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Part I

Level 1 FRM November registrationd dates

Hi guys,

Does anyone know when the registration dates for level 1 FRM November are available? I don’t see any link for registering for the november exam yet.

FRM curriculum changes from year to year


I’m planning on enrolling for November 2019 LVL1 FRM exam. However, I’m not sure whether I’ll have enough time to study to pass. 

So, if I study and fail, will large part of studying go to waste due to curriculum changes from year to year? Or does the curriculum remain same?

Books & Resources

Hello to all users.
I need some information… I hope you can help me?

Is there any difference in content between books 2019 and books 2018 or are they substantially equal?

In addition.. Where can I retrieve material? :)

Thank you all!


Received FRM L1 results passed with 1,1,1,1.

Just want to know how was overall result.

Exam not graded due to exam violation

I gave my FRM Part 1 exam in Nov 2018. The exam was okay and nothing untoward happened. Upon trying to check my result in the GARP I was absolutely surprised to see that my exam was not graded due to exam violation.
No reason or explanation was given for the same. I have sent them a mail and all I can do is wait. I cannot think of a single incident which could have led to such a harsh punishment, or even a lighter one for that matter.