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Study Session 1: Ethical and Professional Standards

Ethics Adjustment

So I know there is a so-called Ethics “adjustment” for candidates who scored well in it and may be borderline to clear the MPS, but does anyone know real details on it or someone who has benefited from it personally? I’ll be interested to hear if some of you could weigh in. Thanks!

Ethics on CFA mocks

I found ethics on cfa mocks to be much harder than schweser.. every option seems almost right. how you guys handling this section.

Ethics Crash Course

So basically my strategy from the beginning was to study ethics to start and move through the books from there with the intention of doing a strong overview of the ethics material again within the last week to try and keep the information fresh in my head. Now that we are here with less than a week to go, does anyone have any tips for going through the ethics material? Are there any sections that I should focus on strictly memorizing? Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

(urgent) Need helps with the exercices/homeworks of Ethical and professional standards in my class

     Hi everyone, 

     I have some difficulties in understanding/ answering some of the questions of ethics for the individual works in my university, sorry i’m not a native english speaker and i’m not a good translater ( my course is in french ) Could you guys take a look at these questions and give me a hints/ explainations /answers about these situations ? Thanks in advance.

Exercice 2 :

10 Minute Review of CFA Ethics and Standards

Even with the change to topic area weights on the CFA exams this year, CFA Ethics and Professional Standards remain extremely important. It is a lot of material but fortunately doesn’t change much from year to year and you’ve got a real opportunity to carry over some points to each exam if you learn it early.

Mimic all Client Trades in my own account is possible for a CFA chartholder?

Dear forum,

Imagine this situation: I am CFA and a broker for a  bank, and one of my clients has a 10 year track record of beating the market by 2%/ year, he is investments PhD professor on an Ivy League university and uses fundamental analysis as his basis for stock picking. Due to its impressive track record I start to duplicate exactly his trades for my onw account, immediately after completing the client trades first.

Is this procedure allowed by CFA Standards of professional conduct?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this question,


What portion of GIPS do we need to study for the Level 1 exam. Is it just the Introduction and Compliance sections or the complete text listed on the CFAI book #1

Ethics - Application of the standard

I find the examples in the ethics section to be time consuming.

Do I have to go through them all? will my performance in the test be affected if I skipped them? any ideas?