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Level I

Tuition Provider

Hi Everyone, Newbie question. So I registered for June 2019 L1. Now I need to select a study provider. I dont want to spend >$1000 on the study provider and hence have zeroed down on 2 options basis all the feedback in this forum. 1st is to go for the Self Study Option from Kaplan without the Video Lessons and Live Tuition.

Procedure for withdrawal?

Hello guys

Due some reasons, one being not studying enough. I am not confident at all for even appearing in my Dec-18 lvl 1 exam.

I found out there is a provision for “Withdrawal”  which, even though, don’t give refund but allow us to register again for next exam and removes our name from list for this exam.

In that, i found that CFA institute has provided a form which is to be sent at least 3 days before 5th November

My only doubt is how to fill and send that form?

CFA Level I in Toronto

Hello everyone,

I’ll be writing the CFA Level I in June. Anyone interested in forming a study group to study together? I can do Scarborough or downtown.

Reviewing Mocks

What approaches to reviewing mocks and improving scores have you all found most effective? I took my first mock last weekend, and as I reviewed the questions I made note of anything I wasn’t comfortable with, so I could go back and review those sections of the book.

June 2019 Level 1 Exam

Hi everyone

Just registered for the June 2019 level 1 exam. I’m excited but a little anxious as well. I am not sure how to start studying/preparing for the exam… How soon to start studying and which material to study first. eBooks from CFA or the Schweser notes.


Often, though, we need to measure how sensitive quantity demanded or supplied is to changes in the independent variables that affect them.

(Institute 8)

Institute, CFA. 2019 CFA Program Curriculum Level I Volume 2. CFA Institute, 5/2018. VitalBook file.

The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

Weights December 2018

Hi all, 

So far, I have heard pretty much a controversy regarding the exam weights for December, 2018. Whereas many people state that FRA will constitute about 20% of the exam, on the official website (CFA) the weight for FRA is only 15%. (Here is the link ). 

Will highly appreciate if someone explains me where and how can I know the weights for the topics in order to allocate time for each topic accordingly.

Which CFA education provider should I use?

Hello everyone,

I recently began studying for the CFA Level I for June 2019 and I have realized that there is no way I’ll be able to understand, remember, and know everything without some help. I began looking at some providers and I’ve narrowed down on 3, but I’m not sure which to choose and would like some help.