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Computing Semi Annual CAGR

Hi everyone! may i ask if how do you compute for semi annual CAGR? what will be the formula? below is a sample data that i’m looking at:

1H2017  USD1,000

2H2017  USD1,500

1H2018  USD 1,300

2H2018  USD 2,000

1H2019  USD 3,000

Many thanks!

Is CFA required for all finance related profession?

As the title says.

Is CFA required for all finance related profession such as equity research, investment, portfolio management, etc?

I have a CPA and I’m doing audit now. But I’m also thinking about my future career. 

Career shift

Hi guys, can you give me advice please?

I’ve been working as a secretary and a Personal Assistant to a boss for 8 years. And I want to work in finances. My boss perceives me just as a PA and there are no options for me to develop in my company. 

I have 2 Master’s degrees - the first one is Marketing and the second one  is Economics & Management.
I’ve taken Level I and now waiting for the results.

Can you please recommend me what steps are better to take in my situation to find work in finances?  

Finance movies

Hey all, 

I’ve put together a list of finance related movies that I found entertaining to watch after studying for CFA level 1 last year. Most of them are films that I have already seen, but went back to view again after completing the related CFA study sessions. I found that I gained more insight and had a more thorough understanding of the films’ content after studying the CFA CBOK at level 1 (and even more with what I have completed on level 2 so far). 

Take Level II in June 2019 after Dec 2018 Level I or wait until June 2020?

Hey all!

This last Saturday I sat for Level I and I’m trying to decide whether or not to take 3 weeks off before start studying for Level II or wait for June 2020.

I know this can be a recurring thread, but I would like to know your thoughts of this. My one concern for this is that I don’t want to burnout. For Level I, I started with around ~15 hours a week for the first 1-2 months. Then I ramped up to 20-25 hours per week for the last 3 months.

How to pull historic stock prices from yahoo Dynamically into excel

Hello - I’m trying to figure out how to dynamically pull historic stock prices using yahoo or Google into excel 2013.  I want to set the ticker, start, end dates and have excel automatically pull the data.

I’ve looked at some videos on youtube but they don’t work.  for example pulling MSFT data using this URL into text in excel doesn’t work.

Working as freelancer...possibilities, pros and cons

I would like to know any potential benefits of working as freelancer, so…

Do you now people who started working as freelancer in the field of financial modelling, equity research and other analytical work or maybe fintech?

How did they start?

What do you think about working as freelancer or starting small company?

Would you buy services from freelancer or small firm (specialized in some area)?