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Level III

Clarification on misfit risk

I know this topic has been brought up in this forum many times but i just wanted to clarify myself on this concept. 

Misfit risk is needed since it allows room for active return more than benchmark return while maintaining minimum tracking risk. 

Is my statement correct? 

Thank you. 

San Francisco Level 3 takers

For those of you that just took the level 3 exam in SF, how were the desks? Were they small and frail? And did the whole table shake whenever the other person sitting next to you erased an answer?

I took level 2, and all the tables around me were little dinky tables. Wondering if they beef up the tables for L3.

Monty Hall Problem

Let’s observe the hypothetical situation:

1) In multiple choice section the candidate chooses a random answer from a, b, and c (e.g. a).

2) If candidate knows exactly which answer is wrong from the two choices left (e.g. b)

 Then is it correct to assume that chances of getting the answer right by switching from a to c will increase from 33% to 67%? 

People who were surprised they failed last year....

To the folks who were surprised they failed last year - what went wrong?

Did you way underscore on the AM vs how you thought you did? Were you band 9/10? What did you decide to work on this year (2018)?

When did you first sit for the Level 1?

A lot of people told me the average year for getting the CFA charter is 6 to 7 years. I did actually take the level 1 in 2012 too. And level 2 im 2013 and 2014;  level 3 in 2017 2018…

gosh… my 20s….

How long does it take for your body to readjust?

Every year i do an exam, for weeks after I feel exhausted and worn down, mentally and physically? months of low sleep and caffeine has its price. how long does it take for you to feel mentally and physically back to 100%?

Post Exam Stress / Mindset

I assume this is normal but I can only recall the questions I struggled with / probably lost points on which biases me to think I might get the dreaded “Not Pass” email or worse, “Band 10”. The rest of the exam is a blur.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Is this normal post exam?