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Level I

Query regarding experience

Does the experience in a boutique firm (segment-electronics) count? . I work there as a research analyst . I usually do market research and then document it in Word and then with the help of team proper report is made . Then that report is sold to prospective clients which are looking for particular market (geographically).


Waiting for CFA 2018 results

Finally one week to go ! Now I am getting excited and nervous to think of it. I thought I did well in the level I and started to prepare level II since last month. If next week the result is a pass, I will sign up for level 2 on June. I know time is too short but will a least have a try. How about you? 

Study Circle

I’m from Coimbatore, Tamil nadu. I’m looking for a CFA study circle in this region. Anyone from coimbatore?


Shibi Narayanan

Anyone ever passed without writing a mock??

I know this sounds dumb, as many are you are AF wizards. For me, I didn’t know anyone who had taken the CFA in the last decade, and I honestly found out CFAI posted mocks 2 nights before the exam. I wrote the December exam with only 1/2 of a mock completed the night before the exam. This freaked me out, reading as how many of you have written so many mocks. I made ~75 on the half mock I completed. I felt pretty decent after the exam.

CFA Level 1 Exam Results

In Philippines, what is the approximated time that we’ll receive the CFA Level 1 Exam results? 

CPA Curriculum books


Do the CPA  books change from one year to the other ? Can I purchase the books without purchasing the exam?r

I would like to retake the exam ( failed level one in 2015) But would like to go through them fully. Hence my questions,



Inventory: Reversal of write down of Inventory IFRS

Why the reversal of inventory has to reduce COGS.

“In each subsequent period, a new assessment of net realisable value is made. Reversal (limited to the amount of the original write-down) is required for a subsequent increase in value of inventory previously written down. The reversal of any write-down of inventories is recognised as a reduction in cost of sales (reduction in the amount of inventories recognised as an expense).” CFA Curriculum book  pg 426.

With reversal the Current asset should increase by that amount why COGS is reduced?. What am I missing?


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .. Study Group

Hi guys,

I’m thinking in forming a group to study together or joining a current one„ if you are in Riyadh and interested or already in group, then contact me plz