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Level III

How to find a job in Europe

I pass level III in June. At the moment, I work in a small company, in the fintech sector. I like the company but I want to change my job because it is not really related to finance and there is no clear progression path. I got some computer skills in my job (Office, SQL) but not much else of usable outside my company. I post here to have two suggests:

Complete L3 or career change? (From PWM)


I am contenplating if I should persuit L3 this year or focus on a career change this year. 

Currently working as a relationship manager communicating my company’s Investment strategy and I would like to move more info to doing the actual research and not only communicate it. ( I will not be able to this at my firm, due to the research department being based in the US). 

Based in London.


Level III June 2018 - Karachi


Looking for Level III study buddies from Karachi. Just cleared Level II in June 2017. 

Job description to get charter

Hello guys…

i need help!!!! I work as trading support in an investment management firm and my job is more like internal trading and moving clients funds to different portfolios as directed by the financial advisors. So basically i am not taking any investment decisions. I am trying to create a job in my company for me. They want me to write them the job descriptions or tasks that qualify which will help me to get charter. Can anyone please help me… 

Life insurance policy - cash values vs investment values

I am looking at Exhibit 6 page 413 (CFA curriculum)

It shows that the cash value of an insurance policy increases as Age increases, and the insurance value decreases as age increases.

Can someone please explain what this chart is? Is this saying that If I took out life insurance on my own life, at any time I can ’sell’ my own life insurance for a cash value? This cash value increases as I get older? Why?

option convexity

hey guys, i just wanted to let the world know that i passed level 3 last year 

Level 3 - Chicago Study Group

Folks, I am looking for a level 3 study partner or group in the Chicago area. Please send me a message if interested.

Thank you.

Notes CFA Level III

Does anyone have notes for Level III. In past I have seen that Dymke shared his notes prior to the last exam in June.

Does anyone have a copy of these notes or any other ones that they are able to share?