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Level I

CFA Mock exam - How'd ya do?

Just curious how everyone did on the CFA issued mock exam.  I’ve been using the elan mocks and it seems that those were actually a bit harder.   Scored about 65-70% on the the first two Elan mocks.  Took the CFA mock today and got a 78% overall.  I’m hoping that this test is similar to the real one!

It seems that the ethics questions were definitely a bit trickier. 

CFAI June or 2010 moch exams

Anyone have access to these or can direct me to a place on the site where I can find them? I took the cfai moch first thing after reading the material. Wishing I didnt now… So I could use it to gauge my progress.

Re-registering for Level 1; can I switch to Level 2 if necessary?

Hey guys

I’m scheduled to sit for the December 2011 Level 1 exam; but I must be realistic and feel I will not pass this one.  I’d like to register now for the June 2012 L1 exam to sure my place at desired center.  However if I would pass now in December, would I be able to switch registration later to Level 2 in June?

Hope someone knows!


5 Day Plan

Lets go ladies and gents!  6 Days to go, lets all finish strong.  Just wanted to post my plan for the last 5 days.


-Re-review past exams and make note book of topics and formula’s that were missed

June 2012 level-1

Good Luck and best wishes to all december candidates…

was just wondering is there anyone whos going for june 2012…


hi guys…

can anyone suggest me how to improve my timing???

thanks in advance 

quants - positive skewnwss


while I was going through summaries and EOC questions. I noticed that :

In summaries (p-411)it says, ” Positive skewness has frequesnt small losses and few extreme gains”.

In EOC Q no. 16,(p- 433)solution says, “positive skew indiacting higher freq of very large positive returns”

I am confused with the frequency party, ie in positive skewness are thr freq losses or gains??

My Standard Deviation

Anyone else have a problem with consistancy in their sections?   I’ve been keeping track of how I do on each 1/2 mock I complete…so far I’m through 4 full mocks and for each section I’ve recieved a 100% once, but also a 25% atleast once in each section and not in any sort of trend.