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Level I

Fisher Equation VS. Nominal Risk Free Rate


There seems to be a conflict between economic theory and finance calculation of nominal risk free rate.

NRFR = (1 + RRFR)(1 + inflation) - 1

whereas Fisher Effect in macroeconomics state it is a simple addition

NRFR = RRFR + Inflation

Does anyone know the mathematical or logical reasoning behind it? The difference is marginal at best, but what’s the logic in compounding inflation with RRFR?

IFT vs WileyPrep vs schweser

I have started my prep for cfa i just wanted to know th best resource for cfa. I am using IFT videos, Schweser mocks do i need anything else. 

Thank you


Hello AF,

I am planning on purchasing the Bloomberg CFA prep either today or tomorrow for June-18. Was studying for another qualification which I’ve only just passed this week or else I’d go for the December-17 CFA Level I exam. 

Re-taking CFA Level I exam

I recently took the CFA Level I exam in June 2017 and unfortunately did not pass (band 7).

I am planning on re-taking the exam in June 2018, and was wondering if I should buy anymore study material (considering I have all the CFA textbooks for 2017).

Any advice or comments most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Topic Tests and Other Sample Questions

Hi all,

I am preparing for the December exam - have been studying since April. I have been reading through the CFAI curriculum (no third party providers), and watching Mark’s videos whenever I get stuck in a certain topic. Currently, I am more than halfway through FRA (which is a struggle, given my non-finance background) and have Econ and Ethics left.

BA II Plus calculator - FREE

First come first serve.  I have 2 of these bad boys in great condition.  Bought them new.  Send me a PM if interested.   I will throw in unopened spare batteries also. You will have to send me a prepaid envelope if interested. Here’s the link for envelope:. 

Free questions and mock exams


I have started my preparation using Schweser notes for Dec 2017.

My plan is to practice topic wise questions while doing the reading and start mocks at the end of October.

For practicing questions I have:

final year of a bachelor's degree ENTRANCE REQUIREMENT

Hi folks, I would like to know if it’s posible for me to register for the June 2018 Level I exam before the early registration deadline (so as to take advantage of the lower price), given that I am currently in the fourth year (out of five) of a bachelor’s degree and I will be in the last year at the time of the exam (99,5% sure about that). If u don’t know what to answer just tell me if the cfa institute asks for a certificate after having paid the fee. My worry is paying the fee and then not being able to sit just because i enrolled  for the exam before being in my last year.

Old CFA Level 1 exams or mock exams


Is it possible to get old mock/orginal exams. There are couple of old links which mention that for level 3, but not for level 1.