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Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards

Level I Topics by CFAI Study Session

One of my favorite features of the new site is the ability to “tag” topics using one of the CFAI study sessions. For example, if you post a topic on ethics you can select Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards so that your topic will show up in the filter for that study session. This will allow you and other members of AF to quickly access posts for a specific study session. To tag a new topic with a study session, simply choose that study session from the Filed Under categories above the Save button on the new forum topic page.

Curriculum - Standard II A examples 2 and 7

Looking at the outcome of example 2 under Standard IIA in the curriculum, should the outcome of example 7 not specify that Roger failed to prevent the transfer of material non-public information and hence is in violation of Standard IIA?

Ethics Audio Book


Can any one please guide if I can get the audio book version of the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook? Since anyways it is just textual I am thinking of using my commute time to listen to it so that I dont have to utilize my normal reading time.


Schweser ethics confusion

Hi, there is a question/solution in the Ethics section that has me confused. I thought the answer would surely be “Material Nonpublic Information,” but the solution says that it is “Loyalty.” The solution explanation says that he expresses his analysis on his blog before telling it to his employer, but the question content doesn’t make that clear, IMO.

Ethics question

I understand that the code requires that Charterholders  and candidates disclose whether or not they receive referral fees.  That being said, must specific amounts be disclosed?  Or is it sufficient to state that referral fees are received.  

In other words, which of the following would suffice?

1) I am paid referral fees by company A for each and every one of my clients that purchases a product from company A as a result of my referral.

Becoming member before passing exams

So let’s say I become a member where they approve my work experience and references. And I continue renewing my membership for the next 3 years and then pass all 3 levels, do I get the CFA charter, or do I have to redo the work experience and references after I pass level 3?


Ethics Question.. Am I missing something here?

Q. Kazuya Kato, CFA, is a widely followed economist at a global investment bank. When Kato opines on economic trends, markets react by moving stock valuations considerably. When Kato receives information of a temporary oversupply of rare earth metals, he issues a forecast that price trends for rare earth metals will be down significantly on a long-term basis. Kato also secretly sells his report to a widely followed Internet site.

CFAI Ethic Practice Questions

Has anyone found that the questions and answers for ethical questions in CFAI practice quetions confusing? There are several errors to the explanations as well. Any better set of ethic questions that are good for practice Ethics? I feel very disencourraged after only scoring 65% after taking 80 questions and it only gets me more confused. 

Ethical Standards Preparation


Please give me some useful tips for preparing Ethical and Professional Standards. What exactly do I have to retain from the relevant curriculum reading? Do I have to memorize everything from Standards Name, Highlights along with their explanation and recommendations?

Thank you.