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Before the Back Office existed I posted a thread in General Discussion that got nuked and the only places I remember from it are Fago de Chao and TGI Fridays. My trip is next week so I’m trying this again. What are your restaurant recommendations for Chicago? I’m looking for a pizza place, a local $$$$$ steakhouse, a couple of causal places, and a couple of breakfast places. No chains please.

Can’t help you there, but if you want to blackout before nightfall and enjoy bottles of Patron, I can steer you to a few places.

No quote needed

Steakhouse - Gibson’s

Also try Tavern on Rush … good location for people watching.

All hail legendary Blake!

^Carmine’s is also pretty good for Italian …

All hail legendary Blake!

ha ha ha, TGI Fridays, that makes me laugh.

i’m heading there the weekend after the exam for the cubs/sox so i’m def interested, too

i remember someone saying Giordano’s pizza was the place to go and to avoid the pier

I had Giordano’s last time I was there, Gino’s is way better.

Frontera Grill is good.

Ditka’s for steak.

I’ve only been to Chicago once, but Intelligentsia is one of the best coffee shops in the country.

Thanks for all the responses and keep them coming.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Two of my favorites….

Nine is good if you are into trendy

Lots more great spots but those are more in the neighborhoods and it sounds like you will be downtown most of the time.

Take your pic on Pizza places…..

Mr.Good.Guy Wrote:
> Joe’s Stone Crab

Went to Joe’s Stone Crab in Vegas…. I don’t recommend ordering the snow crab when hungover. Attempting to crack crab while feeling like death was not good.

Wildfire is a good steakhouse, but I don’t think it’s anything too special.

what are the best bars to watch cubs games from? just in case i can’t get tickets

^Cubby Bear!

All hail legendary Blake!

daviskr Wrote:
> ^Cubby Bear!

My vote is for Murphies - but cubby bear is great too. Anything in Wrigleyville will be fun.

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Cubs are at home Tuesday. I don’t know if I’m going to the game but I’m definitely going to Wrigleyville.

ann sather cinnamon rols ftw!

I think I like wildfire for the atmosphere more than anything, but enjoy the steak non the less…..

You will be able to walk down Clark on game day and find 10+ places that will be fun to watch the game at….

Cubby bear is great if you aren’t eating, good crowed, fun to get crazy at as long as you don’t plan on sitting.

Rebel is pretty good as well.

Harry Carry’s is a cool spot

Goose Island has some good MicroBrews if that is your thing

You shouldn’t have a problem getting a ticket, the Cubs suck. Also if you just want to see the ballpark you can wait until the 2nd and buy a ticket at below face.

Hope you have a great trip!!

Yelp is a great site - great reviews of restaurants.

For a pizza place, I’m going to recommend a place that isn’t exactly PIZZA (and definately not Chicago pizza) but it’s called ‘Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder’. In the sense that Chicago is all mafia, this place reeks of mafia. The St Valentines Day massacre happened nearly across the street from this location and Al Capone’s buddies hung out here (if memory serves me right). The building sat empty for a good number of years until an attorney bought it to practice on the top floor and used the ground floor for CPOG.

Ironically enough, CPOG is cash only today. *wink* *wink*

Steak place - lots of good suggestions - n9ne is excellent. Gibsons in the Viagara Triangle.

Breakfast - I just love Stella’s in Lakeview. Just a casual breakfast place. My wife and I have been going there for probably 7 years now and the wait staff has almost no turnover. Great neighborhood place.

mar350 Wrote:
> what are the best bars to watch cubs games from?
> just in case i can’t get tickets

LOL. You can ALWAYS get tickets. As far as bars in Wrigley, check out Goose Island, a brewery with a great patio.

Fogo de Chao and Lawryes

brazilatz Wrote:
> Fogo de Chao and Lawryes

I put Lawryes on my steak sometime - it’s delish.

No quote needed

Quick update from Chicago - had pizza at Lou Malnati’s and Giordanos. Both were excellent, if forced to rank them Giordanos would be #1. I also had a 13 oz filet at Harry Caray’s which was delicious. I haven’t been waking up early enough to check out any breakfast suggestions and have just been going to the Corner Bakery Cafe, which is a chain.

flowbe - how’d the trip go?

