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Level III

How to Use a CFA® Mock Exam to Sharpen Your Testing Skills

Thr following post is sponsored by KaplanSchweser:

You’ve put in your 300 hours. You’ve attended the classes, you’ve gotten in some serious question practice, and your books look like they’ve been to war. Now it’s time to put all your hard work to the test (before the test). It’s time to sit for a CFA® mock exam.

L3 retakers

What was your mock scores vs actual for AM/PM the last attempt?

How many hours you’ve studied for the last attempt?

did you finish the AM on time for the last attempt ?and how many points you’ve left blank?

in general, what went wrong for the last attempt?

I think such answers will help first timers to cool their anxiety about the results or at least will help them to know where they stand.

2019 Strictly AM Review

Hi Guys,

Having gone thru tons of AF posts here , I think the consensus is that the AM wasn’t easy but wasn’t unmanagible if one was mindful of time..while on the other hand the PM was brutal.

In my case it is turning out quite the opposite. The PM difficulty level was not above the CFA mock( I averaged 74 both the sessions put together) and I did more than ok in exam PM session.

scale 1 to 10

how would you rate the difficulty in your mind of both sessions 1 being easiest and 10 hardest?

i would say   AM  - 8    

PM  -  6 (except for the first 6 questions of ethics, what the hell was that?)

How to correct the answer to a 'circle' question in AM

Hello guys. Hope you are all fine post the exam. Actually I feel anxious these days cuz I don’t know whether I did correct my answers to a few of circle questions in an appropriate or acceptable manner.

As an example: I circled B but later found C should be the most correct answer. I then drew tiny lines along the circular edge outside B (I wish you could understand what I mean) and of course made another perfect circle outside C.

Would you plz kindly give me some advice on this? Big thanks and … best of luck for us!

SchweserNotes for donation? (SYD)

Hi L3 candidates,

Does anyone have 2019 L3 Schweser notes that will be going into a celebration bonfire regardless?

If you’re Sydney based and have notes up for donation, I’d love to hear from you. Sleep on it. And enjoy sleeping again.



Research factors other than Fama

Where can i find Research factors other than Fama? is there any good website?

Any recommended software /online platform where you can run factor regression ,create factor portfolios and do some backtesting ?