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Question:Master of Finance vs CFA designation: career development

Hi guys, I am currently in Australia working in an wealth management firm as back office operation support role.

I did my 2 years master of Finance degree at the University of Melbourne before. Bachelor of finance at Lateobe university. Some of my colleagues pursuing CFA designation at the moment and said it will make the cv looks great but not compulsory for any finance/investment role.

What transferable skills does a Financial analyst have for Market/ Credit Risk position

I am working as a Financial Analyst (FP&A) .. Budgeting, Forecasting, Creating Cash Flows, Valuation etc… I can code (intermediate level) in Python, VBA and know Tableau

I would like to know what transferable skills should I highlight to get a Market Risk (I am more interested in this) or Credit Risk Analyst position.

Apart from CFA/FRM are there any other certificates that would help in this transition?


Career Help


I am currently working as an Analyst in the FP&A department of tech firm. I dont like it. Its very boring. 

I have some intermediate coding experience  Python (Intermediate) , run SQL queries & create dashboards in Tableau. I want to know if there is any career path that I can take that would combine coding and Finance? Some of my friends have suggested doing MFE but its very expensive.


Profesional Subscriber Fees?

I use Schwab for my personal account, and I tried to use their Street Smart Edge platform, but it won’t let me login and gives me a number to call. Turns out since I’m a licensed securities rep, I have to pay professional subscribers fees to be able to use their live feed platform (similar to Etrade pro or TD’s ToS). Schwab is $120/mo instead of it being free since i place more than 10 trades in a month or something like that. They say it is a NYSE regulation and I see a bit about it online but not much.

Just wondering if anyone else is paying “professional subscriber” fees.

Forecasting revenues for pig iron and DI pipe prducer

I have been working on a financial model for sometime on an Indian company called tata metaliks.

It is a producer of pig iron and DI pipes. I am unable to forecast the revenue figures. There is no management forecasts in recent ARs for revenue. Also I do not have a steady past growth rate for both the segments due to external factors. Please suggest how should I forecast them . 

Also even If i get the numbers, they are sure to exceed the capacity for production. And yes, management had not given any sort of capex plans too.

Off market swap with swap premium


I am new to the forum and i am struggling to understand the valuation of an off market interest rate swap with an upfront payment.

I understand that the upfront payment is driven by the present value that the fixed rate of my off market interest rate is different that if i have an on market swap, hence i would either receive or pay a payment to compensate this fact.

Should I take a loan for my studies and which one is better!!?

I’m taking CFA Coaching in India. I have completed my bachelors in commerce and right now I’m fully focused on my preparing for the entrance but last night sudden thought just struck me and it was about the college fee if I get selected how am I going to pay it. I belong to a middle class family in India and I don’t want to be a burden to my parents so is it a good thing to take a loan?

How to remember credit ratings

Hello- i am also struggling on how to remember credit ratings for both fitch and s&p and also when a bond is high yield. Do you have any memorisation techniques? Thanks