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CFA LEVEL 1 study partner Melbourne

Hey if anyone is studying for the level 1 exam In Melbourne and wants to start a study group Pm me or comment below and I’ll pm 

In reality how a new fund allocate its assets?

Hello everyone. I have a question which I really want to get to know. Could anyone tell me: In reality how a new fund choose how to allocate its asset? How much in cash, how much in stock, and bond? For each class of asset, how to allocate how many % to invest in each field? Actually I learned about SML, CAL, efficient frontier, CML… but somehow I feel so difficult to connect them all together, from the begin to the end.

Work Experience (6 month stint) - Reference?

Hello, I have finished all of the exams however work experience is the remaining step. I currently have about 3 years at my current job, which qualifies, however I have these 2 shorter stints:

- 6 month contract (HR said they will be a reference (but only to confirm date/title - not performance), however did not have a good relationship with boss, he did not reply to my emails)

- 6 month job that I was laid off from due to clients falling through and no work (50% chance it will be a reference).-after this, I went back to my current job (that I have been in for 3 years)

CFAI vote to change work experience requirement

Saw that there is a vote is to change it from 4 years work experience to 4,000 hours with a minimum of 36 months.

Not sure how I want to vote just yet. I guess the hurdle is still the exam rather than the work experience.

Breaking into Investment Banking

The Indian banking industry is 5000 max. I guess annually, the addition is not more than 10%

Would it be wise for me to continue working in the US after my MBA or come back to India?

In the long term, I’m definitely settling home (India)

Apple Cash Balance

What sense would it make for Apple to have so much in Cash?

Ever forget your calculator? What did you do?

Did you ever forget your calculator for a CFA exam, but only realise when you were at the exam door? What did you do? Wing it? Try and go back home? Beg someone for their second calculator?

Been hearing and seeing on radio and social media.

Looks like CFA wants to compete with CFP now… but marketing to people with more $$$? Not many advisors have CFA. Being a CFP holder, I know very few of my clients know what CFA is but they sure do know CFP. vs

Will wins?