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Breaking into Investment Banking

The Indian banking industry is 5000 max. I guess annually, the addition is not more than 10%

Would it be wise for me to continue working in the US after my MBA or come back to India?

In the long term, I’m definitely settling home (India)

Apple Cash Balance

What sense would it make for Apple to have so much in Cash?

Ever forget your calculator? What did you do?

Did you ever forget your calculator for a CFA exam, but only realise when you were at the exam door? What did you do? Wing it? Try and go back home? Beg someone for their second calculator?

Been hearing and seeing on radio and social media.

Looks like CFA wants to compete with CFP now… but marketing to people with more $$$? Not many advisors have CFA. Being a CFP holder, I know very few of my clients know what CFA is but they sure do know CFP. vs

Will wins?

a newbie is looking for advice

Hi experts,

I worked as tax accountant for years and sick of public practice.  About half an year ago I got into an asset management firm as financial accountant by chance and my current role is pretty much back office but I want to know more about the industry and products, so I have the following questions:

- If CFA useful in my case if I want to do a bit sale task as well in the future?

- If it makes any sense for an accountant in asset management firm to take CFA program? If so, which career direction should I look at after the program? 

CFA Level 3 , writing my own research to land a job in Finance

Hi all,

I am sitting the CFA Level 3 exam in June, and in order to land a job as a buy side analyst, I am planning to write my own research. I have no previous experience in finance except as a product consultant  and sales person for a big financial data provide. I am 32 years old currently, did some of you have a similar situation, or what has been your path into finance?



Net Capital Expenditures

Hi all, 

I’m currently trying to find the CAPEX for a specific year. The company is a medical device company. The company does not explicitly state the capex in the f’ statements. From what I got from the website, NETCAPEX = PPE1 - PPE0 + Depreciation1. 

Also, the NETCAPEX for 2 of the 4 years is negative. Sources also states that negative CAPEX is acceptable in real life examples. Is that true?

How do I get CAPEX from NETCAPEX? 

CFA + masters. General school advice.


I just got admitted to EAE Business School (Spain) for an MBA starting on October 2019. It’s an ¨executive¨ MBA which means I just have classes on friday and saturday, thus I have the rest of the week to prepare for the CFA level 3 (assuming I pass L2 this year).

Also, my school transcripts are not that good. An 80.0 average on both of my degrees (Finance and Global Management, both from Nicaragua). 

My questions are the following:

Will having the CFA designation or at least L2 or L3 passed will give me a bump into qualifying for a scholarship?