes, ran) to the water cooler, downed water, and ran back to the desk.

Investigation for misconduct during the exam


Finally, I finish after 3 years. I passed the level 3 exam in Paris and it’s was in a hangar with window widely opened.

I was closed to a window and my papers did not stop to fly away…the first time I had the bad reflex of pick it up myself and the 3 or 4 times after that I asked a proctor to pick it up for me.

I hope I won’t be charged for the first case, it flew in front of my desk and I wake up to get it back, it was just my exam admission ticket.

Nobody tell me nothing but now I’m scared since I put in my mind that I can be in trouble.



I am currently going into my junior year of college and wanted to get some advice.  I am currently a Financial Planning/Finance dual major.  I will have everything done to sit for my CFP exam by the November 2020 test date.  I just wanted to know whether I should take that exam first, or start the process of the CFA Level 1 exam and take the CFP once I am done with the CFA.  I know that most of you are a CFA, but I wanted to get some advice and tips on what to do in the next few years.  Do you recommend any internships?


MTM forward contract

Hi all,

When calculating the MTM of a forward contract, what forward market price should I be using? 

1. The forward market price of the commodity when the contract should be maturing? 


2. Today’s forward market price of the commodity?


How can I test the statistical significance of these strategies A & B


I’m testing a strategy and the average forward return across time. 

The Google sheet has the original average forward price return, and then the same for a strategy A and a different strategy B. 

How can I test the statistical significance of these series of average returns across time?


Passport Match Question (expiration date)

Had a questions on the passport match. I know the ticket is support to match “EXACTLY’ but I had a small technicality question:

If on my exam ticket it reads expiration as:

15 MARCH 2025

and on my passport it reads as:

15 MAR 2025

Is this acceptable? I assumed so but wanted to make sure. 

Need help deciding future plans

Im in 2nd year of my undergraduate as business administration.I don’t know whether I should be doing CFA then MBA,or  CFA and no MBA.

My Father has a textile wholesale business and my brother who is 27 is with him,but he isn’t paying interest in the work,so I think I’ll have to takeover eventually.

So if I choose either of the two options above , how are they going to benefit me in my career path?


CMT to learn 'day trading'

Does anyone have their CMT? I’m interested in starting to day trade as a hobby and am curious if the curriculum will help in this venture. There’s plenty of day trading gimics and videos out there but I figure I may as well get a credential while learning. 

Work in Transactional Due Dilligence for CFA Charter?


I am an ACCA Affiliate who managed to pass recently in 1.5yr as a full time student and I’m pretty new to CFA. Supposed to write in December 2019. My main concentration for ACCA were Financial Management and Audit and Assurance so I have basic knowledge about the CFA Topics.

I have a few questions to the wonderful people here may be you might feel them as foolishness but forgive me for it as I said I’m pretty new to this. 

These are few of my questions and I hope you answer all of it.