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Please recommend some JAZZ to me

Any jazz lovers here ? I recently found out that I enjoy it. However, I am totally ignorant about it. Given the following appreciation (5 being what I enjoy the most), please guide me to some good stuff :

- John Coltrane (3/5)

- Johnny Griffin (4/5)

- Art Tatum (2/5)

- Charlie Rouse (3/5)

Txs in advance !

Seeking Arrangement: The #1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site

So… I just discovered that this website exists. It’s a dating site with the purpose of matching rich successful men with young attractive girls. When you create an account, they are very specific that the sugar daddy is expected to provide an allowance. They even ask you for a $ range. I’ll just leave this here in case anyone is interested…

From the website:

“The Elite Sugar Daddy Dating Site for those Seeking Mutually Beneficial Relationships”

So what's up with SF girls...

So after being in Vegas surrounded by tons of hotties I went to SF for a conference… where girls are not too attractive IMO… not fat, but mostly flirting with being “pear shaped.”

COD MW3 vs. BT3

Any fans of either around here?

I’m thinking of trying out BT3 this time. I’ve heard its more paced and teamwork-centric than MW3.