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Level II

CFA Level 2 - Worcester Mass

Anyone in the Worcester/Central Mass area want to study together for level 2 in June 2020?

What order to study topics

For Level I I started with Quants and went through topic by topic till I got to the end, then I did Ethics. For Level II I’m thinking about starting with Equity because it’s the one that interests me the most. In what order are you guys moving? What’s your logic?

Helpful Tip from Someone Who Took L2 3 Times

Hi Everyone,

CFA L2 is a much different exam than L1, which requires a much different study routine in my opinion. I failed L2 2 times, and finally passed on my 3rd try. It was a long and dark period of my life. I am now a charterholder, I passed L3 in 2019, so now I am done. The feeling is amazing, and if you keep working hard you will pass. So here is how I passed level 2:

Access Scholarships Advice

Hello Everyone! I cleared the Level 1 exam in June 2019 and plan on giving Level 2 in June 2020. Its slightly difficult for me to pay the fee so I applied for the Access Scholarship however I’m slightly worried that if the result for the scholarship comes after 2nd October and I dont get the scholarship I’ll also miss the early registration deadline and end up having to pay an additional $300. any advice on how to deal with this situation? any one who has been through the same? also how long do they take to give out the result for the scholarship ?

Study with a Job or full time ??

Hello Everyone
Thanks to this platform for solving my doubts and everyone who helped me here.
I am planning on giving Level 2 in June 2020. I am a fresher. I have the option of studying full time but I also think experience is important. 
I am confused on whether to apply for a job and study or study full time until June?? because I have heard that for Level 2 you need a lot of Practice and time.

Thank you already!

Career Guidance


Looking for some career advice or guidance. I recently graduated college (22yrs old) from UGA with a Int. Business and Economics degree. I was not studious at all in the past and finished with a 3.25 with poor grades the first 2 years of school. I decided to break into the IB or Portfolio Management space late in my college life and was not able to find good summer internship programs at large institutions.