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Level III

GIPS study tips

On the last reading, the dreaded GIPS, and I wanted to get some tips on how to tackle this.

Wow there like.....arent ANY formulas...

high 50s low 60s band 9 guy here! how are we progressing?!?!

I haven’t started reading the material like i promised myself I would (6/23, i still have time) but i went through all 5 schweser books to make flashcards for all the formulas, and much to my surprise, i made only 91. 

Miami Level III

Interested in setting up a weekly group or meet up when is convenient for everyone. Brickell/Miami Beach are the areas I’m usually around studying. Shoot me a message or post below if you’re interested in meeting up.


Studying with CFAI materials?

I was wondering if anyone is studying exclusively from CFAI materials and how you plan on finishing it all? I just finished book 2 (I skipped book 1 for now) and feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to go through. Let me know your thoughts.

thank you

Nominal vs real cash flows.

Can you help answer the following:

1.  Is this statement incorrect : if your property is generating nominal cash flows, your discount rate will include an inflation component?

2. Nominal cash flows include inflation and do nominal discount rates?

3. Real rates exclude inflation as do real cash flows?

Relevance of Questions from Previous Exams

Hi All

I’m prepping all my study materials, including collecting previous CFA exams for essay practice. Given all the changes over the years, and especially the new sections for 2018, has anyone compiled a list of relevant (and non relevant) questions from the previous years exams? CFAI has thus far given 2014-2016, and I have copies of the past 10 years, and I’m having some issues trying to figure which questions continue to be relevant and which ones aren’t. 

Thanks, and best of luck to all the other L3 candidates out there!

Trusty people to grade CFAI past essay exams?


Does anyone Know a trusty people to grade past CFAI essay exams ?. 

I would like to get an unbiased feeling before exam (selfgrading is misleading bringing inflated results compared to real game)

Thanks a lot