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Level II

How to Use a CFA® Mock Exam to Sharpen Your Testing Skills

The following post is sponsored by KaplanSchweser:

You’ve put in your 300 hours. You’ve attended the classes, you’ve gotten in some serious question practice, and your books look like they’ve been to war. Now it’s time to put all your hard work to the test (before the test). It’s time to sit for a CFA® mock exam.

Why the importance of mocks is overstated

Taking some mocks is no doubt an essential step as you prepare for the CFA exam. In my experience however, the common perception that doing as many mocks as possible improves your chances of success is misleading. In what follows I explain why I believe this is the case.

Prof Brian Gordon's online program

Hi  , has anyone tried Brian Gordon’s online program? How good was it compared with other online providers?

IFT PLus or Premium

Just wrote Level 2 and pretty sure I am going to have to write that same level next year.  Right now IFT is having a 20% or 15% discount on their premium or plus package.  After using Bloomberg j

One-year plan to pass this exam

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve written CFA. I’m very excited about writing level 2 exam next year. I work full time for a bank in a very busy job so I can’t prepare like a student. 

If you could start today for the exam how would you design your plan? Would you read curriculum book for few topics?  

MPS expecation

I believe 65%. What do you think about it ?