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Level III

CFA sections name vs. group for L3

As I am about to start studying for L3, I noticed that unlike L1 and L2, CFAI did not explicitly name chapters such as fixed income, equity investments, etc. Can you tell me to which group these chapters belong to? Ethics, Derivatives and AI are all very self explicatory.

CFA Level III - Houston

Trying to meet others who are studying for level 3 in Houston… either study or just discuss the test in general

Should I reread all of the curriculum books or is there a good revision course to use? Retaking the exam

Unfortunately, I’m a 3rd time retaker. 

First time, I ran out of time on the AM and bombed that section but did well on PM

Second time, I had the opposite problem in which I did above the average on AM but did worse than average on PM especially ethics

This will be my final try at level 3. What would be the best preparation for this?

IFT Study Notes

For anyone that has used both, would you consider the IFT study notes to be as comprehensive as Schweser Notes or

Kaplan New Online Software

Anyone having problems with Kaplan’s new online platform?   I signed up for Level III a month ago and have found three “bugs” so far.  It’s annoying and a waste of my time.

CFA without Society?

Submitted my work experience and CFAI approves it, then a couple weeks later the local society denies. From reading previous posts my understanding was that you have to join both to get the charter (but can discontinue the society afterwards), so I figure my options were to drop it for now, or resubmit the period that I think is the weak link. But then a couple days later I get the “Congrats you’re approved” email from CFAI and the link to activate… so question is, can you join without the society after all? Or would I just run into issues down the road? Thanks