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Statistical Computation

I got to know of this question through someone and I am trying to figure out which statistical tool(s) I can use to get an answer. How does one go about solving this question?

“25% of the individuals in the Brook County have a degree in finance. What is the probability of one of them having a finance degree, if we choose a random sample of 10 individuals?”

Argentina's Merval bloodbath

Argentina’s stock exchange in constant terms has lost about 40% of its value in a year. Thank god Mkt Cap / GPD is low in relative terms. Default spreads have gone through the roof and price controls are coming to fight inflation. Your thoughts? Is there a way to play this situation?

Capital Budgeting - Recapture NWC

Hey, I have a question NWC recapture, for replacement analysis and normal capital budgeting problems do we always assume that the working capital invested will return to zero at the end of the project? 

NYC Midtown - Level II

Anyone interested in being a study/accountability buddy?  Don’t necessarily need to go over topics/discussions - but more so to just meet up to study separately and ask questions when we need.

Valuation of a Holding Company

How would you value a holding company who holds several holdings companies as its subsidiaries? the holding company’s primary income comes from dividends from its subsidiaries and dividends from other equity investments. What valuation approach to use when dealing with this kind of company?

CFA Level I Question

How do you solve for r? Can you show all your work?

((5)/(1+r)) + ((5+100)/(1+r)2) = 101.7


Courses to do along with CFA

I’m looking for some Udemy / Coursera courses.

someone who has done any, please suggest as to which are applicable in the industry.