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Level I

Do Not Discuss Specific Exam Questions

Please do not discuss specific questions from the exam this weekend or attempt to re-create the exam topics tested.

Good luck on the exam! As a member of AF you will be among the most prepared candidates in the room this weekend. 

CFA L1 June 2020, Brazil

Looking for a partner to exchange ideas of theory/questions that lives in Brazil, we could exchange ideas via ********,

Reply if interested!

Registration exam june 2020 passport information.

Hi everybody,

I want immediately registered for the CFA level 1 in June 2020, but I’ve noticed during my registration procedure that I need an international passport to complete the process. My problem is that currently I’ve only my National ID and not yet a passport. I would like to ask you if you think be possible to register now with my ID number ( they ask only the last 4 numbers) and  to change the number and details with the valid passport as soon as I will get one. 

Positive and Negative Skewness

why when the skewness is a negative number is it called: Distribution Skewed to the Left 

Can someone explain me the picture?

In a distribution with a negative skewness it has more positive values than negatives, althrough higher negatives numbers compensate that turning the skewness negative.

But why is the picture like that?

CFAI mock vs Real

So i have been averaging 67~68% very minimal margin on 3 of those mock exams. I just did Schweser too but got 64%. 

Just wanted to confirm how is mock exam compared to the real exam. Can they be a good estimator? 

Anxiety is real. 

Best of luck on Saturday

Good luck on your exams on Saturday!

You’ve all clearly studied hard, now go show CFA Institute what you’ve learned!

Don’t study too much on Friday, get a good night’s sleep, remember all of your junk (pencils, calculator, exam ticket, passport, lunch, whatever), get to the exam venue early so that you can relax a bit, and tell yourself that you can do this.

Unfortunately, the cold facts are that some of you aren’t going to pass the exam on Saturday.  When you learn that that’s your fate, you’ll be disappointed; some of you will be devastated.

Internal Rate of Return - Multiple Changes in Cash Flows (Positive and Negative)

I am analyzing an 11-year investment project. After an initial investment period, the project cash flows are positive in years 1 to 3 but turn negative from years 4 through year 11. The initial investment period is actually two years. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) I get in excel is approximately 20.0 percent.