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Underfunded pension plans

I was trying to find out the underfunded pension plans of the world. One I know of is the illions $250 billion underfunding. Any others?

CFA LEVEL 1 study partner Melbourne

Hey if anyone is studying for the level 1 exam In Melbourne and wants to start a study group Pm me or comment below and I’ll pm 

In reality how a new fund allocate its assets?

Hello everyone. I have a question which I really want to get to know. Could anyone tell me: In reality how a new fund choose how to allocate its asset? How much in cash, how much in stock, and bond? For each class of asset, how to allocate how many % to invest in each field? Actually I learned about SML, CAL, efficient frontier, CML… but somehow I feel so difficult to connect them all together, from the begin to the end.

Work Experience (6 month stint) - Reference?

Hello, I have finished all of the exams however work experience is the remaining step. I currently have about 3 years at my current job, which qualifies, however I have these 2 shorter stints:

- 6 month contract (HR said they will be a reference (but only to confirm date/title - not performance), however did not have a good relationship with boss, he did not reply to my emails)

- 6 month job that I was laid off from due to clients falling through and no work (50% chance it will be a reference).-after this, I went back to my current job (that I have been in for 3 years)

CFAI vote to change work experience requirement

Saw that there is a vote is to change it from 4 years work experience to 4,000 hours with a minimum of 36 months.

Not sure how I want to vote just yet. I guess the hurdle is still the exam rather than the work experience.