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Level II

What happened to the Timeprep CFA app?

Just curious if anyone knew what happened to this app?  I see a couple links to it when I web search for it but if I click on “View in App Store” it says “This app is not available in your country/region”.

I used Timeprep to help plan my Level I study path and it helped in terms of knowing what goals to reach each day and was easy to reallocate the material if something didn’t go as planned at the push of a button. 


Can anyone simply explain me the Cobb–Douglas production function? I found it difficult to understand.

Thanks in advance

Company Specific Risk

We are given the following and asked how much of RBC stock’s excess return variation can be attributed to company specific risk.

Regression Statistics
Multiple R = 0.7131
R-squared = 0.5086
Standard error of estimate = 0.0269
Observations=  60

This is the solution:

CFA Institute curriculum redemption code

Has anyone received a redemption code for the CFA Institute curriculum L2??? or it’s not available this year on vitalsource??

spot rate vs future rate

Annual continuously compounded spot rates: s1=5%, s2=5.1%, s3=5.2%,

Bond: 1.5 year, Face value=100, semi annual coupon, 6%.

calculate the bond price.

can anyone help with this? thank you~ 

the below pic is my solution which is incorrect. 

CFAI Question Bank Difficulty

Hi guys,

Calling on level 3 candidates and charter holders - what are your thoughts on the difficulty of the CFAI online question bank? I have been doing some of the ECO’s questions and finding them intense! Compared to the actual exam in difficulty? 

Why doesn't depreciation get a tax shield?

FCFF = NI + NCC + Int( 1-Tax rate )-FCInv-WCInv

Since NCC (D&A) is accounted for in Opex, shouldn’t it be added back post-tax like the interest?

CFA Level 2 Formula Sheet

Hello everyone !
Does any one have CFA Level 2 Quicksheet or Formula Sheet from any prep provider? Please share it with me.