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Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards

Level I Study Partner NYC

Anyone studying for level I for dec located in NYC interested in a study group?


How did you all make your flash cards? Were they just the blue definitions and the formulas? I want to make my own but don’t want to fill them with wasteful info.

Thanks in advance for advice!

...two months to go

Hi Guys,

how do you improve scores on Ethics, I hamper around that.. also Economics is a lot of effort for the small weight…

Kind regards


Feel so disappointed when working on CFA mock exam, ethical section

Hello, I just finished ethical part of CFA mock exam. I felt so disappointed when I saw a large number of my answers was wrong.

I thought I prepared well, have read through many times of books. However, in the mock exam, the testing points in the ethical stories were hide so deep, that I can hardly catch them. Some of them, even I read the answer explanation, I can hardly agree with it. For example. Q17 morning, the whole story doesn’t mention “Material Nonpublic Information ” at all. How the hell it could be the answer?

Is there any way to improve this section?

optional segment

I have just faced the following question in the mock exam:

Which of the following is most likely required to comply with the GIPS standards regarding input data? Portfolio valuations must:

be obtained from independent third parties

use fair value for periods on or after 1 January 2015.

use accrual accounting for all interest-earning investments.

I am fully confused as the question relies on the knowledge from optional segment. How it could be???