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Level II

How to Use a CFA® Mock Exam to Sharpen Your Testing Skills

The following post is sponsored by KaplanSchweser:

You’ve put in your 300 hours. You’ve attended the classes, you’ve gotten in some serious question practice, and your books look like they’ve been to war. Now it’s time to put all your hard work to the test (before the test). It’s time to sit for a CFA® mock exam.

Konvexity Mock exams for level 2 2019

Anybody is doing, or has done Konvexity mocks?

Just purchased their mocks, skimmed some of them and it seemed relatively shorter than CFAI’s mocks. I wonder how close their mocks to actual exam?

123mpr I know you dude did these mocks, and probably became an expert in CFA mocks))

I’ve done with all CFAI mocks and MM mocks, and results are very bad.

CFA Mock B 2019

Is there anyway we can download CFA Mock B 2019 in PDF format?

How to study for CFA2 working 90 hours a week. (rhetorical question)

Hi all.

I work with equities and I work some 90 hours per week. It’s a very intense job and I just started, so there is so much I have to learn about the job itself, etc. So my question is, how the hell can you study for CFA working these hours? Answering my own question, you can’t, right? Or am I wrong and some of you guys somehow do it?… Studying during the week is out of question. Then on weekend, there is always stuff to do, so I don’t see how can you pass that thing with one day of study per week.

Any of you have experience with this?

A Mock a day?

How are you doing mocks? Half Mock a day? Half Mock one day, next day revision? 

Comment ;) 

Residual income and Economic profit In Equity and Corp Fin.


So Residual Income and Economic Profit is Net income- Equity charge 

EVA= Nopat- WACC*total capilat


Economic profit= NOPAT - WACC* total Capital 

Residual Income= Net income - equity charge

can someone tell my why in the world are the names given to these formulae in each topic contradicting each other? How to figure out whether they’re talking about Economic Profit from equity or corporate finance? 

FRA Multinational Operations

For current method, is functional currency = foreign currency? I am getting confused with the terminology. When they say the foreign currency has appreciated, they mean the functional currency has appreciated? So that will increase the net asset exposure?

Kaplan Qbank vs CFAI EOC

Just took a practice exam and have identified the areas I want to improve/focus on before my next practice exam. Not sure whether Kaplan’s Qbank or CFAI EOCs are preferable at this point. Any insight would be helpful.