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Level II

Equity Question

I’m confused about an equity valuation concept. In the Forecasted Fundamentals approach we estimate the value calculated from fundamental factors i.e Justified P/E ratio. While in the market comparable approxh we compare market ratios of the company to a benchmark.

My question if can we compare justified P/E ratio of one company to another company’s Justified P/E ratio to determine over/undervalution?

Also, comparing market observed P/E ratio of company A to its justified P/E ratio, does that fall in the comparables approach of forecasted fundamentals?

CFAI Qbank printable?

Can we get a printable version of the CFAI online qbank?? Reading through these long questions on the screen and keep scrolling up and down isn’t practical at all

Irvine, CA Level II June 2020 - study group

Looking to form a study group to meet and do practice questions together once a week?  Full disclosure - I took the test last year and failed!  Live and learn.  I needed to do more practice questions!! 

Best times are probably Sundays or Monday nights?


About to To Start Equity

I’m about to start Equity. I’m studying with Schweser Notes. Should the notes be good enough or should I read CFAI text for Equity? 

I read that for Derivatives and Portfolio Management CFAI text is prob better but I wasn’t sure on Equity.


2019 Schweser notes for 2020 exam


I am going to sit in June 2020 L2 exam. I want to ask if it is ok to use 2019 schweser notes or would i be needing 2020 notes to pass the exam.

Thank You

CFA Level 2 Melbourne

Anyone interested in studying together for upcoming lvl 2 exam. Please PM me.