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Only 30 questions from GARP online?

Hey all,

Are there only 30 questions online from GARP in their study center? I went through 30 questions in the “tests” section on their online module, corrected the questions I did. Afterward, I thought I would attempt another 30 questions right away…but I got the exact same questions.

Am I missing something here?


Difficulty of FRM as compared to CFA Level 2/3

Hi everyone, I am taking CFA Level 3 in 2020 and currently considering taking FRM in November of the same year. I am just wondering what the difficulty of FRM exams are like as compared to Level 2 or 3 of CFA. I managed to score exactly on 90th percentile of CFA Level 2 this past June(1st attempt), studied around 230~240 hours. I just want to get a glimpse of FRM difficulty for now so I can determine if I would take both Level 1 and 2 on the same exam day. Any constructive input is appreciated!

FRM Part 1 Exam Location in Charlotte, NC?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know, the location for the FRM Part 1 exam in Charlotte, NC? I am thinking of registering for the November and wanted to check hotel dates and convenient locations. 

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Notes/Prep providers

I am looking to take the level 1 exam in May.

What notes would you guys recommend based on your experiences? 

Experience with Wiley for Part 1

Hello all,

I wanted to get your opinion on support from Wiley. I have sent them a few questions regarding their study material and have not gotten any reply after more than a week. Does anyone have experience how long they take to respond to quantitative questions? 

Thanks for your responses.

FRM Career Prospects

What types of jobs are available after FRM L1 or FRM L2?

Probability problem

Hello I need help to solve the task

At the start of the year a bond portfolio consists of 2 bonds each worth $100.At the end of the year if a bond defaults it will be worth $20.If it does not default the bond will be worth $100. The probability that both bond default is 20%.The probability that neither bond defaults is 45%. What is the mean of the year end portfolio value??

I know the answer is $140 but i don`t know how to calculate. Please help and explain.



frm 1 and 2

Hi guys,

Am a bit new to the frm world. Can I check if its realistic to take both level and level 2 frm in November 2019 if I start preparing now? I am expecting a change of country/location coming up in the next couple of months. Not sure if I am being ambitious by trying to attempt both level 1 and 2. I don’t know what the timelines to start studying are roughly. Any guidance would be very useful for me.


FRM part I&II at the same time

Hi Guys

I just recently finished my Honours at a South African university majoring in Finance. I am hoping to take both levels of FRM in May 2019. I will not be working during the period from January to May and so I will have around 4 months to prepare. I’d like advice about taking both exams on the same day given my time constraints and my educational background.

Thanks in advance.