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Level I

Exam day and Professional Conduct

Every year a month or so after the exam, I get a bunch of e-mails from people who have been accused of cheating on the CFA exam.  I try to help them but there is a limited amount I can do.  CFAI is very serious about enforcing the rules and if there is any question about whether you broke the rules, the process is heavily biased toward finding that you did.  In particular, here are some important rules:


Can someone explain why a monopoly operates in the elastic section of the demand curve….. and not the inelastic section

i know in the inelastic section price are lower… my guess is that because there are no alternatives they operate at the higher price in the elastic region… not so sure though 

CFA level 1 vs college course load

I’m curious how people feel the CFA level 1 compares to a normal semester’s courseload in college for you guys? I’m interested in a wide range of opinions. For me, compared to a normal semester in undergrad:

CFA is broad and large. Lots of material covering different topics.

CFA matierial isn’t necessarily difficult to grasp. Most of my time spent is on remembering the material off-hand, not on being able to actually understand it.

CFA Mock PM, Question #20

This is a very simple question, but the answer doesn’t look right to me. 

The answer is B, 21, which is the 8th number in the sample. 

I chose C, 24.2,  I used the formula in the book.  (n+1)*y.   so 11*80% = 8.8,  and interoplation between 21 and 25. 

which one is right?

My Blog in Preparing CFA Level I

Nov. 27, 4:37, finished Ethics to Page 139;

Nov. 27, 14:36, finished reading curriculum Ethics & GIPS,

Nov. 27, 17:40, finished FRA Session 7

Nov. 28, 0:00 finished FRA Reading 32

Nov. 28 0:00-16:00, not study…want to beat myself

Nov. 29 1:30, finished Reading 35

How to handle knowing that you can't know it all!

This is just a venting comment and would like to see who can relate to this.

So I have realized that there just is no way in hell to know the whole curriculum (obviously).  I have never walked out of an exam not knowing I got an ‘A’ on it, or damn close.  Unfortunatley, I have the feeling that walking out of that exam I’m not going to know if I passed or not.  That must suck and then have to wait about 2 months to find out results on top of that.

Anyone else have this issue? Everytime I take a mock, I find more sh*t I can’t remember, etc.  Just SO frustrating!!!!!

SoP Handbook - Ethics Review

Hi all,

I am taking the test this weekend. I am planning to review Ethics for the next 2 days & am currently reading the CFAI textbook.

I am undecided between spending time on reading the Standards of Practice Handbook v/s solving the Schweser Question Bank Ethics Questions.