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Should I take a loan for my studies and which one is better!!?

I’m taking CFA Coaching in India. I have completed my bachelors in commerce and right now I’m fully focused on my preparing for the entrance but last night sudden thought just struck me and it was about the college fee if I get selected how am I going to pay it. I belong to a middle class family in India and I don’t want to be a burden to my parents so is it a good thing to take a loan?

How to remember credit ratings

Hello- i am also struggling on how to remember credit ratings for both fitch and s&p and also when a bond is high yield. Do you have any memorisation techniques? Thanks

Is it worth doing CFA to switch my career?

Hi All,

I plan to enroll into CFA program, I’m 31 years and have an accounting job for almost 6 years ,but I plan to move out of accounting career and go into investment banking and finance analysts career .Is it worthwhile of doing CFA for someone who is at my age has accountancy career and want to shift ?, would CFA will help me with transitioning to these areas?I’m currently on professionals module of ACCA with two papers remaining. your thoughts please.

What to do with books

How much I can make money from selling CFA level 1 books and where I can sell ‘em? I have curriculum books and Schweser notes with 2 Mock Exam Vols.

Will I need level 1 books in the future?

Financial Statement Interview Questions

I’m teaching an undergrad Financial Statement Analysis course, and I like to put in as many real-life tidbits as I can.  So, tell me some good interview questions you’ve seen (or, if you’re in a hiring capacity, you’ve asked) on financial statements, ratio analysis, etc…

They can be for ER, IB, Credit Analysis, etc…

Kaplan Schweser ebooks not on Vital Source

Hi all, I hope the studies are going well for everyone. I have started looking at my Level III materials and realized that Kaplan e books are now on their own portal rather than the Vital Source platform that CFA use, has anyone else noticed this?

Silent watches

One of my recommendations for students in my CFA class is to use a watch with a stopwatch.  As you may know, the CFA Institute allows “Wristwatches (analog and digital) with alarms and timers silenced; however, all smart watches are prohibited “

The watch I used just two years ago isn’t currently sold.  So, I went back and made a list for student convenience.  There aren’t a lot of them.  Prices rance from about $20 to $32 for these.

CFA + Coding

Hello everyone! Just looking for some advice here from all you smart folks.