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Online Dating!

Speaking of the hot chick network, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked at people’s online profile’s and wanted to message them and ask if their friend in the picture with them was single. I’m not sure why they always post pictures with their hot friends in them, maybe to make themselves look better via the cheerleader effect?

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Well it got you to look at their profile right?

Not so much, I always browse the first couple pics of matches if they look like a 15 (blackjack system) to get a better idea. If anything, the contrast usually works against them.

#FreeCVM #FreeTurd #2007-2017

i like the blackjack system idea because i can keep hitting until i bust :)

lxwarr30 Wrote:
> you like natural history, would you like to go the
> meusum with me sometime.”

Thanks for the quote! I’m seriously gonna use it on my next target =)

comp_sci_kid Wrote:
> ————————————————–
> —–
> > brightred Wrote:
> >
> ————————————————–
> > —–
> > > lxwarr30 Wrote:
> > >
> >
> ————————————————–
> >
> > > —–
> > > >
> > > > It’s actually funny being on a dating
> website
> > > in
> > > > NYC. I would say every third profile is
> like
> > “I
> > > > moved to NYC last year, I’m an aspiring
> their
> > > > courage, but it’s not my thing.
> > > >
> > >
> > > LOL totally! I was also wondering the same
> > thing.
> > >
> > >
> > > Also, a common theme amongst the girls in NYC
> > is
> > > “I love to travel!” as 9 of 10 profiles I see
> > here
> > > have that same line. I mean… duh, who
> > doesn’t
> > > like to travel???
> >
> > Lol… still haven’t ventured on to any sites
> yet,
> > but that echos about what 9/10 girls at the bar
> > say.
> I don’t like to travel.

its meh for me………..

Hope this helps

Hold up…….

You guys don’t like to travel? Like if I called you up right now in my best game show host voice and told you, “YOU WON A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS FOR A WEEK OF MAGICAL FUN FOR YOU AND ANOTHER. BRING A CRANE, BECAUSE WERE GOING TO RAISE THE ROOF!!” You would be like… meh and hang up??

Not happening. I mean, am I the reading this wrong?

i would go but i’m not as gung ho as a lot of people are about travelling

Hope this helps

I love hitting the road, but not a fan of resorts. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d sell every possession and not return to the US / have a place of residence for years.

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Guys, I have a question about emailing on Match…

I know there are many girls on who are not paying subscribers (because their profiles show up as white, instead of green on the search results.)

After I send out emails, can these non-subscribers read them? thanks!

No. They’ll get an email that someone emailed them, but they’ll have to sign up to see them. Probably not worth your time but nothing to lose….

guestuser wrote:
Post your profile so we can give you tips. You probably wrote the wrong things in your profile if you are decent looking and are making a decent income (presumably, with your CFA) but not getting any responses. Keep in mind also that dating in general, and online dating specifically, is much, much harder for men than for women. Sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive, and women know it. To consistently pull quality women you need to have some kind of edge (lots of money, good looks, fame, or mad game); average is not getting it done.

bro  spitting the troof

"You want a quote? Haven’t I written enough already???"


Most of the chicks without makeup look ugly. Everyone should know that before they jump into this market.