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Newspapers worthwhile reading

Hi guys (and girls),

What newspapers do you find worthwhile reading (regarding finance AND world politics)?

I’m looking newspapers which wouldn’t be biased on any direction, just simply reporting what has happened and why. 

Permitted usage of 'passed on first attempts' on resume

I have passed the Level 1 and Level 2 exams.

However, for both exams I registered twice but only attended the exam once due to unforeseen circumstances. So, my history of exam attendance and passes is as follows:

Level 1:  Registered, did not attend exam. Then, registered, attended exam and passed

Level 2: Registered, did not attend exam. Then, registered, attended exam and passed

DCF Model - Wind Energy Project

HI guys! I’m currently valuating a wind energy project based in Pakistan. Just in case may ask if how rate of return and growth can be calculated? Many thanks!

Currency Collecting

Anyone collect currency? I started a collection recently with some uncirculated notes. 

No cryptocurrencies topics in the new syllabus

I could not see any cryptocurrencies chapter in the CFA syllabus 2019 for level 1and 2 other than fintech in investment which just contains an introductory to fintech, covered in level 2 quant and in level 1 pm.


As we await results, I thought about this moment when I went to the exam venue and saw a rainbow over the building. For some reason that calmed me down and I thought it would bring me luck and the gods will favor me with questions I know. This has now got me thinking on other random stuff I do, like always using the same pencil sharpener and never emptying the pencil shaves

Just wondering if any of you have any pre-exam or during-exam rituals? Maybe even a ritual before results are released?

2019 LOS are out

CFAI just published 2019 LOS. At level 1 Fintech appears in the Portfolio Management study session 13 and at level 2 it appears in quant methods. LOS are the same at both levels. Wondering if the readings are the same or if the level 2 is more quantitatively oriented. 

Does your firm even GIPS bro?

I’m looking at proposing my firm comply with GIPS. We are a GP in the alternatives space. Has anyone successfully rolled it out for their firm?