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Calculating bond YTM


I am calculating the YTM of a 2-year bond with the following structure:

(1) It paid fixed coupon of 10% for the first year. Coupon paid semi-annually.

(2) It paid float rate + 4% spread for the next year. Coupon paid semi-annually.

Please help me calculating the YTM. I have no remaining knowledge on bond valuation and such.

Does your company reimburse you if you pass CFA Exams?

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering how your companies handle you passing the CFA exams. My old company would reimburse the exam and the study materials, my new one not so much. So I’m wondering how other firms handle the reimbursement situation, although I understand that the firm doesn’t need to reimburse anything at the end of the day. 

Career Switch at 30 - Switch to VC from research?

Hello guys and gals,

I just turned 30 and have been in equity research for 4+ years - was looking for some career advice. I feel very much stuck in my current role (equity research), terrible hours low pay. However, when I look at options in Asset Management, things dont seem great there as well with ETFs killing mutual funds.

My ideal goal would be to move to growth equity or VC shop, but I am not getting much traction there. I was wondering if I am being unrealistic in my goals or if there is a something I should try to maximize my opportunities to move to VC?

Download study material for member


I am contacted to work part-time as an lecturer for a CFA prep program. In the past, I could do a Google search and download the material as a member. But now, I can’t seem to google anything. 

Do you know how to look for them in the official website? Please let me know. I am looking for Equity for level 1 & 2.

Tax on Gifted common vs preferred shares?

I know if you receive common shares as a gift, you’re taxed on the total fair value as if it were income.

What about preferred shares that are convertible to common shares? If they are received as a gift, are they taxed at the common share equivalent fair value, or at the preferred par value?

Average salary Charterholder

What is the average salary for a charterholder? Do you think the CFA designation warrants a higher salary? 

I know this is pretty broad but I’d like to get an idea for salary of 25-35yo with a few years’ experience. High COL cities vs low COL cities.

i assume it’s something like 90k-220k USD depending on city COL.

Infrastructure funds

Does anyone have a good overview of major infrastructure funds? I know Blackstone, Macquarie, Apollo, Goldman and Brookfield all are heavily involved in this space. I’m more interested in non-oil & gas funds. Is there a common fund structure? Seems like they buy old assets, drain them and then sell before they need to re-build anything major. Musical chairs! But my understanding is these funds do not provide a big return compared to others but I may be wrong.

im also interested in commodity funds and major players. 

PEG ratio to Dividend Discount Model

Hello All

Is there are a way of relating the PEG ratio to the Dividend Discount Model. I am trying to understand the logic behind the PEG ratio and if it can be derived from a standard valuation model such as the DDM.

Thanks is advance for your response.


institutional sales

Anyone knows about the daily working responsibilities that an institutional sales need to take? How much they earned? Does the money worthies the pressure? What’s the future of this role? Besides the series exams are required, any other requirements needed? Account list?

Much appreciated!