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Need help deciding future plans

Im in 2nd year of my undergraduate as business administration.I don’t know whether I should be doing CFA then MBA,or  CFA and no MBA.

My Father has a textile wholesale business and my brother who is 27 is with him,but he isn’t paying interest in the work,so I think I’ll have to takeover eventually.

So if I choose either of the two options above , how are they going to benefit me in my career path?


CMT to learn 'day trading'

Does anyone have their CMT? I’m interested in starting to day trade as a hobby and am curious if the curriculum will help in this venture. There’s plenty of day trading gimics and videos out there but I figure I may as well get a credential while learning. 

Work in Transactional Due Dilligence for CFA Charter?


I am an ACCA Affiliate who managed to pass recently in 1.5yr as a full time student and I’m pretty new to CFA. Supposed to write in December 2019. My main concentration for ACCA were Financial Management and Audit and Assurance so I have basic knowledge about the CFA Topics.

I have a few questions to the wonderful people here may be you might feel them as foolishness but forgive me for it as I said I’m pretty new to this. 

These are few of my questions and I hope you answer all of it.

from Consulting to Brokerage firm

Currently I work in a globally reputable consulting company in a frontier market. Will you recommend me to work in the leading brokerage firm in the country as a head of research?

Stuck in present role - Next steps?

I’ve worked for a newsletter-type market service for over 9 years now, and while it’s great pay, flexibility, low oversight, etc., my career is stagnating here.  The city I currently live in has virtually no options for charterholders(at least good options), but I’m moving to Madison, WI in a little over a year.  Just going through the online CFA directory, I’ve come up with a list of over 30 different firms where charterholders work in that market, which is obviously a huge upgrade from where I am now.  So to my question…

Which risk free rate is appropriate?

Which risk free rate for analyzing potential equity investment (specific company shares and not specific time horizon) for portfolio with long time horizon ( >25 years).

Important points are:

how to become a financial advisor with major banks

Not sure if this is a right place to ask, but anyone has experience of becoming an independent financial advisor affiliated with major banks such as morgan stanley and wells fargo? I contacted them but looks like they hire financial advisor as a full time employee rather than hiring them as an independent fa. Thanks a lot!

work experience for getting cfa charter

I have 3.5 year investment related work experience and is less of half year experience to complete the 4 year requirement. now I started a firm in wealth planning, taxation, etc. Does this type of experience count toward related work experience for cfa charter application? I may or may not have wealth planning client immediately but will involve in taking relevant training, research etc. 

any input, thank you!

Statistical Computation

I got to know of this question through someone and I am trying to figure out which statistical tool(s) I can use to get an answer. How does one go about solving this question?

“25% of the individuals in the Brook County have a degree in finance. What is the probability of one of them having a finance degree, if we choose a random sample of 10 individuals?”