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Level III

Bill's mocks on LevelUp?

Is it true? Moving from Mark to Marc? But not mark to market.

Brand new mocks or recycled mocks?

Cfa here, cfa there, cfa everywhere!

so back in the day i thought getting the cfa was the ultimate goal for me. Now that I’ve achieved it, it feels more and more like the ”standard”.  It feels almost like everyone has it. Is it just me or has it become more popular?

CFAI online questions

Hey guys,

So jist to know if all of you are able to view the online questions on all subjects and the mock tests on CFAs website. I am only able to view practice questions on Equity, Fixed Income, Currency, Asset Allocation, Behavioral and Private Wealth(excluding the 1st chapter). 

Let me know about you guys.


No more actual Level III morning exams

According to CFA Institute, beginning in 2019 they will no longer publish the actual Level III morning session exam questions and guideline answers.

Just so’s y’all know.

Past essay exam solution

Does anyone have past essay exam solution paper which was solved by cfa candidates (or you), not the one provided by cfai? If yes then plz send to this email id-  I already have an 2017 essay solution which was provided by 125mph

BloombergPrep Level III 2020- anyone else perplexed?

Anyone else studying with BloombergPrep? Are you at all perplexed that after paying for the service, the ‘support’ tell you that the website will only be updated by the end of December 2019 to reflect the curriculum changes for Level III in June 2020?

I used BloombergPrep for Level II, and found it fine- however for those of you who start early (Sept-Oct), how can this be at all acceptable?

Comments please.