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Level I

Which UpperMark suite to buy

Hey guys, wanted some advice on which products or packages from UpperMark to purchase for the CAIA Level 1 exam for Sept 2019. I’m debating between the regular Suite vs. Premium Suite, with the difference being the latter has the “Final Review Package.” Has anyone found this to be especially helpful to have?

Of course, if anyone thinks the Platinum or Diamond suites are really worth it, please let me know, too. I just wasn’t sure if this was overkill.

Appreciate the help.

CAIA L1 Exam Prep

Hey Guys and Gals,

I’m currently working in management consulting (infrastructure/real estate operations focused) at a Big 4. Prior to my current role, I came from an engineering undergrad and have several years of experience in infrastructure development. My main goal at this point is to learn more about infrastructure and real estate investments before seeking jobs in investment management (institutional or mega fund) or private equity (infra or RE focused).

CAIA Level 1 March 2019 How did your exam go?

Just wanted to know how everyone who took the exam is feeling about it? Which course material did you used and did it did justice to the level of questions that came in the exam?

Wiley CAIA Preparation - Review


Are anyone using Wiley as Test Prep ? Any comments about them ? I know they are very good for CFA preparation, but it has just one year preparing for CAIA. I signed up for a trial and its platform seems to be very well developed, but I don’t have reference about he content. 

Thank you 

CAIA Level 1 - March 2019

I Wanted to see how other people are feeling for the L1 March exam? What materials/techniques have been most useful to you so far?



I need advice regarding studying CAIA L1 FOR September 2019 exam  together CFA L1 for December 2019 exam .

Is it good idea to combine studying or I should complete CFA firstly ?

No nonsense guide to passing CAIA L1

Hey Guys,

I just passed CAIA L1 and since there don’t seem to be many guides I thought I’d write one on how to study for and pass CAIA L1.

TL;DR – do practice questions, don’t fluff about with the minutiae and guess intentionally