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Level III

When and where do you study?

Just curious - I study in meeting rooms in my office - usually after work each night. Anybody pulling crazy morning hours on the regular? 

Printing CFAi curriculum off VitalSource

Hello all  - for L1 & L2 I’ve only used the CFAi curriculum. I’ve never bought the actual paperback texts - I’ve always just printed each reading off the VitalSource website. Around May of 2019 (while studying for L2), a watermark began printing across each page, and the pictures / graphs would be cut off and distorted. VitalSource support suggested I change browsers, computers, clear cookies etc., which helped for a little while. But now that I’m starting to study for L3, it keeps printing this irritating watermark and messing with the figures.

Marc or Mark?

I am very confused as to whether I should register with MM or level up. Considering that money is not an issue for me, which one would be of better quality?

I used MM and he was fairly good. The notes were bad, but I am planning to study from the curriculum anyway (for the first time). His mocks for L2 were full of mistakes, but people are saying that his mocks for L3 were good.

Bloomberg prep for Level 3


I have access to Bloomberg prep for level 3 and wanted to have feedbacks of those who used it for 2019. How are the content, Mock exams and question bank ?

CFA Level 3 Frankfurt


I just moved to Frankfurt from London and look for up to 3 people who are keen on setting up a study group. Just post here or send me a message. 


For whose who passed, what would you have done differently to improve your scores?

Now it’s over for the long battles and congrats to you all. However, I’d like to contribute this to the future L3 candidates to illuminate them for their preparations.

Result: Passed

Suggestion to myself : I would start ethics earlier along with other topics. I would do more AM mocks ,as I did only 10 mocks, in order to get used to the time condition and the pattern of the exam formats.