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Level II

Which mocks to purchase and any recommendations?

Considering so many official providers, please recommend which mocks to purchase and also let me know if I can only purchase mocks?

I am listing randomly some of the mocks, please let me know if these are worth purchasing. Please make them in order of relevance and difficulty:

1. Konvexity

2. CFA Institute 

3. Scheweser 

Done with readings - what now?

I finished a first read through the curriculum - what now? 

I was thinking of doing all the EOC questions and then starting on official practice exams. Is that enough practice? The other worry I have is that doing practice problems 3 months before the test might be starting too early - is that a concern?

Thanks all.

Saturation Point

Have anyone of you have reach saturation, at a level that you’re tired and can’t get the knowledge And feeling that can’t retain anything ?

how to overcome this??, 

IFT - 2019

Anyone studying with IFT notes ?

CFA Level II, Uptown NYC (Upper West Side to Upper Manhattan)

Hello, Uptown guys and girls! Lets meet once a week for targeted discussion and practice. Let’s not sit in a library and stare at books separately. Come prepared and engage in focused and active discussion of specified topics and strategies.

Proposed meeting locations 

Upper West Side, Morningside Heights (Columbia University), Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood.

Proposed session format

Frequency: once a week

Duration: 2 hours

Time of day: Evening

Day of choice: any day except Tuesday

Carry Trade

Hi guys… I am having serious problem with the exercises.. teorically I understand that you borrow in low yield currency, then buy high yield currency, invest in high yield currency and the sell it and buying back your kow yield currency and pays the interest. However when I doind the exercise I don’t get it..

Someone could explain me this exercise please.

All in return in Carry trade in JPY

1Y Libor JPY: 0.15%
1Y Libor EUR: 1.4%

Spot JPY/EUR 127.629/ 127.932
1Y Spot JPY/EUR 129.963