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Part I

FRM Versus CFA and CAIA

How does the FRM exam compare with CFA and CAIA as far difficulty (and any other pertinent aspects) is concerned,  Thanks

Several General Questions on Preparing for FRM L1


(1) I’m just started on FRM L1 for the November exam this year after having pretty much finished on my CAIA preparation. I have a certain level of basic actuarial background and a Bachelor in Mathematics, do you think it is feasible to pass the exam in this time constraint?

Did you pass?

I am so damn happy that I passed part I. Could cuddle everyone. But did not get an e-mail. How about you guys?

Starting my prep

Hi all. I’m just starting out on my FRM part 1 prep. I have read a lot online about how the structure of the curriculum is not very well designed. Do any of you have any suggestions(or how you did it) on what order to follow for my prep?



Is it appropriate to mention ‘FRM LEVEL 1 CANDIDATE’ in my resume and LinkedIn profile? Will it grab the recruiters attention?

Exam Prep Companies

I am new to forum and just got the FRM Part 1 materials.  i was looking over the study material providers and can’t find many choices.  (So little compared to CFA ones.)  I would like study notes and as many practice questions as I can get, yet doesn’t seem worth it to spend more than the books cost.   

What have you all tried and found the most beneficial?  

Since i plan to do FRM Exam 1 and 2 then start on CFA, please let me know what works best for each.


Level 1 FRM November registrationd dates

Hi guys,

Does anyone know when the registration dates for level 1 FRM November are available? I don’t see any link for registering for the november exam yet.