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Level I

P(E) will be kσ from its mean?

Hi everyone, In Reading 11 ” Sampling and Estimation” ‘s Practice problems, I encountered a question which I can’t understand:

An exchange rate has a given expected future value and standard deviation.

  1. Assuming that the exchange rate is normally distributed, what are the probabilities that the exchange rate will be at least 2 or 3 σ away from its mean?

Bond yield calculation

Purchase date of the bond: 04/18/2018

Purchase price: 100

Coupon : 3.5% (pays twice a year)

Maturity Date of the bond: 04/18/2019

Coupon Payment Date: 10/16/2018 (exactly 6 months from purchase date)

I know there are different yield calculations out there. But if I want to compare the yields between different financial instruments, I should calculate the effective yield right?

I do not have a financial calculator yet so I relied on Excel and I came up with 7.124%

Is this correct?

Optimal Sequence for Studying Topics?

I am hoping someone who has already done the exam can give some advice here.

Ethical and Professional Standards (15%)

Quantitative Methods (12%)

Economics (10%)

Financial Reporting and Analysis (20%)

Corporate Finance (7%)

Portfolio Management (7%)

Equity (10%)

Fixed Income (10%)

Derivatives (5%)

Alternative Investments (4%)

Asking for a friend...

So my friend decides to take the CFA Level I this June. But due to personal circumstances, has just finished Schweser Book 1. Do you think she can cram the next two months considering that she has a full-time job?

Closing in on exam day

Hey all, 

I’m writing this to find out how you guys are coping with revision, nerves, stress etc. I’ve been reading since January, and I’m through book 5 of 6. Once I get through everything, I plan to spend the rest of my time reading the summaries of chapters, and brutally tackling questions. 

The one thing I’ve encountered so far, is that my retention has been low, and it’s starting to scare me. 

CFA level 1 pass paper

Hi, as subject, I can only reach CFA mock paper thr CFA website, anyone knows where to.get CFA pass paper? Thx.