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Level III

CFA Charters numbered in sequence?

I just had a quick question for all the charters out there.    When you receive your charter is it numbered to indicate what your sequence was in the entire world.   I have seen some posts indicating 35k position and etc but I assume this would be a tad difficult as it is not over 150k chartered.  

Pretty cool none the less.   

Wiley Instructors

Can anyone speak to the quality of Ian Rakita, Chris Ansell, and Jim Marrone all with WIley?

Mark Meldrum for Level 3

I had used Mark Meldrum for L2, and suffice to say, extremely satisfied with his product.

how is a new currency rolled out


My question is not related to how the fed puts paper money in circulation and replaces paper money etc.. It is more about how does such a system get set up in the first place.

When the first USD notes were printed, I would imagine hundreds of years ago, how did they end up in the hands of citizens.  Did the gov issue bonds to the fed at that time, and the fed gave the gov currency in return and then the gov used that money to make purchases thus putting into circulation?


2010 Question 2 C - gambler's fallacy

Can somebody explain the answer “Stewart uses small sample of observation (What does it mean ?) of below average interest rates (where does it mention below average rate in question?)” and how should 0.4 to 0.8 times and 1.15 and 1.2 times historical average be interpreted? 

Work experience

Hi guys,

I am currently working as a Commercial Real Estate Financing Analyst in a Bank and was wondering if my work experience would be accepted. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, is my description too short? I am only using 1000 words out of the allowed 2500.