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Level III

Longest Weekend Of The Year!

I will be watching as many Horror movies as possible. Under the circumstances… they calm me down. 

And blaming it on the… aaaaaalc*&$l. 

It’s been great having you guys here as a support system. Most of my circle just sees me as a freak for making this journey. 

What is everyone’s strategy the next 3 days nerve damage-wise?

Website Maintenance

Here they come! Now is when we should be checking for glitches! 

#findthetell (are kids still saying that?)

Tell? Level III Study Session outlines in Candidate resources

Candidate resources were changed once again since yesterday. Now my mock exam link is back and when I click on Level III study session outlines it redirects me to  ”2020 Level III exam topics and study session outlines” 

What provider are you going to use in 2020?

To those who are attempting the CFA level III exam in 2020, I would like to know what provider are you planning to use (if any) and why?

So far, I am still in doubt as to whether I should use MM or sign up with level up for their videos. MM is cheap as compared to level up, but I can easily afford the fees of level up too, yet I wonder if the extra money will be well spent! I’ve never used them before.

I used MM and his videos were good, but I didn’t like his notes and mocks for level 2. I could only wonder now if he provides better notes and mocks for L3.

Anyone expecting a raise?

Currently a credit analyst at an asset management firm making 64K + ~20% bonus. I also have my CAIA designation so I am expecting a pretty substantial raise after passing level 3 or I am obviously looking for a new job. Anyone else in a similar situation or expecting a raise in general after passing. If so, how much?