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Level I

Any Recommendation for the Last 10 Weeks

Hello everyone!

As a Level I candidate, I would like to hear your advice for my case in the last 10 week. As a finance graduate, I finished all the readings from a third-party material and solved more than 2,000 questions (from a third-party) with around 75-80% accuracy so far.

Please help me understand the arithmetic of currency cross-rates

Here is an example question:

Given an exchange rate of USD/CAD 0.9250 and USD/CHF 1.6250, what is the cross rate for CAD/CHF?

The answer I came up with was .5692 and here is my work:

.9250 x 1/1.6250

but instead I shouldve done .9250/1.6250 

Pdf CFAI Dec 19 mocks

does anyone please know where I can get a pdf of the Dec 2019 mocks?. There’s no pdf option in the Ecosystem in Candidate resources 

Determine a stock is undervalued or overvalued

I know using the CAPM to calculate the required return, which is equal to the expected return. Then comparing the number with forecast return. But why using forecast return as benchmark to determine undervalued or overvalued? Forecast and required return seems both future return, which is unknown. 

For short, why required return less than forecast return means this stock is undervalued? Vice versa


How to register now for the December 2019 Level 1 exam?

Stupidly, I missed the registration deadline for December 2019, even though I have been preparing for the Level 1 exam.

Does anybody know if there is any way that I can still sign up late?


Hey everyone.

This is where I am at using Schweser and I wanted to post to get an idea of where everyone stands. Am I in good shape? I might start practice exams soon.




Having trouble with the first reading in Micro. Im using Meldrum but he doesnt seem to simplify the material.

FX Calculation Question

Hi All,

So currently doing a question that is as follows:

The annual risk-free interest rate is 10% in the United States (USD) and 4% in Switzerland (CHF), and the 1-year forward rate is USD/CHF 0.80. Today’s USD/CHF spot rate is closest to:
A. 0.7564
B: 0.8462
C: 0.8888

In working this out I am using the formula which is forward/spot = [(1+(i) price) / (1+(i) base)] and I am putting the US interest rate (10%) as the price, but the answer is putting it as the base? Any idea as to why?

Contradiction Kaplan note and Qbank

The Puchalski Company reported the following:

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Income before taxes

Taxable income

How I owned the CFA Level 1 exam (with proof) and H

Dear forum,

Although by all accounts I am a pretty self-centered dude who only cares for the people close to him, I do believe in giving and getting back. After crushing back-to-back the CFA Level 1 (2018) and CFA Level 2 (2019) exams from the first attempts (top 10% of all candidates in both cases, scroll down to the bottom of this message for the screenshot), I thought I might share with you some non mainstream knowledge. Not sure whether this post will be popular or not but even if helps only one person to pass the exam like I did, I’ll take that.