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Access Scholarship References


I’m applying for the Access Scholarship for June 2020. It requires two references. From other people’s experience, it seems CFAI prefers CFA charterholders to be the references.

I can find two charterholder friends to be my references, but I heard that it’s good to have direct managers from work to be references. My current managers have nothing to do with CFA.

Would I be better off skipping my managers and just use my friends?

issuer rating, senior unsecured

Hello All,

The issuer rating is supposedly applicable to senior unsecured debt. I have been able to verify such information on Moody’s website for example. Why are some senior unsecured bonds rated with an issue rating then, while here are cases where there is only an issuer rating and no issue rating.. why bother?

I have also seen mention of “senior unsecured rating” as if its different from issuer rating.

Anyone? Thanks

Work Experience - Teaching

Hello All, 

I have recently passed CFA III. I would like to ask whether the following experience will qualify me for CFA regular membership. 

“I have been teaching courses in finance and accounting at the undergraduate and postgraduate level on full-time basis. The materials that I had taught are listed as follows:

1 perform valuation on fixed income and equity securities using yield to maturity, CAPM and Dividend Growth Model. Fair value can then be compared to market price for investment decisions.

Level 2 - 2020 - Midtown NYC

Study group in corporate office Manhattan midtown after working hours. Thinking of starting early  Mid September,  6:00-10:00, however come and leave when you can.

Group objectives and goals:

1. Go over curriculum practice questions and blue/gray curriculum text.

2.  meet other professionals going through the same challenges as you do

3. Force you to sit down at least once a week and study/practice for four hours.

4. Multiple times mock tests starting 6-8 weekends before the exam. 

CFA Work Experience - 2019

Hello everyone

I wanted to gather some more info as i am preparing my write up for the WE requirements as part of membership process.

1. i have worked in 3 different firms (Deal Advisory/M&A) in big 4 companies and wanted to know whether i need to have one sponsor from every employer, or is it OK to have from say only 2 out of 3?

Buying CFA books without Registering

Hello, so I will be taking the 2020 level 2 exam and was wondering if there was any way to purchase the print copy of the books for $150 that is offered by the CFAI when you register for the exam. I want to start studying but I have to wait to register since I’m waiting for my student scholarship to be accepted, but I don’t know how long that will be (apparently you can’t buy the books without registering)..

CFA level 3 LONDON


angone from London? I’m planning to use Wiley material - opinion?



Guidance for a new Canadian Permanent Resident

I have received my Canadian Permanent Residency, and I am expecting to land in Toronto soon. I have passed all 3 levels of the CFA exam, I also have 3 years of investment banking expertize (mainly in portfolio management) in Lebanon. I also have a Masters degree in economics and finance from a top Lebanese university, and I am fluent in French.

Will it be difficult for me to land a job in one of the 5 Canadian big banks?

Will my experience and education be recognized?

What are possible roles that I can apply for?

Work Experience

I worked for 5 years before returning to grad school to get my MBA in financial derivatives. I have 2 years of experience in my current role as an equity analyst.