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Level III

CFAI Mock Exams

As I continue going through the CFAI curriculum and executing my plan to be ready for mocks by early-mid April, I spent some time tonight going through providers to order mock exams so I can have 10-12 on deck (at least) so I can dive into that when I am ready. 

How many hours per reading??

Hello guys, on average how many hours does It take to read one complete reading from The CFA Curriculum? 

block letters for am exam

my handwriting is not that great, is it ok to use block letters for the am session?

Peter Olinto . . .

… just told me that he passed his Level III exam and is now* a full-fledged, 100%, dyed-in-the-wool CFA charterholder!

Congratulations, Peter!

*Technically, as of 2018.

YC Strategies: Calculating Partials

Hi there, 

Anyone know how to calculate partials?  Working through Blue Box #2 of Reading 20 and am having a hard time figuring out how to calculate the curve shift for the 20 year security.  There’s a bridge concept on page 164 that describes how to do it via linear interpolation and I’m not getting the right answer as the solution.