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Level I

Ways to get questions answer explanation

Hi guys - When you study for CFA lvl 1, any questions that you aren’t able to understand even after reading the explanation, what are some ways you addressed your burning questions?  I’m sure posting question on this forum is one way but any other avenues?  Thanks in advance!

CFAI qbank

The 2nd quant section has a plethora of open ended questions (not talking about the “explain” ones). I mean the ones where there are no multiple choice answers, but instead a box for you to type oin your calculated numerical answer. Very frustrating especially when you have the correct answer but get marked wrong becuase of rounding or something. 

Last week CFA L1 strategy?

My mocks are showing I’m borderline passing right now…has been getting either 67% or 72%, aka I got all the major concepts, but it’s just the minor points hidden somewhere in the textbook that tripped me over. Re-reading chapters hasn’t done any good for me cuz idk what I should be paying attention to…. Any advice on what to do at this point?

Level 1 Study Strategy

Hi Guys - I started studying for the December Level 1 last week of May.  I’ve been watching Mark Meldrum’s videos during the weekdays for 3 readings and then focus on solving Mark Meldrum’s quizzes.  So far I’ve been solving 40 questions/reading during the weekends.  But I’m already feeling worried that my study plan not work.  Can you guys share your study plans?  and for those who watched Mark Meldrum’s videos, were you guys able to understand perfectly what he was saying?  I like his videos but for some topic, I feel very lost even after watching his lectures.  Any advice would be greatl

Strategy for the last 10 days??


In the last 2 Mocks , I have been scoring 80/120 

My  scores are improving with every session.. like I just scored 85/120

Is 80 - 82 good for mocks? to get an idea of passing the exam ..

What should be an ideal study plan now?to Revise or Practice in the last couple of days.

Actual Structure of the Level 1 Exam Vs. Boston CFA MOCK

Hey guys, I recently completed a CFA Boston Society Mock exam in my town. The structure was similar for the first half of the exam to things I’ve read and heard about before, but half way through, the structure changed. 

On this Boston Mock the topics were as follows:

1. Ethics

2. QM

3. Econ

4. Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance 

5. Asset Valuation 

6. Portfolio Management