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Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards

Feel so disappointed when working on CFA mock exam, ethical section

Hello, I just finished ethical part of CFA mock exam. I felt so disappointed when I saw a large number of my answers was wrong.

I thought I prepared well, have read through many times of books. However, in the mock exam, the testing points in the ethical stories were hide so deep, that I can hardly catch them. Some of them, even I read the answer explanation, I can hardly agree with it. For example. Q17 morning, the whole story doesn’t mention “Material Nonpublic Information ” at all. How the hell it could be the answer?

Is there any way to improve this section?

optional segment

I have just faced the following question in the mock exam:

Which of the following is most likely required to comply with the GIPS standards regarding input data? Portfolio valuations must:

be obtained from independent third parties

use fair value for periods on or after 1 January 2015.

use accrual accounting for all interest-earning investments.

I am fully confused as the question relies on the knowledge from optional segment. How it could be???

I think another wrong question

Kirsten Kelso, CFA, is a research analyst at an independent research firm. Kelso is part of a team of analysts who focus on the automobile industry. Recently, Kelso disagreed with two research sell recommendations written by her team, even though she felt confident the research process was properly conducted.

certificates of deposit - ethics question

here’s one that confused me. From a finquiz exam that totally destroyed my enthusiasm (53%) :(

While advising his client to move at least 10% of his portfolio from corporate bonds to bank-sponsored certificates of deposit, a portfolio manager makes the

following comment:“I guarantee that your principal value will not fall on these investments.”

The portfolio manager has most likely:

A. not violated any Standards.

B. violated the Standards by misleading investors.

Last Day before Test

I’ve read in a few places that you shouldn’t do much else on the last day prior to the test except read the actual CFA ethics section over again. Anyone have any different thoughts on the few days leading up?

Is it late to go for the CFA?

Dear all,

Hope all is well. Wanted to take the advice or views from the people here. Im 40 years old and I currently  been the fund management business for over 15 years, and been always thinking yo go for CFA kept delaying. Now im married and have 3 years old boy.

My question is do you advice to go for CFA and I do know how much time it requires.

Appreciate  the honest view. 

Wishing you all the best especially those going for June exam.




I am doing practice question and got stuck at this

David Bravoria, CFA, is an independent financial advisor for a high net worth client with whom he had not had contact in over two years. During a recent brief telephone conversation, the client states he wants to increase his risk exposure. Bravoria subsequently recommends and invests in several high-risk funds on behalf of the client. Bravoria continues, as he has done in the past, to send to his client monthly, detailed itemized investment statements. Did Bravoria most likely violate any CFA Standards?

  1. No.