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Part II

Question regarding Schweser videos


Need a help with choosing a package with Schwezer study material. They have this package for 479$. I do self study and hence rely heavily on available videos. For level 1 there were plenty available on youtube and I liked Fintree once a lot. Unfortunately, they do not have videos for level 2.

Two questions”

FRM certificate

Hi All,

i have cleared level 2 FRM in November 2018 and submitted by work experience on Jan 4 however, till now i have not received any confirmation from GARP institute about validity of my work experience. Can someone confirm how much time institute takes approve the work experience?

My experience conquering FRM Part II

I managed to pass FRM Part II in the November 2018 diet, and is glad to share with all of you here my revision strategy.

My background:

Work full time in the investment/corporate finance industry with 60+ hours a week

Passed FRM Part I in Nov 2015


I will be  

FRM part two - May 2018 with 2017 study materials??!

Hi All - first time poster here but been a user since my CFA days and now FRM :)

I postponed my Nov 2017 part 2 exam - looking through the curriculum update the materials have  changed quite a bit (namely the current issues!)

Any tips around how to pick up the updated readings without paying for a whole set of new books would be greatly appreciated!

2 Years Experience justification

Hi guys,

I have just sat last Saturday for the FRM Level II in Madrid, i am quite confident with my exam performance, although you never know until the result is published!

I am starting to think about how should i justify my 2 years of relevant experience, as this is something that sooner or later i will have to do (cross fingers that it will be soon).

FRM Part-2

Hi Guys,

I have registered for FRM part 2 in November this year. I was just wondering if anyone else here going for part 2 in November.