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Level I

Schweser customizable study calendar

Has anyone who has access to this schedule played around with it? I need something like this to keep me organized and on track. If I have the calendar begin my study plan on June 1, it only schedules me for about 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. This is manageable and Im able to fit it into my work and social schedule but I do not think an hour per day is enough the learn and retain the concept, etc. Your thoughts?

CFA L1 - Complete syllabus first & Practice Later?

Hello Everyone,

I’m preparing for CFA Level 1. I have registered for Dec 2019.  I would like to know what is the best approach to prepare for this exam.I am doing 9 hours full time job in ecommerce company, my job is not related to finance. I made up study plan where I will be covering 2-3 readings in a week, while studying 12-20 hours on weekend and some 4-6 hours on week days 

Inventory and cash paid to suppliers

hello everyone 

lets assume that the COGS= 75, Acc payable= increased by 2, and Inventory= decreased by 6

the cash paid to suppliers = 75 - 2 - 6= 67, but i can’t  understanding why i should to subtract the  decrease in inventory from the COGS logically

Almost done reading. What next?

I should complete the reading for Kaplan tonight and the Kaplan experience this week.  I figure I’ll spend the next 3 weeks on CFAI blue box examples and o

Industry vs Sector


Just wondering, which is which? RGS and GICS define sector as the broadest category while ICB uses industry. Is this something that needs to be discerned on a case by case basis and based on context or is one definition preferred to the other?

INT(1 - tax%)

hello everyone 

i would to ask in FCFF formula we add NI+ Int(1-tax%)

If we want to calculate the available cash for lenders why we treat the interest expense as it taxable, if i paid $1000 as an interest expense it’s not taxed and the full amount paid to the lenders, so why I calculate it after tax if i want to calculate the  cash available for the lenders

Ear effective annual interest rate

I have a question if person borrows $9000 and makes yearly payment of 2684.8.what will be the interest he will earn. The answer is 15% but i couldnt get it.can anyone explain me how to calculate it

tax adjustment

why interest(1-t) is added and not only Interest…. to Net income to calculate FCFF.

I understand the topic of tax shield.

My question is ……just as whole depreciation is added back as their is no actual cash outflow,

why isnt whole interest added back (as interest is available to both debt & equity owners) to calculate FCFF.

Later on the interest will be distributed to debtholders.