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Level I

Am I too far behind?

I’ve registered to sit the December exam, but I’m considering withdrawing if I’m not prepared to focus on other things (I am working on a PhD application due a month before, which is a much higher priority). I’m guessing there are some people who’ve sat level 1 beforehand, so I wanted to ask whether my current status is sufficient to bother continuing? If not, I’d rather cut my losses. 

Cancellation and Refund

Hey, everyone, I am an L1 candidate for Dec 2017, and I have been studying almost two months now. However, I have to cancel or postpone my exam because of the medical condition that I was recently diagnosed.( I was diagnosed with cancer two days ago). So my question is, does anyone have an idea how to address the issue to CFA Institute for postponing or even for a possible refund? Or Should I go crazy and take the exam on December? 


Is -1.1 unitary elastic or  less elastic

Taxes Payable vs Provision for Income Taxes

These two words seem to be a bit confusing

Are these two terms (taxes payable and provision for income taxes) interchangeable? Do they generally mean the same thing?


Skipping readings to catch up?

I’m writing L1 in Dec, and am starting to fall behind on my readings. So far I’ve read Quant, FRA, FI, and Alts, and the first reading in Equity. Ideally I should have equity done already and be halfway through Econ. I want to allow a full 6 weeks of review and mocks, so am aiming for a mid October finish, and ideally I’d like to completely read FRA again as I was really poor at it. I’ve been in the industry for a while, so quite a few of the concepts aren’t that new to me.

True Yield vs Street Convention Yield

Question about True Yield and Street Convention Yield.

So true yield methods will make the coupon payments to be made later than in street convention, because of holidays and stuff. But I was wondering how this would make the True Yield Convention’s yield smaller than the Street convention method’s yield?

Could anyone possibly help out with the maths/logic of this?

much appreciated

Level I Study Group - Manhattan

Hi guys. Is anyone interested in doing a study group in Manhattan? I’m currently studying for the Level I exam. Let me know.

What should be an Ideal strategy one should follow for preparing for CFA level 1 exam?

Hi Guys, 

So, I am preparing for CFA Level 1 Dec 2017 Exam. I wanted to know is there some strategy that I should follow for better preparation.
Right now, I am following a Study plan and trying my best to stick to it. After completing every reading, I practice for that part so that I know which concept I am not clear about and where should I focus more.

In the last month, I will be practicing as much as I can and do practice exams and revision. Is there anything else I should do so my preparation can be improved.