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Level I

Practice questions CFAI Student Resources

Hi I have recently checked the CFAI Material and the practice questions at the end of each of the chapters. I wanted to know if the level of difficulty is close to the actual exam day questions. I found them to be tougher than the Kaplan material.

London, CFA L1, Dec 2019

Looking for someone to study together, can travel anywhere in Zone 1. let me know. thanks.

Level 1 December 2020

I’m looking to write Level I in December 2020, but registration isn’t open yet and looking to get a head start on the readings without having to register for June 2020 exam. Given the curriculum doesn’t change for June/Dec, what are my best options? Buy books from Wiley?


Hello guys,

                    Kind of new around. Looking forward to 2020 for level one. Does anyone have a 2019 FRA pdf NOTE? If you do, pls send to  Will really appreciate this.

Thank you.

Practice questions for CFA L1

Hello Aspirants and charter holders,

I have got allot of advice from this forum in past few weeks as I am doing my preparation for Dec 2019 L1.

So at the moment I am studying through CFA institute material which is going good for me, but I need more practice questions to make a good hold on the topics. So please suggest me with which Q-bank should I go through?

Level 1 December exam prepration

Hi ,

Is it possible to complete and pass if I start preparing for L1 from now ?

Your recommendation is highly appreciated for best source ?

Wiley or Shweser ?

question about the CFA level 1 requirement

Hi, everyone. i am so glad that i can be one of the member of analystforum.  I am the international student studying at my final year of my AA degree in a community college. i don`t have or even start a BA degree. Can i still enroll the level 1 exam at December this year? i checked the official website requirement for many time, but i also saw some people on the internet say we can enroll the level 1 without college degree. i am so confused. 

Why LM curve is upward sloping

Hi everyone,

I’m reading about LM curve but I don’t understand clearly why LM is upward sloping, because if income increase, more money will be on the market increasing the supply of money and it will be cheaper, isn’t it?

I know that my though is wrong but I don’t know why.

Thanks a lot,