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Level I

Personal Belongings and oth. questions

Some questions:

Will in the test center be a personal belongings area? Is it safe? Will be there enough space for everyone’s stuff?

Heard, that sometimes could be cold in the exam room. So could I bring some additional clothes; Or can I undress some of it if oposite?

3 hours to sit, without a sip of water? could be painful. Really there are no water? 

I feel like I'm lost even with review classes...


I am new to the forums and I am beginning to worry about the test as I approach it.

I decided to enroll in schweisers “last chance” session, not realizing how much work the exam entails. I am currently a full time student getting my masters and it is midterm time. I have basically been using all of my time for school work and CFA preparation. I know it is somewhat early to take the exam, however I feel like it is a good certification for when I apply for jobs.

CFA Exam Tickets are available

I’m guessing most of you know by now, but your exam tickets are finally available. It always seemed off to me that CFAI waited so late to release these to test takers. Have they always been released this late in the game?

Money market yield simple interest

Why is the Forward Rate agreements settlement, Money Market Yield, and Bank Discount yield in simple interest and not compounding interest form?

 Do people actually use these 3 non-compounding returns in real life?

Not ready for exam, should I still sit for it?

Hi guys,

Life has gotten in the way of studying for the December 2011 exam and I nowhere near ready for the exam.  I haven’t even gone through half the stuff.  Would I be gaining anything by still wasting time and sitting for the exam?  I’ve already paid for it so feel I should at least go through it and see how I do but I feel I’m just winging.

Curious to know if anyone else is in the same situation.  What would you guys do?

Relevant Work Experiecne

Would being a broker at Scottrade count as relavent work experience towards earning your CFA?

Easy/dumb question about exam format

My apologies, I’m sure it’s somewhere obvious, but my brain is mush right now; but are the questions on the exam organized by topics??  Ie. There will be an Ethics section of those questions, an Econ section, an FRA section, etc.

God I hope so…

upward revaluations

Under IFRS when there are upward revaluations more so than the original write down they say that it is reflected directly in equity? I’m not sure how this works. Can someone just explain a simple example like if the historical cost was 90, it was written down to 80 and then the fair value went back up to 100, how this would be reflected in the I/S and balance sheet.