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Level II

Q-Bank difficulty and scores heading into the exam

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is repetitive, but I saw a post from someone saying Q-Bank wasn’t anywhere near as tough as the exam and that after failing L2 first time, they switched to UpperMark. This has legit got me worried!

CAIA L2 - Current & Integrated Topics

What is everybody strategy for handling the current & integrated topics section? I’ve downloaded all the whitepapers and some of them are 40+ pages… Any advice?

Start using "CAIA" after your name and access to JAI


I have recently pay for 2 year membership at the CAIA website. My profile now says “Association: CAIA / Membership Type: Full / Expires: May 31 2021” ; Can I add in Linkedin the “CAIA” after my name or I have to wait for some kind of approval from CAIA? I’m trying to access to the JAI but I can’t; has anyone who passed the CAIA today has access?

CAIA stackable credential - CFA Charterholder POV please

I am wondering if anyone who took the level II CAIA exam under the stackable credential program can give insight into their experience.  Was the material similar to the CFA curriculum in Alts/Quantitative Analysis/Ethics?  Your opinion on exam difficulty?  Hours studied?  General advice?

I am thinking of registering for the September exam and want to hear from other Charterholders before I do.  Thanks in advance for any info!

Level II Exam Mar 2019 - how did it go??

Hi everyone, now that the exam window is finished, how did you all find the exam? And your new found freedom!

I found the CAIA workbook so useful for this exam, although it was quite loaded with detail and a hell of a lot of equations that never came up on the day, I felt generally ok when I finished the exam (compared to how bad I thought level I was) however, you just never know do you…

Anyone else have a real rollercoaster with the ethics cases at the end?!

Final Weeks, What's your game plan? (L2)

I’m going to focus on doing as many practice UM questions as possible and review my weak points. I’m going to start cranking away at the essays next week and really just drive home the memorization leading up to the test date. 

I feel as if I’d be wasting time re-reading entire sections and not focusing just on my weak points. 

Share your strategies for the final weeks! Good luck everyone. 

Kaplan offline q bank - not working!

Can anyone help me check it’s not just me here?

I get error messages every time I try to download the offline Qbank on Kaplan’s site on my iPad. I have tried this on more than one iPad and had the same issue. I have also tried this on different internet connections and no change.

Contango versus "normal contango"??

Is there a difference between contango and “normal contango” Not sure how the last response to this question is wrong and I generally thought futures curves did not imply much of anything about expected future spot prices but rather current supply/demand dynamics and cost of carry, etc

Which of the following best describes a normal contango environment?


The expected future spot price is less than the futures price.

Struggling with Constructed Response

Hi All,

To those who have passed level II or those scoring well on the Constructed Response questions, what’s your secret to success? I’m doing well on the practice multiple choice questions but once I hit the short essay format I can’t remember all the minor details that are included in the correct answers. 

What are some study tricks?

If you had to do it all over again how would you prepare better?