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Level II

Enough time to start Lvl 2 now for CFA charterholder?

After going back and forth on the decision a few times, I’m thinking about giving CAIA Lvl2 a go. I have all my Uppermark books with me already, just need to sign up. Do you think I have enough time for the March exam given my background?

March 2020 Level 2... supplemental provider recommendations

Looking for supplemental study providers… I took L2 in September of 2019 and did not pass. I read the textbook and used the free materials available on the caia website. 

What providers would you recommend to help me pass the 2nd time around? 


Is it too late to start studying for level 2

I am considering signing up to take level 2 in the spring. I earned my CFA charter in 2014, so I would bypass level 1.  Do you think I have enough time in this situation? 

Level 2 (Mar 2020)

Hi there,

Signed up for the L2 exams and wondering if there is an existing chat group for warriors attempting L2 in Spring 2020. Happy to create one if there isnt one already. Cheers!

Selling my Uppermark CAIA Study Guides


Mods, feel free to remove this if this is not allowed.

I’m looking to sell my printed Uppermark Study Guides for CAIA Level 2 + Formula Sheet. I’m seriously reconsidering whether the time and money drain for this program is worth it for my career aspirations. The pages say “Copyright 2018” so I believe it is the 2018 edition. Outside of the research article topics I think the curriculum didn’t change that much? I’m looking for $275 USD + shipping (original price $499 USD for the suite on Uppermark’s website). I can ship anywhere in Canada or the US.

Level 2 September results

Hi guys,

The web says “We are experiencing some issues with our scheduling process. Please check back in the next 4 hours, we expect to have it resolved at that time.” 

Do you guys think Sep Lv2 result is coming up soon?

Fingers crossed to all of us…

Expected Results Release Date for September 2019 Level II Exam

So if history is a good indicator, the results should likely be out on the Monday of the 6th week following the close of the examination window (September 16th - September 27th), which looks to be Monday, November 4th, 2019.

Does anyone else have a competing theory or perhaps supporting evidence to confirm or debunk the date?

Thanks in advance for chiming in my forum friends!