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Level I

Exam questions

Is it possible to come a question in the exam from out of LOS ?

I found a question in a test bank in inventory reading from outside the LOS 

Q. With regard to net present value (NPV) profiles, the point at which a profile crosses the horizontal axis is best described a

Q. With regard to net present value (NPV) profiles, the point at which a profile crosses the horizontal axis is bestdescribed as

  1. the point at which two projects have the same NPV.
  2. the sum of the undiscounted cash flows from a project.
  3. a project’s internal rate of return when the project’s NPV is equal to zero.

How is the last one correct?

It doesn`t make any sense for me.

    2019 Mock Exams

    Hi CFAI publishes Mock for L1 2020 in April. Could I get a copy of 2019 Mock exam.

    Mark Meldrum question bank

    Hello ,

    Any one using Mark Meldrum level 1 complete package can give an overview for their question bank ?

    How is the answer for each question ? does it have sufficient explanation for 2 scenario ( If Wrong , If right ) 

    I look to Wiley question bank but it’s very poor in their comments on answers 

    Serious Prep Advice from seniors

    Hello everyone

    I am sitting for Level 1 in June. So far I have done Quant and  Economics. Midway FRA. I have done somewhat practice for Quant.

    I am thinking to keep going and try to go over the material / make notes for all the remaining material by the end of March after which I will solely focus on practice questions first topic by topic and then mock exams. So no practice until I finish the material and then April + May I revise + practice. 

    If i do try to do the practice questions now I know I will not be able to finish the material by end of March.

    Sustainable Growth Rate

    Hi guys,

    I have a question on the sustainable growth rate. 

    The following definitions are provided in Wiley:

    ROE = Net Income / Average Equity

    Retention Ratio = (Net Income Attributed to Common Shareholders - Common Dividends) / Net Income Attributed to Common Shareholders

    Anyone in Compliance that has done CFA?

    Just curious if anyone has worked in the compliance department whilst doing the CFA? I am looking to open new doors and move into front office. I have already done IOC/IMC and CFA seemed the next logical step….