I’m heading up there thursday and leaving sunday. Planning on hitting Wrigley for the Friday game, rib fest afterwards. Finding a local soccer bar for the WC Saturday and possibly some blues fest since we’re staying downtown very near the park. Hopefully we don’t get rained out!!

The trip was good. Too much work to do so I didn’t get to check out Wrigleyville or really do anything fun. My restaurant reviews are in the post right above yours. I know I said no chains in my original post but the hotel had a Palm inside it so we ended up eating there 2 nights just for the sake of convenience (not my idea.) I went to a blues club called Kingston Mines, awesome place. I liked the city and hope to get back when I have more free time to check it out.

Where did you stay? I always end up at the Inter-Continental, which has to be the oldest Inter-Continental I have ever been to. It’s very historical and the pool is awesome in a 1930s kind of way, but the rooms were awful in my opinion. The food at Hari Kari and at some seafood place on the lake I go to but cannot remember the name of has been, on the other hand, awesome.

"It's not what you do, it's how it's done"

I stayed at the Swissotel on Wacker. Comfy bed and a decent sized room with a nice view of the water and Navy Pier. My only complaint is that the breakfast buffet is $30. I felt like I was doing something wrong when I listed that meal on my expense report. As previously mentioned, I hit the Corner Bakery for breakfast the rest of the trip.

Eh, the breakfasts are always expensive, but I often view them as part of the experience. If your company has a deal with a hotel go with that and don’t feel bad. If you have a choice of hotels, just go with hotwire.come and feel good about saving the company tons of money while you enjoy your breakfast. Inter-Continental is on near Wacker (what a name), around the Magnificent Mile (what a name again).

"It's not what you do, it's how it's done"

i found a good deal on a corporate apartment right on the lakeshore east park, just off e wacker. s/b a good time

got up there last thursday and was able to see a lot. i stayed on the lakeshore east park so downtown/river were very accessible. jumped on the architecture river cruise to get a lay of the land. walked around downtown for a bit before meeting up with a friend off west loop, getting some pizza/beers at Piece wwwpiecechicagocom and watching the world cup.

ran through grant park friday to check out the blues fest layout and the updated soldier field. went to the Blackhawk parade, which was slammed. somehow i missed the stand that sold the captain flask and coke bottle party kit that everyone else had.

went down the parade route backwards to escape the crowd and to tour downtown. it took a while to get a cab down to hyde park to visit booth, but eventually made it.

later that night went to green mill w/ friends to check out Chris Foreman on the organ (a lesser known local legend) wwwgreenmilljazzcom - followed by goose island for the tour de beers.

cubs/sox saturday was pretty great. went to goose island to fill up on the ipa and “refreshing” choices. downed a stilton burger and nachos (has anyone ever eaten the cheese-filled breadbowl in the middle?)

got bleacher tix for $40 and rolled in pretty easily, despite my buddy’s id being split in half.

“Sir, that is not a vaild id.”
“Yes it is! Just because its broken doesn’t change the fact that I’m 38!”

i think Wrigley Field is the first stadium i’ve been to where they actually let you walk wherever you want. after standing in the bleachers for an hour we walked all the way around the park, stopping just for panoramic views of both the park and tank tops.

it looked like it was going to rain so we left for harry caray’s and made some friends. got some group shots with the harry caray bust and got some digits. hit 4 more bars and went back downtown to clean up.

after a quick tour of the park/ai on sunday, the plaza oasis summoned us. watch out when you walk in because there’s a bird that lives in the archway that likes to attack people’s heads. i recommend the blood orange caiparinia.

went to bella bacino’s for some deep dish. a bird crapped on my friend’s shorts so he decided to feed them instead of kick them. the pizza was great and the beer selection was good.

flight was delayed 5 hours due to weather so we sat in the airport bar and drank all the corona and half the corona light. sorry if you didn’t get one.

Viva chi-town!!!