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Study Session 6: Financial Reporting and Analysis: An Introduction

Masters OF Financial Analysis - UNSW Australia: and CFA preparation

Dear Aspiring Analyst,

I need guidance for PG in Australia. I am MBA Finance from INDIA- DIT University 2009. Have work experience in banking and Financial markets post that. As of now working as a trainer with a broking Company- India, however I am a CFA Aspirant. Tried to attempt but due to work pressure and no leaves unable to clear it. Planning to go for a 1 year course from Australia- Master of Financial Analysis from UNSW along with preparation of CFA level 1. this way I can get timeout to study and an International degree. Please let me know the prospects post the course.

Depreciation and accumulated depreciation

Hi there,

I feel confused about the definition of accumulated depreciation. So depreciation is like allocating the cost of tangible goods over its life and should be counted as part of Expenses. Then what is accumulated depreciation…? The sum of depreciation values? Would that just become the historical cost?

Why should accumulated depreciation be counted as part of Assets? 

Financial ratios

I have search some past discussion about financial ratio and I learned that debt to capital ratio only consider total debt ( interest bearing liabilities). Debt to equity ratio would use liabilities instead of debt to calculate.

My question is what are the ratios that only use debt, and what are the ratios that use liabilities ?

Thank you so much 


If the FRA question does not specify accounting std then do I consider the question is related to IFRS?


The Dividend declared or dividend paid , which one should be reduced from net income to get retained earnings .

Deferring and Accruing Revenue/Expenses

Suppose a company receives $12,000 for an annual subscription of their service.

At month 0, the accounting equation gets $12,000 in cash for assets and $12,000 in unearned revenue as a liability.

I am confused about how the accounting equation looks like at month 1 where we have converted $2,000 of the unearned revenue into earned revenue. Is earned revenue thought of as a contra account for liabilities?

Financial Statement Scrubbing

Hello ,

I’ve been given an assignment by my tutor over here regarding financial statement scrubbing, he has essentially given financial statements of 3 different companies over the period of 5 years. i wanted to understand the basic criteria and purpose of financial statement scrubbing, pls give me a detailed example so that i can understand

Non finance background

Hi friends, I am from a non finance background appearing for level 1 this june. Which study material will be better for me? Curriculum or wiley notes?