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Level II

Guidance for 3rd Time Level II

Thought I’d kick off my L2 prep by turning to the CFA knowledge hive and hopefully get some collective advice.

Practice Exam Volumes 1 & 2

I’ve been using the 2018 Schweser notes to study for the CFA L2 June 2019 exam. For subjects that have changed I’ll be referring to the online CFA e-book to learn new material from. Would it be worth buying the 2019 practice exam volumes though?

How many LOS

Do any buddy Know, how many LOS are in CFA level II 2019?


In person vs live online class - Schweser


i am wondering if anyone has experience with live classes and inperson class. I am debating between two and resorting for this community’s guidance .

hope someone have some insight. Thanks in advance.

EOC question on insurance companies in Reading 17: Analysis of FI

In the CFAI practice problem set, it says “Johansson tells Smith that she places emphasis on the efficiency of spending on obtaining new premiums“ 

From the notes, I understand that this is measured by underwriting expense ratio. However, the solutions list the right answer as A, combined ratio (which is defined as overall efficiency of an insurer’s underwriting business). Am I missing something here?

The question is reproduced below:

Reading 14 EOC 9

[question removed by moderator]

IMO the answer would be 75 + (68*0.5 - 22*0.5) = 98. Please tell me why the dividends aren’t taken into account. thanks

Schweser audio

I am now an instructor for a CFA study course.  I didn’t use the Schweser audio to study.  I am interested in details from anyone who has used or is using them.