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Level I

Elasticity of Demand

If the price elasticity of demand is –1.5 and a change in the price of the product increases the quantity demanded by 4%, then what is the percent change in price?










Study Plan

Study plan for June exam, considering someone starts studying from November. 

Question regarding retained earnings

Hi,guy, just wanna make sure which one of the following is correct:  (1)beginning retained earnings+ NI-Dividend paid=End retained earnings   (2)beginning retained earnings+ NI+contributed captial-Dividend paid=End retained earnings   Is it one of them correct or both? Please help and thanks in advance.

how similar are the exams year by year?

so I really want to get this exam on the first try and take as much time as I need. I’m using the 2019 cfa institute study materials to prepare right now and I’m wondering if it’s an option to take the cfa level 1 next winter or even the year after. I’ve read sources online that say it’s 80% year by year the same. while there are certain changes in how much you’re expected to know and what the policies are.

so yeah, how similar are the exams year by year?

November Mock Exam

Good afternoon! I received an invitation to the CFA Level 1 mock exam that would take place in Moscow approximately in a month.

Exam in December- Very worried

I need an advice please.

I’m scheduled to write the exam in December but I’m very worried.

I have covered the Schweser notes for all the session but it seems everything I read keep evaporating.

Standards of Practice Handbook: Necessary to read?

I am wondering if the Standards of Practice Handbook is entirely necessary to read in it’s entirety. Obviously it contains a lot of information, but when pressed for time preparation wise, is it still worth while? Or is banging out questions and what not a more useful allocation of time?