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Level III

QB for ethics

Which prep-provider question bank is best to practice for ethics?

Summary notes to supplement MM

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has recommendations for summary notes to supplement MM?

For L2 I used Wiley’s 11th hour guide and it worked very well for me. This time I would like to adopt a similar approach but use a summary guide a lot earlier on in the studying process.


Grading other candidate's mocks

I know many people say the key to improving their mock scores and passing the exam is to grade their own mocks as objectively as possible. Would it be a better idea to trade mocks with another Level 3 candidate that you trust? 

Use of CFAI's Qbank

Hello - good morning - 

What are the thoughts of using CFAI’s Q-bank? Use it as part of the review at the end? or using it as part of regular post reading in tandem with the end of chapter “Practice Problems”?

regards - Jean

Should I purchase Schweser notes for 2020? (have 2019 notes)

Hi boys and girls,

So obviously I failed in 2019 and I didn’t even have enough time to read through the notes once. Given that the notes are pretty expensive and I wonder whether it is worthwhile to buy the 2020 schweser? Am I gonna miss out a lot by using the 2019 notes? Thanks for the recommendations!

A question from CFA Program graduate from Toronto

Hello colleagues,

I passed the CFA L3 exam several years ago and then unexpectedly got a lucrative job in consulting (not related to the investment industry). Now, I am in the process of changing careers and would like to refresh the CFA Program material.