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Level I

FR&A is so boring


esp the rules…like idgaf about the conceptual framework

Kaplan Qbank scores

When Kaplan Qbank online portal gives you a comparison between your performance and the others’. Is this actually a meaningful indication if you performance in the actual exam? Can someone score 90% in Qbank questions (more than 55% solved - most of them are med. and adv.) and then significantly falls below that in the actual exam???

Sold asset on CFO and net income

A company purchased an asset 3 years ago for $125,000. It sold the asset in the current year for $12,000. The current year’s CFO exceeds net income by $5,000. Assuming that these are the only transactions undertaken by the company and no depreciation was charged during the year, the accumulated depreciation charged against the asset is closest to:


2019 L1 CFAI mock scores

How is everyone doing on these 2 weeks before the big day!?

Final review / Kaplan Qbank

What % of the total curriculum do you think is covered by Kaplan Qbank questions? The reason I’m asking is that I’m doing my final review, and I feel that I do NOT remember many things! And no time to reread topics!!

Looking for CFA Level I study buddy in Kerala, India

I’m doing CFA Level I self study and planning to appear for December 2019 i am completely new to the whole topic so I’m looking for a study partner from India and preferably Kerala. I hope someone replies 

Kaplan Down?

Showing a ‘500: Internal Error’ for the last 10 minutes and cannot access my program material; anyone else having this issue?

Studying pattern/momentum

Do you struggle to get back on track fully concentrated, determined, & enthusiastic after a day off from studying due to urgent matter?? I’m losing motivation just a month before the date despite having good scores & overall understanding of the material